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EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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CRISSANJI (Kris-Ah-n-Gee)

Welcome Kool World to the hottest Joint in the Arts with your fly girl SerenadasPen. We're jet-setting not too far from home which is delightful! I'm feelin a lil heat with a nice bright sun in Florida and fun times at the legendary Disney parks in Orlando. We're having a good time catching up and chillin in our next segment with a fly cat you're going to enjoy with his Reggae, Soca, R&B "retrospect"  vibe that will have you moving and grooving to the beat & might I say turned on! With roots in Jamaica, a 80's dancehall legend in his fam, and ties with a happenin' group Iet's get to know and groove to our next Artist on the Rise Crissanji!

Great to meet you Crissanji!
I'm finally meeting the Great & Magnificent ‘CRISSANJI’. I may be the first one to bring attention to this but has anyone mentioned your name spelled out is almost similar to CRISSANGEL, the performance artist/ magician?!?!! (Just had to throw that one out there)

Well first, Hello!! how art thou?
haha Thrilled & Intrigued! I can’t contain myself lol.
It may just be me with the excitement but hey you're on your way to stardom so I'm just starting the energy-flow now. That means we need a break-down on this interesting name and learn more about the guy behind the magic!

For everyone that is meeting you for the first time we must declare a tid-bit of your claim to fame so far in your journey. Who have you already had the pleasure of opening an act for?
to answer your question or i should say the last one you asked lol... 

US R&B singer Mario & Jamaican rap Artist Sean Kingston

I've opened up for a few known artists: Sean Kingston, Mario, Fat Joe, Red Rat. I actually performed with him and with the Crossovah.. which was one of the biggest shows i've ever done in the US.
Crossovah with Crissanji

I Opened up for Jeffery Osbourne, TOK, the 'Marley' brothers and them (Ziggy Marley, Jr. Gong, etc) The list continues...


Jeffery Osbourne & Ziggy Marley

and the list continues...that's pretty darn good!

Your name is special in its presence written & pronounced ...Don't mind me for throwing out that Crissangel comment in the beginning lol. Tell us how you established such a name to represent yourself as a music Artist.
The truth?? lol well i really came up with it after watching a marathon of Naruto and then afterwards went over to my friend's house, me and my 
group members, and just out 
of no where i just 


said, "i'm a give myself a Ninja name..my name is now.... 
Crissanji Marutoga!!!  
and then everyone else came up with theirs, including my cousin lol. 
and how did i came up with the actual name you ask? 
well my Name is  
Christopher Andre Grant
my aunt said we gonna start calling you Criss which is a

"I've opened up for Sean Kingston, Mario, Fat Joe, Red Rat, Jeffrey Osbourne, TOK, The Marley Brothers (Ziggy Marley Jr. Gong, etc) and the list goes on..."

Jamaican term that means something along the lines of 'top notch, clean, crisp'. so ever since i've been spelling my name Criss. 
then you got Andre. i dropped the Dre and used G for the end but spelled it "ji".. Criss-An-Ji lol. 

it took me way less time to come up with it than me explaining it 
just now lol.
Don't worry I won't tell anyone how long-winded you are  :fingers crossed: lol (kidding). You will be surprised & maybe disappointed to know I've never heard of Naruto. I was thinking, Oh Lord he's watching CARTOON NETWORK and hooked on those cartoons. Even if you are that's your thing so it don't matter what I rattle on about, but I was intrigued in knowing more about it since it's new to me. I'm fascinated by anyone who can create their own unique name. It's like having an alias. You also gave a snippet into more of you with your heritage being Jamaican. 

When were you born and where are you originally from?
age ain't nothin but nummberrrrr!!! lol I was born on April 10, 1986 in Bronx, New York son!! And raised in orlando, florida. lol my parents are both Jamaican so you can pretty much guess everything else lol.
"...throwing down aint nothing but a thangggg. 
It's something I have for you, it will never chaaaaange." (singing)
No I think you pretty much said it All lol

AALIYAH "Age Aint Nothing But A Number"

Thanks for sharing your love of Aaliyah...
lol I liked that song back in middle school days myself actually. But I will say age does matter in some situations but I won't mess your flow up lol. Us southern peeps always had jokes about you all up north saying "son", "ma" and "shorty" so let me say for the record to bring the mayhem, 
I aint yo son, shawty" lol. All love though especially to you because your sound is killer.

Christopher Andre Grant also known as CRISSANJI born in the Bronx, raised in Orlando  beh-baay !

Do you come from an average, "well-to-do", or humble beginnings?
I think i'll go with humble... 
it was average but the experiences made me humble.. easy going.

What was it like for you growing up? fun, average, difficult, happy, life-changing?
I'd pretty much say all the above. i've always lived in good, nice, & quiet neighborhoods.. unless the kids of the block were making the noise lol. but pretty much my mom, grandma, and aunt made sure we had a good upbringing even if they were on their last dime doing so. there were 6 kids in the house: 
my 2 sisters, my 3 cousins and me. so you know that was a lot of food and birthdays and what not. 
My mom wasn't really making that much money to buy a lot of toys we wanted, even when we wanted. 
So i learned to take or accept what i got whenever i get it with no complaints and also learned to do without.. pretty much be humble. 
i made or recycled alot of my toys. My batman action figure was a lot of other things like a ninja 
or a Power Ranger lol.
Oh ok now the whole NINJA concept is really making sense now lol. Your upbringing exemplifies matriarchal (women lead roles) influences which I find superior when there's a large family unit such as your own with 6 kids to take care of. There are many who can relate to this upbringing because it's common and has been for many generations.
You were whipping out some side to side feet gliding moves in your performances, most notably in 
Hollywood @ IMC VIP party.

More than just a singer you're versatile. 
Where can you trace your beginnings 
with music and performing growing up?
I can trace it back to being 3 years old dancing in front of some old"er" ladies in NY at some party
I can't really remember much about lol. 
I also lived in Jamaica for a lil while as a toddler and i remember being a part of a dance contest down there.
At 3 years old you were at a NY party already entertaining the women!?!? Some would say it's so innocent but you aint fooling me you're just another Usher wooing and cooing grown women haha. 
You were probably gyrating too.
I noticed how you phrased old"er" and any old"er" women reading this hopefully won't  hunt you down for even mentioning "old" lol. 

Do you come from a musically-inclined family and if you can recall what song(s) made an impact on your 
life as a kid?
Yes i do. My Aunt's name is Shelly Thunder, she's a reggae artist that blew up in the 80's. and not to mention Granny could sing and my mommy be hitting them melodies nicely when she be singing.

Jamaican dancehall queen popular in the 1980's broke out on the scene with her hit kuff. her "man-checker" content in hits Sometimes a man fi get kuff & walk out a mi house gave her a following with women liberators & bad boys alike. now born again christian she is also known for writing & performing "Forgive me father" off of lauryn hill's 1998 album the miseducation of lauryn hill.

If there's one famous family member there is bound to be another! Is your mom or grandma known in the music world for their voices too?
Naw my mom didn't really consider herself a singer, her talent is Drawing, which is where I get it from. And as for my grandma, 
I don't really think she ever thought of taking her talents to the public. Plus she ended up getting sick when she was younger and ended up with arthritis and on crutches. her sickness caused her to cough a lot which in turn 
ruined her voice.
That is so awful and unfortunate...at least the blessing is seeing her grandson continue the legacy. 
I'm sure that fills her with joy :)

Michael Jackson was the man that made the impact for me when it came to performing and dancing. My cousin and i would sit in front the TV for hours doin everything he did whenever they played his specials on VH1. 
so all his songs!!

Michael Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

Michael Jackson is and will always be the Biggest Inspiration and Artistic Talent there ever was. I don't know anyone who has not been influenced or intrigued by MJ in some way. He is a part of Americana. That's amazing how you have connections to known Artists especially in your lineage. Listening to Kuff reminds me of a song, Murder She Wrote I've heard so many times. Back when peeps were still recording on cassette tapes (yes youngins those were the days lol) I would listen to the local ATL radio stations and record DJ mixes and this came up often and I was jammin! Still got the tape I recorded it on too. 

Has it been easy getting noticed for your skills and talents or did you have to work hard at gaining 
attention & acknowledgement?
in the beginning it was a little easier than it is now but always hard. People see that money sign and that's all they really care
about. Claiming they know how to do things and have connects with

" I've learned a whole lot on my journey from business to writing, to producing, to engineering, & I'm still learning." 

this and can do that and it all ends up just being lines that are fed.  But even though all that happened i kept pushing for my music and working on my craft. i've learned a whole lot on my journey from business to writing, to producing, to engineering, and i'm still learning.
Plenty of bottom feeders in the world and it's up to us to be a step ahead of them,  ya know? Just by what I do as well I'm fed lies, even told as a lie, and get put on the runaround. The great part about it is it helps develop a tougher skin, wisdom, and helps drive us to continue working hard when the right opportunity does appear 
for us to soar ;)
Are you part of a band or doing it BIG solo?
I used to be a part of a group called Crossovah. we did alot of things together and learned alot. we came up with the name because that is the type of music we did, Crossover music, a mixture of Soca, Reggae/dancehall, R&B, 
and hip hop. we did it all!! 
From listening to your music I'm definitely feeling your Island roots but even more graciously with a modernized addition of R&B which makes it very commercially integrated. You're paying respects to your background while adding familiar sounds that transcends...and might I add done very well! It is SANJI's World.

Named after their "Crossover" style music. A fusion of Soca, Reggae/Dancehall, R&B, & Hip-Hop.

Are you currently signed with a label or have your own?
No i'm not currently signed with a label. doing pretty much everything on my own with a little help here and there.

Do you have an EP or LP that you will be releasing soon?
Well right now i'm at the final stages of my first LP called Futuristic Retrospects
yea i know interesting title right haha! the meaning behind it is,This is where my future begins and i 
know i will be looking back on 
this project saying "thats where
 it started". and as for the music itself..it's new music that seems familiar.
True that! "New Music That Seems Familiar"...
I was saying 'retrospect' for the longest and if you asked me where I heard it I wouldn't be able to tell you. One of the words  used quite often and lately I've been hearing it everywhere! weird lol. The kool thing is you're looking ahead. Who wouldn't want to look back and say, hey I remember when I made that track and look how far I've come since then! Awesome concept.

In what ways do you promote yourself and get word out 
about your Artistry?
I promote myself through any means i can: internet, word of mouth, putting myself out in the public eye, so if i have to do a few free shows here and there..
so be it.  

"Right now I'm at the final stages of my first LP called Futuristic Retrospects.

 I know I will be looking back on this project saying That's where it started..It's new music that seems familiar."

I'm a very shy conservative person when it comes to talking.. especially on a serious matter, with more than one person in the room. So how i overcome it with getting myself noticed or strike up an interest in newcomers who don't know i'm an artist is show I'm a goof ball..

I would do a few stupid things here and there, get people to laugh, do some funny dance moves, or say something stupid to get their interests and at that moment i catch their attention. i slip in music or my friends would say, "you know he's an artist right?" 
and let the conversations begin!!!
Great way to break the ice! After watching KDrew "Body & Soul" I can bet how turn't up you can get! lol. I must say though it absolutely amazes and baffles me when I hear Artists say they are shy...Don't get me wrong it's no biggie lemme tell you because I'm a shy sista lol. It dissolves as I get comfortable with my crowd and that is exactly what's up (so I won't bust your balls about it, I get it lol) when you come alive when you perform and entertain because that's your voice. Where you're able to be you, and there's no better way in my opinion cuz we, the audience are receiving a gift of insurmountable OMG. MJ was attractively bashful and quite shy in person - so it wasn't only dance cues you & the King of Pop have in common which is very fly indeed.

Do you have a street team that supports and helps you?
I'm actually putting a street team together, recruiting people that are willingto support the sanji movement.
Ha, wellll that should'nt be a problem your vocals are mesmerizing and you got a kool swag about yourself. 
Who wouldn't want to be part of the Sanji movement  
(ninja kick) hi- yaah!

As an Artist being creative is just a part of what you do. 
Do you have a name that you call your followers?
lol not in concrete but here and there i'll say TeamSanji or the Sanjiku's lol. still and forever will be a ninja!

"Here and there I'll refer to my fans as TeamSanji or Sanjikus.

 Still and forever will be a Ninja!"

With your own distinguishing style, what creative name would you call it? Is it a mash up of genres or traditional like pop, rock, or hip-hop? How would you describe it.
I call my music 'Crossovah Pop'. 
My music is mixed with everything.

Your voice has a commercially familiar sound. I know peeps say you resemble other Artists we know about. 
What have you heard?
over the years I've heard Chris Brown, Omarion, Marques Houston,Usher, Shawn from Boyz II Men...and a few others.

FROM L to R: Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men, Marques Houston, & Chris Brown

Ok real talk...I was thinking of Marques Houston & Omarion so much from listening to you. So glad others are hearing the same thing! You know I had the biggest crush on Houston as the next door neighbor Roger back in the Sister, Sister days with Tia & Tamera Mowery. From noticing him there I learned about boy group Immature and was hooked.
Loving all the similarities listed.
If you can also give credit and coin yourself as a songwriter, which I'm hoping you are, what topics are you covering with your music?
I do coin myself as a song writer. 98% of my songs i've written myself. the topics i cover are everyday common folk topics. 
It's alot of fun(that everyone can have not no 'baller fun') love, heart break, infatuation, love making, party, dance, dating, etc. Pretty much all my songs are of personal experiences.. 
or some day dreams i be having lol.
haha Yup just what I thought. I knew I wasn't imagining things. Daydreams check. Love making check. Plenty of fun & dancing most definitely check. Yea I would say you're covering many bases from what my ears perked up to. 

Just You and Me is supa fly for real though! You really got something there. I'm seriously lovin and jammin to it. If this was playing on the radio I would encourage listeners to request it to keep playing on the air waves. In the beginning I was thinking of R. Kelly with the instrumentation and listening throughout there's a definite pop-inspired influence. It also reminds me of the dance tracks booming on speakers back in the 1990's when DJ's mixing was super hot. I miss those days and truly thought that age was over with the work coming out these days but like I've said before there's a revival and new surge with creative directions in music now. Peeps are recognizing their own particular sound and using their influences from listening to their parent's music and great grandparents and really going far and beyond with it. It's refreshing and spectacular. Thank You for making it hot. A dance video would be so dope with this. I can literally see it, no lie.
Ok this next one is a doosie...It may garner a mile long list but bear with me Criss lol. Don't pull your hair out. 
Who is your all-time favorite performer or music Artist?
My all time favorite performer is hands down Michael Jackson. but my all time favorite Musical act is

NSYNC, ever since my first girlfriend in 5th grade gave me their first CD for my birthday. 
I don't know if it's cause it was she that gave it to me or what, but till this day i still jam to their music.
Aw how sweet. Memorieeees...You and ayeeee!(my bad had a singing moment lol). The 5th grade must be a turning point for many people. Stuff seems to go down that year before middle school for some reason. 96 and 97 were my best years with music and having fun in 6th and 7th grade. Can you believe I bought a ticket to see them in concert in Atlanta and missed it? Boy, if I had known I would've told those shady friends of mine who went without me I'm going to find a way with or without them lol. To this day I still have the ticket I asked my mother to buy in advance when me and one other friend planned to go together (she was a major uber fan). One of life's sour lessons for sure. But I can laugh at it now since peeps like that are 
bad seeds and we were kids then. 
Your life is filled with sounds of all kinds, whether it's traffic noise or production created in a studio.
What sound or noise do you either like or despise?
i really can't think of a specific sound that i really like but the noise i really despise.. nail filling or a broom sweeping in the garage floor.. i'm cringing right now just answering this question ugghh!!!
You know what one other Artist comes to mind that has the same gripe with nail filing (and nail clipping) -Jesse McCartney. It's been a few years but I heard him in an interview around 2008 mention that. Yelling my name angrily will be my all time most hated "noise" and cars revving up super loud and it carries....

Artists still have a love for what other musicians and Artists are doing. Are you fascinated by any particular music within your community or internationally?
My dawg Justin Timberlake!! that's my ninja yo!! his music is brilliant, and his performances.. my freakin goodness!. then my other ninja.. Travis Garland. that man can sing and his writing is sick.

Travis Garland lead singer from group NLT & Justin Timberlake from group N'SYNC

Inspired by Mr. Suit & Tie 4-sho lol. JT aint too shabby with his blue-eyed soul. That's a white boy who must've had a black momma in another life or something hailin from Tennessee. It's extraordinary to say the least. 
I'm with ya, he's my Ninja too hehe.
What are your thoughts on today's platforms for bringing a commercial opportunity for today's rising acts? Tv shows for instance like American Idol, X-Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, ABDC.
I think they are really great for the people that get through. Because even if you don't win, people will remember you and you have just gained a whole hell of a lot of true followers/fans. 
and people that are interested 
in working with you.

In your words how do you define real "Success" and what it takes to be driven as an Artist? (considering this generation's musical interests and popularity)

"REAL SUCCESS is succeeding in doing something that you love."

Real success is succeeding in doing something that you love. Something that you've always dreamed of doing and you fought hard to get there and with every moment of it all you're smiling. Even when there are times that are tough, it's like nothing to you. Nothing sways your mind from your journey. It's being happy doing what you truly love 
no doubt about it.

Have you participated in any charity concerts or are you open to perform for free to support a foundation?
i've performed in a few charity concerts and i'm always open to perform for free especially if it's for a good cause. I love using my talents to help others.
You just made the ladies scream lol...well I'll just say happy. Major Kool points for your giving heart.

With every contest and event that comes up for Artists to participate, gain experience, and develop themselves have you entered any lately or will in the future?
Once it's something that's legit and I know it will have a lasting effect, I definitely jump at the opportunity.
Kool at least you see the win in the opportunity.

If there are any because I know there are. What has been the most embarrassing goof-up you've had while performing that you can't seem to live down?
ummmmm...I can't really recall any goof up or anything embarrassing that has happened to me personally.. maybe to my group members but not I lol. 
i'm gonna have to ask them.
Ah that's a load of ..... lol. Everybody has a "can't believe that happened" moment . Even though I would love to hear the tales from your group mates this is all about you home fries so we need something.

What separates the Artist from the man - do you show a completely different side of yourself or is it fairly similar?
I am me 24/7, the Happy go lucky Ninja that brightens the room when he walks in lol. The only time i'm actually serious is where i'm creating/writing. i'm mad quiet
when i'm creating.. i'm always to myself when that happens unless it's a collective creating session.. even then i would walk away to go write and come back and be like.. what you think bout this?
How do you compare yourself in the beginning of this journey leading up to this point. What improvements do you see for yourself and is there anything you want 
to do different or try?
I was a little naive, needed to be more up front and out spoken with my thoughts. And i have learned from my mistakes and grown alot from them. i'm still growing especially in areas still. I see myself improving in the business aspect of my music.. 
I'm knowledgeable of it especially from back then.. but there is always something to learn and something to improve on, and also in Engineering. I want to try Snowboarding!! yes i know.. Random lol.
Remember you're talking to the Queen of random lol. That's all I do is jump from one topic to the next (look at this interview!) Snowboarding sounds like fun even though I don't see myself taking a risk so big...but I will admit I've been curious about sky-diving or para-sailing. You're probably thinking girl that's just as risky haha. I don't know what can I say...Engineering sounds fly. Skies the limit!


It's a whole other beast of an animal to perform live compared to recording in the studio. When live you're open and vulnerable and ultimately what happens on the stage stays on the stage. What do you like or dislike about both sides of the creative process?
When writing and recording, it's like creating a baby. You're hype, excited in the process, and also can get overwhelmed, aggravated because things might not be working out the way you thought...
Writer's block is a real mood killer. But once finished...
You're proud of your creation!
Everytime you hear what you've done you're like, "Yea, I did ish! That's my baby, she go hard" with a tear in your eye. Now when you're performing or about to perform your song, it's like showing off your baby. again you're hype and wanna present it the best way possible..And when the crowd receives it with positive reviews, it's like being enveloped with joy, happiness, and excitement straight down to my soul. And feeling is something I would want everyone to experience. The only thing that's negative about performing is wondering and hoping they'll like you and your music.

Through your personal observation and experience what positives and negatives can be found with trying to get into the music industry? If you can change anything about it give us your thoughts on it.
everyone that sees the potential in you and your music will always see it as dollar signs. So they will tell you any and everything to get you to work with them. In fact they don't know the first thing about the music industry let alone getting you in. You can't trust the first person that comes along and says they wanna work with you. 
You gotta do your research on the person cause they might  lead you to a dead end that you might not be able to turn from.
What I would change about the industry is the music they put out on the radio these days. 
There are so many great songs out there that haven't been heard that are waaaay better than what's playing on the radio.
Positives? Sharing my music with the world, traveling, performing, and just pure fun doing the thing I love doing with all my heart.

Has a fan shown you an act of kindness you still 
remember to this day?
Made a lil collage of me..
The love and support of fans are what keeps an Artist's career intact and alive. 

Give us the skivvy on the junk we thrill over. 
While performing live what has been the wildest thing a fan has said or done? (Keeping it as "PG" as possible lol)
Well there was one performance  in Trinidad where at the end i went to grab a fan's hand and out of nowhere 20 hands grabbed my arm and pulled me down. so i sat on the edge of the stage thinking they'll calm down in a bit.. NOPE! they grabbed my legs. one of them was tryna take my sneakers. the workers had to come on to the stage and help get me out.. i was traumatized!!! had me scared to leave the green room.  I'm the one with the white hat.

In your wildest dreams which venue(s) do you dream of performing in when you've reached the "I Made It" stage in your journey? (subject to change lol)
Madison Square, Japan
I'm a major foodie and enjoy tasty eats.
What is one dish or snack you cannot and I mean 
can NOT live without?
When i'm on the road i always have to get a bag of Frito Lays Honey
Roasted Peanuts!! matter of fact, I just bought a big bucket.. that bih's about to last me a good minute! lol.. 
I Love My Lasagna!!!!!!!!!!
Lmao, you're a trip! Don't even try me on Italian. I'll get you on that Lasagna. But yup  honey roasted peanuts are good. 
Have you ever had pork cracklings with hot sauce? (waiting for you to detest in hellll nooo! lol)
And while we're on the topic for all the inquiring ladies around the world, can you cook?
cook?? ummmmmmmm..... I'll just say, i can survive.
Aw you just threw water on the flame. Who else out there is highly thrown?!!? Just to survive?!!!? Betta hit up yo momma and the leading ladies in your life for real lol. There's nothing hotter than a guy who understands seasonings and spices (did you not say you wanted a lil "spice" in your single Can't Wait? lol) and can create dishes in the kitchen. Doesn't have to be a Thanksgiving dinner but a dish or two. But since you said survive that may mean you know a lil something..so I'm guessing grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or the ultra easy RAMEN NOODLES LOL. Yea I got jokes dude 

The harsh reality of growing into one's passion and success many things can change including close friends, family, and those whom you thought were road blocks but turn out to be stepping stones. For you has there been any changes or is everything relatively the same?
Alot of change.. my friends that i was in the group with, haven't talked to one in a long while, the other is pursuing his career and i barely see him though we talk, but the 3rd is still my roll dawg. 

You get comments like "Why don't you just quit and go get a Real job?

You don't see the people that was there before supporting like 
they did before.  you know..
guess they gave up cause they said it was taking too long to make it. 
You get comments like, 
why don't you just quit 
and go get a REAL job?
I love dancing so I dance and people say i'm cocky. 
alot of different things that drains your spirit. 
But the one thing that has these people draining you is the one thing that replenishes you. 
Yes it's a rude awakening everything you mentioned here.  And I've heard more than my share of "Why don't you get a real job?" There are certain people I don't even share my interests with because the response is judgmental and negative. No one said we're all supposed to be doing the same thing anyways! What one person does is not what someone else is doing... and the funny thing is it's all about what we deem "important" and "meaningful" as "work". This is just my speculation. If a person such as yourself wants to sing, dance, or perform for a living there are people out here who consider that "fun time" and not productively "working". Little do they know it's called "entertainment" for a reason. What would anyone have to smile about and enjoy for themselves after working all week long when they want to go out and have a good time?!?! We're so used to hearing "cocky" being used negatively but it truly describes a person who is confident and is aware of how good they are. Why not just be honest about it instead of tugging yourself back and forth with uncertainty, "Am I good enough or should I take it this far or not? Nah, just do it...it's just a waste of time , feel me?

Gears switch. Random Meter 100....
What's your favorite color?
Green all day baby!!

Skating, bowling, and hanging out over friend's houses
were the activities on my side of town :)
Growing up, what were some fun pastimes you had with your friends, family, or on your own?
the same thing you just said. 
come winter time my friends and i would watch the mighty ducks and after it is over go out and play street hockey. I love bowling, 
we played
ghost in the grave yard when it got dark (best time to hide with a girl) football, baseball, kick the can, bike riding exploring different neighborhoods finding new
shortcuts..... through people's yards, Mario Kart 64!! 
house parties!! we did it all. 
good ole times.
You have me rollin over here on that kick the can Criss. That's how it used to be right? lol I'm down for the MIGHTY DUCKS. Back in 95' at a summer Gymnastics camp it was the go-to in the video stash. 
With absolutely nothing to do with gymnastics. 
Bike riding was another activity I did with friends too, Mario Kart is nostalgia lol. Remember Sega and Play Station? The farthest I got was Super Nintendo and it was the koolest game system to me aside from Nintendo and Atari. Nothing could beat my Atari, my father and I played Galaga, Donkey Kong, and another game where we had to avoid gun fire and drop bombs on targets. He was always into fighter plane/aircraft games. Growing up you were quite the adventurer & active body! House parties were not the big thing with the peeps I was hanging with even though I can recall a birthday where it was off the chain and no adult supervision haha.
For all the fun you had I'm sure you got into some trouble too. I can tell...lol I want to know what girl would be hiding in a graveyard of all places playing some crazy a** Ghost In The Graveyard game. You look like the mischievous type who would jump out from behind a head stone or tree making crazy sounds with a mask on.

If you've traveled the world and been fortunate to experience other countries, cultures, experiences, spirituality. Share with us one special place you've had the privilege of visiting. If you haven't been anywhere where would you like to visit?
i've been to Trinidad many a times to perform and share the Music. Always went when it was carnival

season so i got to experience Trinidad at its best cause Carnival is their biggest thing. 
Japan is my next stop!! haha!
Wow yea you were right in the middle of party central for sure. The closest I've experienced "carnival" is down in New Orleans. You know how they do it. I can imagine Trinidad's style with it though lol. Let me know when you trail off to Japan. That should be a fun experience. 
Very unique cultural diversion.

If you can meet anyone in the world, alive or deceased, who would it be and why would it mean so much to you?

Justin Timberlake/Nsync
Definitely a no brainer at this point lol

Any songs you would want to sing or perform for them?
Good For You, My Love
I like My Love too!
Fav lines I can see us holding hands, Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand. I can see us on the countryside. Sitting on the grass, laying side by side. You could be my baby, let me make you my lady, Girl you amaze me. Ain't gotta do nothing crazy. See, all I want you to do is be my love.

Every guy is different and likes particular "traits or assets" on a woman that turn their head. Without stating the obvious and you know what I mean lol, what traits do you value the most in a potential partner?
Physical, I’m a legs man, personality, down to earth, whole lotta fun, and just loves to smile and have fun.
Boy go get a leg at KFC or Popeyes lol. 
Ladies if you like to show-off your sexy gams and love for guys to scope them out then this is your guy! With a fun-loving persona and killer smile you may not be able to get rid of this one. Looks like he'll be making a few passes at ya.

I'm curious since you love a lady with some hot legs, which celebrity and/or public figure has the finest you've ever seen or turns you completely on?
There are a whole lot of many!! 
My gosh, Jessica Alba, Christina Milian, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones from The Mask Of Zorro, Kelly Rowland, Salma Hayek from Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Eva Longoria, Ashley from the Pussycat Dolls that is always doin the leg lift showing how flexible she is, Keri Hilson OMG!! Ciara! Ashanti..my goodness when she lube em up havin them all shiny.. :siiiigh:

FROM L to R: Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child, actress Eva Longoria, 

& actress Salma Hayek

 Leg Fetish for sure!
Somehow I think this turned into a fantasy confessional lol. The minute details were added with "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" I knew you had a scene or visual in mind.

 Has a lucky lady caught your heart or are you 
a wanted bachelor?
I'm a bachelor, wanted..
I can't say, these beautiful women always wait till time has passed to tell me they used to like me or had a huge crush on me ::smh:: 
How is that gonna help me now at this moment? lol
Humbly carry on, telling them you appreciate their kindness, and let them swoon over you. The best revenge is showing kindness and looking the other way lol. There's too many other potential women in the world who would give you the time. Just saying  

What are the top 3-5 items you absolutely cannot leave home without?
Keys, wallet, I guess Cell phone.. if I have one lol.
Honest and so silly...whatcha mean if you have one?!? lol You know you have 2-3 like all these other Artists who need to be tracked by everyone in their camp. I would pull my hair out if I had a phone ringing from every direction. But you kool, I believe ya.

Take us on the CRISSANJI Daily Grind :) In short captions what is a typical day in your life like from the time you get up and when you lay yourself down to sleep?
Wake up, if I remember to eat, I eat then go straight to do studio work. I can be down there for hooouuurrsss all through the night. Pretty much that’s me everyday lol.
Wait til your stomach starts gurgling then you'll remember to eat lol. That's something though going from 4 corners to another box with four corners. Depending on the type of work it can get redundant sometimes unless there's a break or a change in scenery. How do you keep yourself from getting cabin fever or stir crazy?
Stoppin and hanging with friends, watchin tv, goin for a drive, fooood!

Your style is rather edgy on the punk side. You don't seem shy at all with representing yourself with your fashion choices. How did you come up with this look for yourself and what image are you trying to give the world through it?

"Once I started jamming to their songs I started looking into the whole punk rock scene, emo, genre of style and I just loved it all."

I’ll have to give my sister props for my style.. if she wasn’t forcing punk rock down my throat I wouldn’t have found out about Paramore. Once I started jamming to their songs I started lookin into the whole punk rock scene, emo, genre of style and 
I just loved it all. 
I guess I’ll say just to be yourself. No matter what people
say or hate or judge, what I do, I do it cause I want to.. cause I like it. It doesn’t matter what people think..


I’m doin me and I always will.. 
Do you! Do what you like! 
Because at the end of the day, people are gonna end up following you anyway.. they always wanted to do what you're doing, just didn’t have the balls to do it. Trust!
I dig! That's really neat how your sis got you hip to a group like Paramore and it introduced you to the punk rock, emo scene. I'm seeing it in your look clearly now :) 
Love your "live by your own means" attitude. I swear I've heard it a time or two (from my own mouth lol) but it's awesome, don't ever lose it. Sexy nonetheless.

What labels, brands, or off-brands, do you go for?

I don’t really go for any in particular. It's whatever catches my eye and I like how it looks on me I’m def getting it. I really don’t pay attention to labels. I don’t even know who made the shirt I’m wearing 
right now lol.
Same here I like anything that looks right. Well you surely got that together. Head to Toe inspiration. But you never know once you break in that world so many want in so badly you'll be exposed to all designer threads. It's real flashy and it doesn't mean that's what it will be all about with you because you know who you are as a person and Artist. But I aint surprised if you don't get inspired to do a remake of "Shirt by Versace" lol

It's always smart to have a back-up plan for any changes in the road. If you believe in your passion and will stop at nothing to reach your goal then there's really no stopping. But what other skills do you possess that you can use successfully if the path you're leading doesn't take off? 
Do have knowledge in any fields as a plan B?
nope! No plan B lol if I fail at this, I fail myself.. that’s how I feel. I hear people talking about plan B all the time and I would sit and think.. what would I do if this doesn’t go my way? And I would try to come up with a plan B but, there is nothing else I see myself doing.
Even though it's easier to have a soft place to fall to be driven as strongly as you are only guarantees your hard-work paying off. No matter how long it takes. You know this is your path so I'm rooting for your success! One day I'll be able to say yea I interviewed that cat when he was at the beginning because I knew he was great and look how it took off for him. I'll be walking around "cocky" 
and boasting about it lol!
There's so much going on out here and it gets hard staying focused and motivated to continue a path 
we've set for ourselves.

It takes courage, determination, perseverance, a strong support team (family and friends), and more. What words of encouragement or support keeps you going no matter what?
My love for music is what keeps me motivated. But it’s the words of friends, fam, fans, supporters saying they love a song or they’re jamming to one of my songs right now. It gets me even more hype because they genuinely love my music.

How do you manage and turn bad situations into positive when you don't have the comfort of family/friends?
Feel good medicine. 80's babies in the house! lol
Which Cartoons in particular? You mentioned Naruto awhile back...growing up my favs like for so many of us were Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies & of course all of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
It's always good to encourage others who are inspired to do the same as you. From your experiences, wins, and losses, what advice or tips can you give up and coming music Artists who have only their ideas and a dream?
Even though you're still on a journey any tips 
you can give is helpful.
Learn from experience. 
Don’t let a negative situation veer you from what you’re aiming for. 
Don’t let others mold your music into something that’s theirs. If you

"Don't let others mold your music into something that's theirs."

don’t like it, say so. Just because they are producers or engineers that did this, this, and this or worked with him, him, and her doesn’t mean what they are saying is right for you.. 
always follow your heart 
and listen to your gut.

We're already 10 months in to 2013, what should we the people expect to see or hear from you in the upcoming months before 2014 hits?
I Have a single I’m droppin really soon. It's my first Official single off my first album I’ve worked so hard on. The single is called “Whip It”. it’s a fun song that I know the masses will love! Cant wait to share it with everyone!! 
I’m hype just thinking about it!
I'm feeling the vibe! Excited for you too. 
You were so kind to let me preview it. Is it possible to give our readers a sneak peek with the single puuurty pleeeze? ;)

Where do you see yourself leading with your music and what do you expect to accomplish in the next 3-5 years?
I wanna be traveling the world sharing my music with my fellow music lovers, performing for them and showing them why 
I love what I do.

If you can thank anyone for encouraging you to pursue your dreams or has been that rock to hold it down for you who do you want to give a shout out to?
Everyone! Especially my family. Also shout out to Kimberly in my first grade class for being the first that I can remember to say that I can sing.

"I pray to God I don't conform to what the industry says goes"

When the final chapter of your story comes to its final page, what do you want the world to remember about you, that future generations will know?
That I came to influence and I did just that.. 
My way without conforming.. 
I pray to God I don’t conform to what the industry says goes.
Me neither!
Well this has been one of the most fun and fabulous time sharing with you CRISSANJI. And to leave it all on a final note how can we keep in touch with the Latest & Greatest?

Website in construction but www.Crissanji.com
Follow me on instagram: @Crissanji_Official
Follow me on Twitter: @Crissanji
My Email is: CrissanjiOfficial@gmail.com

For more on the rising Star from Florida check back at his official site listed above!



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