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EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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Bringing The Tyler Effect With Melodic & Hypnotic Cristian Tyler

Whuddup  Kool World! 
This is your girl  
 reppin' from the One and Only ATLANTA
Back at it again bringing you surprise discoveries from around the Globe! 
There's so much happening on the music scene these days...
So Much Diversity and Experimentation with  genres old & new delivering a new sound
for Today's generation to love and be inspired by.
Our next phenomenal Artist
Cristian Tyler 
falls nothing short of memorable
with her undulating wave-like melodies, atmospheric transcendence, and hypnotic vocals
that can only intrance and leave you in a cloudy mind pool and complete daze. 

This low-key force fire is not new to the game once you find out, lending her distinctive sound on tracks for pal music-producer Tony Sway of Swaylude, and unbeknownst to many
discovered firsthand by a group member of one of the reigning R&B Groups of all time who have pinned Top R&B Soulful hits:
"Tell Me", "In My Bed", "Never Make A Promise", & Beauty.
 From her 2011 released LP Control Freak, newly released mixtape
that will take your mind to a much softer place, 
with new material  on the way for 2013,
our time together will have you wondering, "Why haven't I heard about her?!?"
 And once you do you will want to hear more! 

Hi Cristian It’s a pleasure to be acquainted with you! How are you luv?
I am doing well and I’m excited to finally do this interview with you!
This is a fine treat to meet a singer through one of my previous guests, Tony Sway. It’s even more fascinating how your vocals are. Very dreamy, soothing, and indulgent yet sweet with a somewhat raspy or mellow seductiveness. I can see why Mr. Sway is drawn to your sound, since his tend to dwell in the same landscape or ear-scape ;) I'm usually asking first thing about an Artist's name because it can be very distinctive and stand out before knowing anything else about the person. So I'll ask you first, is Cristian Tyler your Artist name and/or your Real name?
Cristian Tyler is my stage name that was chosen by a poll I conducted. Lol I know that sounds crazy but there is a short story I will tell behind that. I was formally known by another stage name “Neiko” for quite some time and once the singing group I was a part of disbanded, I underwent a rebirth and decided to change my name; you know, to leave all the past stuff in the past. I threw a few names out there and that one was the biggest hit. My first name is Curisa, so I already had the nickname “Cris”. Extending it to Cristian just came naturally I guess.
Curisa is a fly name! It reminds me of a show I used to watch as a kid called, Clarissa Explains It All with Melissa Joan Heart playing Clarissa Darling. All my #Retro90'sNickelodeon peeps know exactly what I'm talking about! Neiko is an interesting selection in names, almost like a male alter ego in some ways. At the moment I'm thinking of a singer's name, Nikko Smith, Season 4 ninth place finalist on American Idol. 
The formation of a nickname being ' Cris ' to Cristian is fascinating. It really gives people an idea of how an Artist name can form from piecing different parts together to create something brand new. 

Originally from Jacksonville, FL Curisa "Cristian Tyler" found her voice in Baltimore, MD

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Jacksonville, FL. I’m a southern girl. I moved to Baltimore, MD at the age of 6 and pretty much lived my whole entire life there.

Do you still reside there?
Well, I’m actually in the process of relocating to California in the spring of 2013.
Oooh exciting! California, land of the Stars. Wish you luck on the transition. 
Not your your typical songstress deriving from a musical family. CT found her calling singing in church.

It is very common to come from a household filled with music or have family members who sing, rap, or create music. Do you come from musical beginnings?
Absolutely not lol. Very few of my family members had any significant talent growing up. I used to sing around the house as a kid and my mom constantly told me I could not sing lol. It wasn’t until she heard me sing in church as I got older where she realized her kid actually had some talent.
I'm sure you can understand my utter shock at "absolutely not"! The way your music flows in this fluid and mesmerizing manner, it feels like so natural as if you were born to do it. Your story sounds like Rihanna's when she mentioned singing all the time and her neighbors screaming at her for singing so loud in the shower because of the way houses were so close to one another. Singing is much like walking, talking, eating, sleeping, from learning about your start in it. The church setting can bring that SOUL out! lol.

With Commission being one of her musical influences she was inspired
to develop her own gospel group, God's Great Voices.

 If it didn't come from your
upbringing, how did you encounter music firsthand?
Well I grew up in the Apostolic faith, so it was hard to listen to secular music growing up. I found myself connecting with gospel groups that had an R&B flare such as Commissioned and Take 6. I use to stay up late at night studying harmonies, but never quite learned how to put them together at the time.
To have that connection had to be the greatest thing in the world to you. It kept your family happy with the pious music while you explored other styles, such as R&B. Plus it's just a good mix - Gospel and R&B!

Does your family support your vocal aspirations or want you to pursue another path?
My family has always been some of my biggest supporters. My mom is my hardest critic though. She’s not afraid to tell me what she doesn’t like, but lately she has been blown away by my arranging abilities and knowing how far I have come.
What was the first song you ever heard that made a lasting impression on you?
Hmmmm, that’s a great question. I would have to say Commissioned’s rendition of the Phil Collins hit “Another Day In Paradise”.
That song gave me chills.

"Very few of my family members had any significant talent growing up. I used to sing around the house as a kid"

Take us back to the first time you ever performed or sang in front of someone whether it was 1, 2, 3 or your family, friends, even stuffed animals lol. What song did you sing and what did it feel like?
Well I can’t remember what that first song was called that I sung in church, but that was my first time singing in front of an audience. I remember feeling nervous but safe because I had my group members up there with me. I had formed a gospel group called “God’s Great Voices”.

How did you put yourself out there vocally for people to take notice?
After I decided to sing secular music, I thought the best way to get out there would be to form another singing group and try to make some noise. Once I did that, we became pretty popular locally.
This is all about you Ms. Tyler and with that being said it would be an absolute diss not to ask about what you were a part of before now. Enlighten our readers about the group you were a part of and who the leading man behind it is.

I was a part of a 4 member female group called Audassy. We had a few members come and go, but  I was the founding member and the second member I recruited stayed with me until the very end.

Audassy sharing a moment with Allen Payne
We settled with the final 4 members by the year 2000 and made a big industry run. We became popular around Baltimore, MD and eventually caught the attention of Jazz (member of the Baltimore native group Dru Hill). 

Cristian Taylor & T-Low from R&B group Next
Audassy and Actress Monica Calhoun

Audassy with Mr. T, Flex, singer Shanice (I Love Your Smile), & T-Low from group Next
As a newly formed group Audassy encountered various celebs and high profilers at Hollywood's hot surroundings.

He took us under his camp and transformed our sound. He literally had us sounding like a female version of them lol. I loved it, and during that time we traveled quite a bit, recorded quite a bit, and mingled with a lot of celebrities, and eventually landed a record deal on the table. We even became requested by Lil Kim herself to open up for her in Pennsylvania, as well as opening up for Case.

Singer Case & Rap Artist Lil' Kim

Dru Hill member Larry "Jazz" Anthony
DRU HILL member Larry "Jazz" Anthony

During that time I didn’t have a clue of how to arrange so I was known just as the writer of the group. I wrote 95% of our material that we recorded. I always wanted to get into vocal producing but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it at the time. I then decided to study Jazz’s techniques and learn the Dru Hill / Jodeci way of creating harmonies. Unfortunately, we could not sustain life as semi-professional recording artists and therefore we began to fall apart due to the pressures that came along with it. We broke up in 2001 and everyone pursued other musical ventures.
Very tough. It's brave of you to share this because with what many of us see on tv we believe it's 100% attainable in a flash and it's not so. I may not be in that world but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how many people have gone in and came out with less than what they started with. It's a battle to keep the dream alive, much more than just singing just like you can attest to. That "life" Holly-weird as some might say is "smoke and mirrors" I've been told and once many of us realize it is the world you're going into the easier it's going to be to know what's coming. If you go in with your eyes wide open and not a jaded, naive mind-set. It's a d*mn shame though because it's unfair. Life is unfair though, right? But hopefully you all left with a better sense of self and more wiser than you were when you started. It's a blow to the ego for sure but it's not the end as you're proving. If the passion is strong and it's your destiny then you're going to do what you love regardless of who rejects you and how many doors close. It's only a matter of time before the grand debut! What I always remember when a situation doesn't go to plan is to pull out what I gained from it. What did I leave away with that I can use. Sometimes it's hard to see it but eventually it comes to light. It helps.
Dru Hill Members: L to R James "Woody Rock" Green, Larry "Jazz" Anthony, Mark "Sisqo" Andrews, & Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin
Dru Hill
Are you a songwriter and what topics or subjects do you usually cover in your songs?
Yes! I am a songwriter first and foremost. 

I wrote my entire first album which debuted on iTunes in 2011 titled “Control Freak”. I also wrote the entire mixtape. i.e. Download "Control" from her album! 

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD http://www.audiomack.com/album/cristian-tyler/the-tyler-effect-1

“The Tyler Effect” with the exception of 2 songs I co-wrote and the remake of “Human” by The Human League. I try to cover an array of subject titles. Things I’ve experienced personally and things I’ve seen. I use to write male bashing songs a lot when I first started out but quickly found a happier avenue to explore lol. 

Are you a solo performer with a band or do you consider yourself part of a group?
I am a solo artist and have been for quite some time now.

Without a doubt so many artists come to mind from listening to your material: Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Ciara, Slim from 112, harmony a lil similar to New Edition in certain ways. What Artists have listeners connected you to? (claimed you resemble)
I’ve heard Brandy and Aaliyah so many times I can’t even count. In the beginning before I enhanced my

The Late R&B singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton
arranging abilities I was compared to Aaliyah more because of my soft tone. Now more than ever I get Brandy because of my harmonies and melodies.

Here is the list of Artists I've heard sampled in both of your mix tapes: Jhene Aiko, Keith Sweat, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Brandy, & Chante Moore. Which Artists are you inspired by: Past or Present?
Tank, Frank Ocean, R. Kelly, Babyface, and Brandy hands down!! Everyone who knows me personally knows that I’m slightly obsessed with her lol. I study her like a student study’s a book. I think you can hear her influence the most in my music. She is a vocal genius and she’s very underrated. If you listen closely as well you can hear my Dru Hill influences as well with some of my arrangements.

Have you sung backup for any Artists (background vocals) or featured on albums?
I have sung background vocals on quite a few local artists and up and coming artist's projects and projects put out by Tony Sway and a few artists that he has put me on with.

This is your chance to ultimately use your imagination laced with your passion. What is your “dream” performance: Including: staging, production, location, costumes, songs, and featuring any music artist or musician in the whole world
I would be in the Madison Square Garden performing with Brandy. I would perform most of my mixtape and Control Freak album songs and wear the most outrageous outfits lol. I am a super liberal person so the sky is the limit.
Trey Songz
Trey Songz
If there’s any song I love more in the world by Trey Songz it’s, “Need a Girl”. I swear to you I get so excited every time I hear that song. Could hardly contain myself when I heard your rendition with, “One For Me”. You’re officially one of my girls now lol. Tell me, what is it about this song that you wanted to re-make it? Are you a fan of Trey Songz?
Wow wow wow, I had no idea you heard some of my earlier work on that first mixtape! That’s awesome, but I can barely listen to that stuff now because I still didn’t know how to arrange at the time, I was just winging it lol. But to answer your question, I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of his, I just really loved that song and felt inspired to use it.
Curisa with Brandy
Favoring singer Brandy's diverse melodies & vocals
Cristian made it her personal study and taylored her own
vocal arranging to define her own unique sound.

Which Artists would you love to do a duet or collab with?
OMG I feel like a creeper because all of my answers will echo Brandy lol. She is first and foremost on my list of people to work with in the near future. Other than that, I would love to work with Frank Ocean and Tank.

What types of audience (young, old, male, female, mixed race, blacks, homosexual) follow you mostly and come to your shows?
I would say a healthy mixture of all. I was surprise to see that I had a pretty decent following of older supporters. That is a blessing and I love everyone who supports my cause. I definitely have a big homosexual following because of my sexual orientation.

Audassy posing for a photo-shoot for what seemed to be a promise in the sun of star-filled dreams 

Share with us one of the most thrilling or wild experiences behind the scenes: on the road touring, meet and greet, autograph signing, even after a concert or performance ;)
Lol ok two things I will share that comes to mind right off hand. A behind the scenes thing that goes on behind all of my shows be it solo or when I was in my singing group is my stage fright. It didn’t matter how many times I performed the same songs, I would still be terrified once I arrived at the venue. I would literally throw up before each show lol. Gross I know, but so true. It became a ritual and a sign of good luck for us. The one time I did not puke was the only show that wasn’t our best. As far as touring, those were the best times. My most memorable experience was performing at an outside venue in PA with the group. After the performance, we had to run back to our truck because the fans in the audience started chasing us for autographs! Our bodyguards had to pick some of us up and run lol. We performed a lot in PA as well as Baltimore so we were a household name there. 

Audassy embodied the image of many up and coming groups of the time. Fresh faced and ready for a promising journey not knowing of the short-lived results that lie ahead. 

I'm thinking about what can be a fear for a music Artist. If I was a music Artist lol, I would be afraid of forgetting my lyrics or messing up my dance moves during a performance for 1 hr. long concert. As an Artist what is one of your fears?

From L to R Four member girl group Audassy
Adolphia, Sparkles, Neiko "Cristian Tyler", & Starr

Well besides the natural stage fright, it was just the “not knowing”. Not knowing how the crowd would perceive us or me, not knowing if they would like our/my songs. Those types of fears never go away when you’re a local artist.
Definitely! But the good part is the more you perform the more confident and fluid it becomes. I don't anyone every gets over state fright or anxiety but maybe that's a good thing. Usually the nerves give amo to create the best work and when we think it looks less than what we expect it actually becomes more than we thought. The opposite seems to always win in the end.

Okay let this be the first place that you have the opportunity to do this Cristian ;) I give all my musical guests the spotlight to give their own uNiqUe name for their own music. There's Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, so forth-just categories. For example Mila Falls calls her music Space Pop What do you call yours and what name can you see yourself calling your followers?
Great question! I actually call my music “The Tyler Effect”. That’s where the idea of the mixtape title came from. I am very close with a popular producer in Baltimore and he told me that my arranging abilities are unheard of these days, so I said jokingly “yeah that’s the Tyler effect”. We looked at each other and realized I was on to something. I often do renditions of industry artist songs with me doing backgrounds on them. I call it being “Tyler Effected” lol. I did one for Drake’s Trust Issues and Beyonce’s I Miss U. I am releasing a new one soon as well with a special artist. I dove into the alternative world with the choice of this song so I’m excited about that. My followers would be called “Team Tyler”.
I'm sure you're expecting to show growth with every project you put out to your fans and listeners. You want to retain your own originality but give a little more each time- pushing yourself and giving everyone something new, another part of who you are :)  Whereas some may say there's improvement with your second mix tape, THE TYLER EFFECT, I feel there's a step up with it but it still has the same overall strength as your first self-titled project.  I believe as an Artist you're seeing what you can do with your voice. It's noticeable-the experimentation. That's lovable and in my opinion will keep you around much longer than some of these cats out here trying to make a quick rise to fame. Lacking the staying-power. What was your objective or what you wanted to achieve with THE TYLER EFFECT that is different than your other work?

Thanks for asking this! I wanted to step my arranging up to the next level. Pushing sounds that I may have never been comfortable with before. I also think that I grew stronger vocally as far as my leads, so I wanted to displayed that as well. I basically wanted to solidify my place as a solid vocal arranger to be contended with.

You can explain it better than I can since I'm just a listener and commentator  How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?
I would describe it as a mental escape.
I don’t have a powerhouse voice so if you’re looking for that Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson jolt then I wouldn’t be your first choice lol. I tend to slide in on those rough days where you just want to lay in bed all day or zone out in the car. My harmonies take the mind to another place I believe. I like to give my supporters those mental vacations every now and then.

What setbacks do you experience in trying to reach your goals?
The biggest set back is my sexuality. I often struggled with how to look and who to be as an artist because once the camera’s were off, Cris was somebody totally different. Most of it are internal issues that I deal with, not anything anyone has said about me in the media. I think once I figure out my complete comfort level with my approach to music and marrying that with my personal life I will be able to achieve everything my heart desires.

I've heard about music Artists showing love to each other since they're all trying to accomplish the same thing, but in the midst of it all we, the public, hear about spats or cats "beefin" over silly mess. Have you experienced animosity from your fellow Artists or contemporaries?
Not ever since I went solo. I have nothing but respect for all the other local female artists and they have the same for me. However, when I was in my group, we often found our way in the mouths of other female groups lol. Hey it comes with the territory.

In your own words how do you define "success"?
Simple: Doing what you sat out to achieve and being completely happy during that process.

Is there a difference between you, the Artist, and you apart from performing?
Yes a big difference. In my personal life I am very outgoing and a little bit flashy. When I’m “Cristian Tyler” I am the opposite. I am very quiet, humble, and hate the spotlight lol.
Limiting you to just singing would keep readers from really seeing the full scope of your talents and abilities. Did you play any instruments growing up?
Yep, I was a beast on the alto and saprano saxophone, and I was pretty darn good at playing the drums. I played the sax in the concert band in middle school and I played the drums and soprano sax for the jazz band. The boys hated me because a girl upstaged them all lol.

Which part of the process do you get a rise or enjoy the most: Writing, Singing in the studio, forming the song with the music, or performing live? (you can say all, whatever you want to say!)
My most favorite thing is the recording process. I keep people in awe because of my technique. I’m just like Jay-Z. I never write anything down. I just go in and freestyle all of the lyrics and arrangements as I go along. I never cease to amaze myself with the finished product.
Rap Artist JAY-Z
Don't hate me girl but I must play Devil's Advocate for a moment for the naysayers... yea you sound good. Contemporary R&B at its best, but I've heard it before. How are you any different from Artists who are acclaimed Divas and Iconic like Toni Braxton or Janet Jackson? How do you stack up to these greats and expect to be just as big as them?
I think that I can provide sustainability because I am well rounded. I won’t sing forever and I definitely know at some point I will not release projects anymore. Therefore, I am putting myself in a position to stay relevant through other ventures such as my writing and possibly creating new sounds for future new comers. I think I’m driving in a lane that was tailored just for me. I don’t try to do anything else that’s unlike me just to keep up with other artists.
With doors that close in your face, promises that fall short, and those like above who try their hardest to make you doubt your purpose, what is your driving force to continue performing?
Simply my gift. God gave it to me for a reason, so who am I to spit back in his face and say I don’t want to use it or keep going.

I'm not sure if you watch any of these shows: America's Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Next Best Dance Crew, X-Factor, or The Voice, but if you do, what are your thoughts on individuals seeking their success through a "star search" platform rather than spending their time developing a following on their own and putting work out consecutively?
While I don’t agree with the tactics behind those shows, I won’t knock them. They are just not my thing personally. I believe in the old fashioned ways of getting discovered. Good old fashion beating down doors and sending out projects!

What have you achieved so far in your journey?
I’ve achieved musical growth and have developed the respect of other artists. I have also met some inspiring people along the way.

Now that we covered the serious stuff, let's chat it up like girlfriends ;)
How do you see yourself? Are you a girly girl or tomboy?
Tomboy all the way! I only dress up for work and when I use to do photoshoots. I’m in the process of changing my image now and being more comfortable with the real me. People can either take it or leave it.

What are you favorite stores or locations to clothes shop or just browse?
I love all kinds of stores. I mainly shop online to find different things so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one or two places.

What designers or brands inspire your wardrobe pieces? Or do you like anything that looks good on your body?
Anything that doesn’t make me look to fake I’ll deal with lol.

Actress Nia Long

Tell me who's your celeb or music Artist crush? Do they know you're digging them?
Lol well I don’t have a music crush. I am in love with Nia Long and Ray Rice (the football player) lol.

Ray Rice Running Back for Baltimore Ravens
When you're not busy writing your music, producing your tracks, networking and forming business relationships, and etc. what other hobbies do you have?
I am a family oriented person so I spend a lot of time with my family and close friends. If I’m not doing that I’m probably shopping.
"I often struggled with how to look and who to be as an artist because once the camera’s were off,
Cris was somebody totally different"

There's no way I can listen to your music and look at your Artist's pics without noticing your tiny figure! I'm a shorty. How tall are you in person?
Lol I am 5’4 and barely 110 pounds. I actually hate that I’m so small but hey what woman is completely comfortable with her body lol?

What’s your favorite food? And to be even more nosey, what's your favorite "fast" food?
I could eat pizza everyday all day for the rest of my life and be satisfied lol.

What’s your favorite color?
Turquoise and pink.

Jodie Foster

Do you have a favorite actor or actress? If so, what's your favorite movie with him or her in it?
Anything Nia Long is in I will watch lol. I also love anything Jodie Foster is in, she's
a phenomenal actress. 
Same here! I love Nia Long and for some reason I'm intrigued to watch any film she's in. It's her personality and probably her looks because I find her beautiful.
Would love for her to tackle more challenging roles though and not typecast for redundant roles in "black films." I wish the same for most black actors and actresses. I yearn for something totally different and completely unexpected to blow my mind away. I remember when Jodie Foster was in the movie, Nell, remember that one? At the time it was too provocative for me to watch because I was too young and she was nude a lot in the movie for her character's way of living but now I can appreciate it for what the story was about. She was great. And who can forget Silence of the Lambs? It will always be iconic.

Sarah McLaughlin
What music do you listen to? Is it different or similar to the music you create?
I actually listen to a lot of alternative music. I love love love Savage Garden, Sarah McLaughlin, The Fray, and Katy Perry.

What characteristics or values do you seek out in a potential partner?
Over the years what I look for has changed the older I’ve gotten. I can honestly say one of the top things on my list is kindness. I’ve met so many malicious people lately it has made me value a genuinely kindhearted person. I also look for brains to go along with beauty. I am into education so ideally I like someone who’s into it as well. I have a BS in psychology and I’m currently working on a masters in public relations. The other things are pretty much generic, honesty, family oriented, motivated and so on.

And while we’re on the subject...uh hem ;) do you have a particular special someone in your possession at the present moment?
Lol nope! Unfortunately I’m as single as a one dollar bill
Name something you have a weakness for no matter how hard you try to avoid it. What is your vice or temptation?
Shopping and a cute face. Sometimes I will see all the signs that the person is no good for me but a cute face gets me all the time lol. I also have a bad shopping habit I’m trying to get under control.

One of the perks of being in a group or being a solo artist on demand is traveling across the US and if your cards are played right, around the world too! I know you've travelled around the globe so let us in on the places you've graced with your presence. Let's make it official right here!
California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia just to name a few.

Audassy with Jamie Foxx

You gotta fill us in on what it's like to travel and the places you've stayed. JET-Life is all we hear about and see in videos especially with rap Artists. And which do you prefer: Planes, Trains, or Automobiles and which did you dislike if there is one?
I prefer to fly. I hate long car rides. I would say Cali was the best experience for me. That was during the time where my group was on the verge of doing great things. My heart never left there.

I’m sure no one has randomly asked you this, but if you have any hidden talents can you share any that you may have with us?
Hmmmm, nothing fancy I guess lol. I have a great memory. I can see a phone number, name, car, face once and tell you what it was days, weeks, months later or from a far.

For anyone who has never heard of you what can you tell them about yourself?
I would tell them to just listen to my music. It says a lot about me and what I’m all about. I would tell them that I’m just pure in regards to music. No gimmicks, no games, just MUSIC.

The Fray

A muse is considerably the goddess or the power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, and thinker. Do you have a particular routine you follow to amp up your creativity or does it come to you when you least expect it?
It usually comes to me when I least expect it. Just last night I was eating waffles then it hit me. I instantly got inspired to record the song that’s releasing next lol.

First impressions are not everything all the time. Sometimes we're perceived in a light that isn't correct, and it can be unfortunate. What can be a misconception about you that someone you meet may misunderstand until they get to know you better?
Sometimes people have gotten the impression that I’m selfish, but once they really get to know me they quickly change that idea.

As women there are plenty of things we cannot go through a day without: Lip wear, shades, flat iron, moisturizer, etc. It's just how we are! lol 3 things can you not start your day without?
Lip balm, my phone and lotion

We grow up watching cartoons like X-Men, Superman, and read books like Animorphs, about kids transforming into creatures, that have evolved into an adult phenomenon like Twilight. If you could have any super power which one would you like to possess and why?
Hahaha, probably the ability to make any person I want desire me lol. If I want someone I usually can get them 8 times out of 10. I want to make that 10 times out of 10 lol.
Savage Garden
From your viewpoint what is it about the music industry many of us on the "outside" do not understand?
Uh HARMONIES! For goodness sake that is a sacred gift and ability to be able to arrange and I think the average person doesn’t appreciate it. That’s why I love Brandy. She takes the time to perfect her background vocals, which is what I pay attention to the most. I usually don’t connect with lead vocals because anybody can belt out a great verse. The key is how can this artist put the entire song together as a whole.

How will you inspire and change how music is interpreted and seen for the next generation?
I have to just continue to do the work God has called me to do. Through my music I hope to inspire as many people as I can along the way.
Katy Perry

If you can give aspiring music artists any advice or important tips to get them through the door and bypass the stress what can you tell them?
Be yourself. Sometimes you are asked to conform to a certain style whether it is musically or physically. You can bend a little to get to where you need to be but don’t break yourself to get there. I learned that the hard way and now it seems as if I have to start over trying to re-invent myself.

If you had the opportunity to meet our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, what would you do?
I would watch football with him because he is a Steelers fan I believe and I am a Ravens fan.
That's like mixing oil and water lol. I'm sure we would have a great time!

 Name the first thing at the top of your bucket list.
Well the first thing was to meet my idol Brandy and I finally achieved that this past year on my birthday! She came to DC for a show and I got the opportunity to meet her and take a picture with her. I died for like 5 seconds lol.


What saying or mantra touches you and keeps you focused when everything is upside down around you?
“You can’t steal my joy because you didn’t give it to me”

Growing up I've been told it's important to have options. Not to be discouraging or to see the half-glass empty but to be practical because life can change at any given moment. If an instance came about that prevented you from being able to sing and ended that prospect of a life-long career, what other direction would you go into that you will be happy with?
That’s the very reason why I’m so big on education. My degrees are my back up plan for sure.

If you can give credit to anyone or anything, tell us who or what deserves it for believing in you and encouraging your dreams?
There are quite a few people I could give credit to. I would have to say my mentor Kevin Kidd has been the biggest influence in my life. He took me under his wing as a writer and developed me. He pushed me to record my first mixtape and always believed in me and the potential I had to arrange vocals. He would bring in a vocal arranger to work with me and see my frustrations, but he never stopped believing in me. Even at times when I didn’t believe in myself he did.
We’re only here on this earth for a short amount of time. It’s important to accomplish our goals and pursue our dreams, no matter what stands in our way.
What legacy do you want to leave behind when the final chapter of your life reaches its final page?
I hopefully want to be known as one of the greatest vocal producers and writers of all time.

Complete this statement: In 2013 my number one goal is to ___. Move to California and become successful.

If anyone wanted you to sing for them, whether it's one person, a group, or a show what is the protocol to making it happen?
Usually my email cristiantylermusic@gmail.com or facebook. I haven’t done shows a lot because I’m doing a lot of writing and hook singing write now. That’s my focus. At this point I release music just to stay relevant. My passion is creating music for other people right now. 

How can your fans and newbies learning about you for the first time keep up with the Latest & Greatest?
Well I’m horrible with twitter so I can say my facebook page right now until my website is up and running. Youtube is a great way as well. My channel is youtube.com/cristiantyler
This has been Fantastic Cristian! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your time with us. It is so exciting to meet someone as established at you and we hope to see a whole lot more from you. You’re going to blow up, believe that! Much Love.
Thx so much for the vote of confidence! 

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