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EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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Rock'N Out In British Columbia With Cupla

Whuddup Whuddup Kool World! Long time no see. It is great to be back to return to our series

 of the greatest acts in the making from around the world. We're going north and I'm talking

 bout waaaay up north to British Columbia, also known as C.A.N.A.D.A! For all the Beliebers out

 there yes, it's where your boy Justin Bieber was born, raised, and exported right out to America

 for his amazing talents. What better way to visit this beautiful and majestic country than to 

heck out the scene for what the latest acts are doing. Our travels takes us to Vancouver on to the

 music scene once more. This time we're going all out rock and to be even more specific 

Alternative Rock with my latest new find, CUPLA. This five member band of four fly guys and a

one fly gal takes us on a journey through their Canadian backdrop to enliven our minds on what

 the music scene is like where they come from. From the Blues & Sleaze Rock the mixture can

only create a  melting pot of amazing original sounds and that is what you're about to witness.

 Get your passports and lets take a trip to bc. Here's your next Artists on the Rise CUPLA!

Hi Everyone!
It's a pleasure meeting an entire Rock band and from Canada no doubt! 

Isn't it great Cupla, are you believing now near to 8 months into 2013 that your dreams are really coming true. Looks like you're rising to the top rather productively.

There's something you don't know about me that I must confess...
I'm a Talent Psychic and it looks like I've snagged a family tree here...hmmm
I'm checking my crystal ball and tapping into my intuitive psyche 
and before we even get into it I already know there's a strong family
dynamic. MCALONEY is the vision before my eyes! 
There has got to be a connection with this last name and the birth of CUPLA as the name of your band.

L to R: Andrew Venning, Tricia McAloney, Bobby McAloney, Kevin James Hall, Billy McAloney

Bandmates in the Canadian Alternative Rock band CUPLA
L to R: Bobby & Billy McAloney

I think it’s so dope I’m actually meeting twins so tell us Billy & Bobby is there a way we 
can tell you both a part? I'm already seeing a difference =P

Yes it does! You gave it all away in your photo, which is great for all of us who are
fascinated with doubles, triples, and so forth of the same person lol!
All of you are my first ::clapping:: inner-scope backstage pass into the world of Canadians 

And you know what that means, a tour snippet is definitely what we need ;)
 Share with us what life is like in BC as your home especially Vancouver.
The way of life, culture, food favs, popular pastimes to engage in, hot hang-outs, all the good stuff.

Better Believe it! We will surely take note on a great pizza joint. Uncle Fatih's it shall be ;)
But because you mentioned MegaBites there's no way we can avoid a slice from there too.
I want some right now too! How about Canadian air-mail? 

Mmmm! It looks really good

I've been to Canada once many years ago with family. The landscape is nice and clean. 
Very beautiful homes and yards much like a utopia from my perspective :) 
I can still remember us going to KFC because black folks gotta have their chicken
and trying to figure out the currency difference. Still can't remember if we had to
convert our US dollars and cents into Canadian cash but somehow I believe we
didn't have to. It all worked out even though we looked interesting from the viewpoint
of the residents. Probably wondering where did this family of black people come from lol.
 Especially for us seeing a KFC run by Canadians! Real world 101 for sure haha.
Out-of-towners and black always brings curious gazes for sure even in America.

Architecturally Astounding homes :)
Beautiful Landscape! Dream vacay
You better believe you can find it all here! It's time for trip #2

How did Alternative Rock become the direction you wanted to represent your sound?

And that's why the art you all create is more grounded and in the bigger scheme of things, gives you all an edge for being down to earth. On the music scene who would ever think there's an exclusivity when everyone is in the same place trying to make it. But it exists in more areas than expected! I'm finding out in the spoken word and poetry communities the same exists and it took my own awareness and connecting with specific artists to open my eyes in seeing that. Poet BlaQ Ice shares his thoughts on this through his own experiences as a spoken word Artist. Read here. Even though I'm not a fan of beer lol, I'd rather listen to what's fun and spill beer too!

Most def! The Rock and Blues elements are influential in the elements of your sound. It's Great. With Soul & R&B having a major influence on me growing up from listening to my father's music and what my mother liked I've found the connection to love. At the root of music there has to have some bonding or feeling to reach out to people and combining what you have does it tremendously. Pulling from all genres definitely expands your horizons for advanced and richly original advantages!

 There's something there that's brewing in the pot!
Without a doubt with your determination there's going to be great things 
surfacing...just give it time and we'll be seeing you all over the place here in the US
AND around the world too! Headlining SOLD-Out shows.

By the way I loved how you Andrew in the middle of playing you stopped, took a sip from your drink, and continued playing during your Blacktop Blues performance @ The Railway Club. 
Just epic… (in my mind I’m like “seriously, who does that!”)
Looks & Sounds like a Rockstar.

Some songs I’ve listened to I’m definitely getting a Bluesy vibe and then some others with the contrast of Tricia’s voice has a mellow, monotone almost goth-like vibe.

Are you defining "Alternative Rock" differently than other groups and how does yours stand out?

I’ve had the honor of speaking with music acts more particularly in the urban hip-hop genres.
An EP or mixtape is released to fans to give them a sample preview for what can possibly be on the next upcoming album. Is this also common on the Alternative Rock scene and have you released any collections of work?

We have a EP and a full length album "Letter's Home" we released almost 2 years ago now , 
We have a full album plus of new material and we have a different guitar player in Andrew and a different Bassist in Kevin so it's going to be a seriously rocking album ! 
CLICK Here to Listen & Buy!

Some of your favorite artists and musicians are: White Stripes, Black Keys, Alexisonfire, & The Stills. Are there any artists or musicians from other parts of the world and genres opposite to your own that you enjoy? 
( hint hint lol! United States as one)

Tricia, the rock chanteuse on the scene reppin' for all the ladies!
Anytime we see a woman in a group of guys we must get the 411 
because there's bound to be something fascinating!
As a listener I'm always comparing and breaking down what I hear. 

Your voice sounds so familiar like an Artist from the 80’s and early 90's.
Tell us how you got into singing and how long you’ve been doing it for.

After listening to Patti Smith's Grace there's a similarity! I can hear it.

Patti Smith

 And then we have the fellas! 
The McAloney Twins: Billy on the drums, Bobby on guitar, Andrew on guitar, and Kevin as the bassist. 

For all the viewers out here who are musicians what particular make/styles are you playing and what about these instruments tells us about who you are?

Kevin you're fairly a newbie to the group with your first performance with the group setting off the New Year 2013 @ The Railway Club. 
Good timing for jumping in the saddle as a musician too!
Were you performing with a group
Were you a solo act before joining this group or were you performing with a group &
What addition do you bring to the group that wasn't there before?

For real though to be smaller than the instrument is a feat of its own! We commend you on handling the heavy duty to deliver great material. Bassists are awesome in a band. Having you in addition will give the group's sound a touch of only what Kevin can bring. Keep that back strong & manageable!

And then we finally meet the guitarist Andrew! 
Tell us about your place in Cupla and how you stand-out within the group as one of the guitarists.

OK this has to be one of the sexiest descriptions I've had so far! lol ...tasteful face-melting Bluesy guitar solos over the heavy rhythms..I'm just saying. I'm already hearing the riffs now. held-out long wailing and heart stopping produced by lead guitarist Andrew. Your role consists of important parts standing at the head of the pack!

What groups have you been told you remind people of or resemble musically?


Your last recent showcase was in your hometown Vancouver, TDVancouver International Jazz Festival in July. 
Tell us about this festival and what your experience was like performing there with fellow groups Los Homres & RHIOF. 

It Looks like I've caught you at the right time! 
Will you be making a first-time Canadian invasion to the US this coming August?


Hopefully we'll make a great impression on you in America and encourage you
to stay longer than just one performance;)

One of the songs that caught my attention and ultimately made me want to know more about you is

"My Stand" written by band member Bobby. 
Tell us what inspired you to create this song. It's just what we need to hear with this bullying epidemic facing today's generation.

A 12 year old girl named Maddy who I presume has experienced the ugly realities facing today's youth with bullying used your song as the theme of a video she made. It had to touch deep knowing your music is touching lives so effectively but also to show you what's happening with us as human beings and how it's effecting today's youth.

Canada's National Pink Shirt Day Feb 27, 2013

What makes groups like you so special is your devotion to supporting your community & creating world change. 
You're not just performing to reach world-wide recognition and stardom 
(which is not too bad with the work you're putting in!) you believe in helping the people of the world. Through your art you embrace those who need positive role models like The Boys and Girls Club of Vancouver and bringing awareness to bullying through Canada’s National Pink Shirt Day.
If you were to be signed by a major label today how would you expand your vision and talents in a way that weren’t possible before as an unsigned group?

With the most recent hot topic in the US and around the world surrounding the indictment of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin trial what is your stand on violence as a group who puts the message out to their audience to accept and love one another?

Let’s take a detour for all our readers into the CUPLA CAVE… duh duh duuuh lol!
I love how you've given a name to your rehearsal space.
Please tell us how you came up with "The Cupla Cave" to describe it and how you spend time rehearsing.

This sounds so great that I must take on Bobby's idea to give viewers a tour of the cave through social media. What a great way to let your fans and newbies in on your life-style! Panorama view.
What Top 3 acts would you love to perform alongside?


Definitely give us the “real” if you may, even if you don’t see yourselves in the light of super-stardom, there’s a delusion sometimes that can set an Artist or band's audience thinking a part from reality. We love our entertainers and forget they are people too. 

In the US one of the new trends in the entertainment world is to create fan names, terms of endearment for supporters, such as Mariah Carey calling her fans Lambs, Lady Gaga calls her fans Lil’ Monsters, Justin Bieber (Fellow Canadian!) Beliebers, and on on it goes. 
Has Cupla created a name for their growing following?

They're open for suggestions Kool World! Send them your thoughts and you may have your name chosen by the group ;)

What has been the most memorable token of affection a fan has shown you or better yet, gave as a gift?

lol and think about it Tricia it looks like you're already making an impact! It's amazing how music makes us feel like we know the person or people personally. You're sharing yourself and the vulnerability so openly that it opens the door to people's emotions. It can be powerful!

That is pretty big for real! You're an inspiration to today's youth :) And you're right to say YET Billy lol, it's coming. Get Ready to Rumbbbbble!

So inquiring minds are dying to know, you’ve already been to many venues even if it’s mostly in your community, have you had any wild experiences while performing on stage? 
Fans throwing particular objects (guys!) lol or trying to run up on you when you leave the stage and behind the scenes?

lol Alright Rock Goddess! She's already initiating the mayhem guys you better be ready. The spitfire has spoken!

Since Justin Beiber took over the American pop circuit by storm back in 2008 as a teen superstar with hits: “Baby”, “One Time”, “One Less Lonely Girl”, he really put Canada on the map as becoming Today's Generation Pop Idol. But there’s also other famous Canadians who have rocked the US stage and continue to do so such as Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Nickelback, Corey Hart, Crash Test Dummies.
Have any of your fellow Canadians made a special or surprising appearance at any shows or venues while you were performing?

Aw That's alright though! There will be more opportunities and word will spread about you that they'll be sure to get the juice on CUPLA ;) Just wait they will want to meet you and see you perform. Better yet think big...you can open for them or have them as a special guest act. Anything can happen! ::singing in my Ellie Goulding voice:: lol

So now let’s get in on your thoughts because that is what’s up.

How has it been for you trying to reach this point together and what hardships/struggles have you had to face throughout this journey?

What do you like and dislike (or wish you can change) about the music you're hearing & observing today with respects to what you create with your own? 

 Is there anything you believe in your heart and soul that's missing from your contemporaries on the music front?

The time has come that many Artists who don't usually gain major recognition, if not some, for their voices to have their moment and to resonate. After so long of listening to the same redundancy it becomes so engrained in our minds that it takes longer for something new and fresh to set in and make its point. Yea the club hits makes us want to dance, the quintessential country ballads still has its niche, and the "Hollywood" life is glamorized at the max but we still need something to ground us. We're caught up in the 'look of it all' that we're forgetting to observe, relate, and listen. 
Tricia's "Logan's Wraith" is how to get the ball rolling. To dive into a dark place is a brave thing to do and sharing it with the world.
What advice would you give Today’s aspiring music Artists and musicians trying to pursue their dreams just as you are?

From your standpoint what is it about the world of music that you come from that many of us on the outside do not understand?

What legacy do you want to leave behind when the final chapter of your life reaches its final page?

Where do you see yourselves professionally and personally in the next 4 years of your lives?

If you can give credit to anyone or anything, tell us who or what deserves it for believing in you and encouraging your dreams, and is in the long haul with you?

What is the best way for fans to keep up with All things Great & Fab with Cupla?

This has been a moment in the spotlight with the 1 and only CUPLA from British Columbia!
For more information on the rising act from Vancouver contact & engage with them on social media to keep up with where they will be performing and their latest releases. They're down home  so if you're able to go to their live events spend some time with them and chat for the ultimate fill-in. Cupla wants to hear from you Kool World so give them a shout-out and come on out to their 1st US act if you're in the Washington state area for AUGUST 10 @ The BIRCH BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL! Let's keep them here or at least coming back as long as possible and the best way is to bring your family and friends to show love and support!

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