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Young Drastic

Hello Kool World! This is your girl Serenada'sPen
Bringing you the Hottest Talent Here and Happenin’ Right now! I’m telling you the Connections I’m Receiving are Extraordinary. We have another Rap Artist in our company AND might I say Multi-Talented! Young Drastic aka Dante White is his name & he’s part of Rap Artist Qaewin's entourage, also my very First Guest ;) I can only guess what this young cat was thinking—I need to get my story out there too. After seeing Qaewin’s cover feature it just made sense to get in on the opportunity as well—and I was very much obliged to do it. It’s not every day a young MC, Producer, Singer, and Song-writer combo comes waltzing along especially with his early July Release of his Latest Mixtape SORA. This gives him a moment entirely dedicated to him in the spotlight to discuss all the makings of his Aspirations. So I’m going to ease myself down and get on his level One-on-One so he can tell you all there is to know as our next “Artist on the Rise”.

Hi Luv, It’s very nice to make your acquaintance!
how are you today?
Tired but chill, as always lol.

Never a break in The Life. "Tired" is the Game.

I have a feeling you have much to share with all of us. I received the memo from a little birdie how siked you were about being interviewed. That makes my position more Exciting and Rewarding! Now let’s see how we’re gonna get this off and poppin’ lol.
Let’s start with the “basics” since it does make sense to do it.

It is through your boi Qaewin I know you as Young Drastic. I’m already thinking of “Drastic” in terms of “taking drastic measures”. Tell us what inspired this name for you.

Well, my first rap name ever was Young D, the D being for Dante. Then I found a lot of artist online and stuff had that name so I decided to change it. I went through a lot of name changes like “Mecca” haha. Then when I was like 11 or 12 I think, I decided to go back to the name Young D have the D stand for something that seems like me, something different. Something that wasn’t a part of the normal vocabulary for a kid my age at that time, so I chose Drastic. Drastic as in having a far reaching effect, radical, or extreme one. An extreme change, like the one that I wanted to start in music.

I like it! There was thought put into a name that will carry throughout your journey. I have the hardest time just thinking of usernames/screen names for accounts online lol. I just didn’t understand why it was so hard for me when everyone else seemed to come up with names right off the bat— ya know something like JosiePie_82 or Hot_Fly_Chick911…Serenada’sPEN has a hot ring to it, I hope! ::Sigh:: The Best I’ve ever done.

Where are you originally from? Livingston, New Jersey
I’m originally from New Jersey but I mostly lived in Delaware in my early years.

Kool! I have family that lives in New Brunswick. 
Which part are you from? 
In the years I lived there, I stayed in Piscataway.

Awesome, I love Names like these! Sounds very Native American tribal. 

When were you born?
I was born in ’95 on September 28th

Where do you currently reside?
Indian Land, South Carolina. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone lol.

Haha. If I tell you where I live you will not know either so don’t worry. I love small town names. Do you ever wonder who comes up with these crazy names?!? =P

Do you come from “well-to-do”, average, or humble beginnings?
I guess you could say average and humble.

Do you have any siblings? 

Yeah a brother who I consider a manager, CJ & a sister, Brianna. My brother's close friend Drew Richardson is like a sibling.

Besides CJ you consider your manager, is your sister Brianna and Drew Richardson involved with music like yourself?
Drew Raps sometimes when he comes over to my house. He’s actually on the group project I’m dropping in August. He’s honestly better than me lyrically, probably if he actually wanted to serious.

Since what age have you been Rapping and Singing?
I started writing and rapping at 9 years old. I started doing a little singing on the side when I was about 10.

What do you like about singing?
It would be nice to hear a song or two ;) 
I don’t know, It just sounds cool haha. I have some songs I’m currently working on that has me singing. Its not the traditional singing voice at all haha.

How were you introduced to music as a child?
 I have relatives that work in music like my cousin Tivon being a producer and my other cousin DJ Sick of Brick Bandits and Bottom Music Radio so I guess their taste among others were introduced to me when I was younger.
A Leg up! It helps to have family and friends in the biz to have an easier passage through the entrance. It also helps to have them teach you about what they do to have knowledge under your belt. You're way ahead of your contemporaries.

What was the first song you sang or rapped?
Was it your own or by what Artist?
 I think the first song that I sang or rapped that I can remember was probably some 50 Cent lol. It was probably
“Many Men (Wish Death)”.

Did your family influence and support your music awareness
or did it come on its own?
It came on its own really. When I always wanted to know more about genres and artist the more music I listened to. When I started rapping, I did more listening and more research on genres which influenced me in the end.

List all of your music-related skills.   
I can play piano (by ear), kinda play the drums (If the beat is played by ear lol), I Produce,Write, Rap, and Sing a little. I plan on reteaching myself piano and learning the guitar.
There has to be something in the water! Learning by ear is Spectacular. Not to exaggerate whatsoever, it is a powerful skill quality to have. It reminds me of the movie, Drumline. Nick Cannon's character didn't know an ounce of how to read music but used his memory short-cut to get by. You're basically telling the world you have an innate ability to listen and translate what you hear to an instrument.


What inspires you to write your songs?
Anything really. Most of the time, my imagination or the weather. Other times, it can be something really random.
Doesn't take much at all. I can come up with some interesting lines for my poetry just washing the dishes. Imagination is everything especially in a creative field like the Arts.

What topics do you target in your music?
What teenagers relate to, heartbreak. I also target the shape of the industry and what could save it, as well as fantasy  and events from my life.

In your opinion, what shape is the industry in and how does
it need saving?
I feel the industry is in bad shape like people aren’t making music with meaning anymore and that they just want to make it catchy or make it rhyme regardless of words used. Yes, the beat is important and something to dance to is nice but when artist with no lyrical substance and just say catchy lines over and over in a song and claim they’re hip hop or R&B or whatever, its not cool. Basically, people do not want to be artist. It needs saving by actual artist being recognized and being played.

Are you a solo act or are you part of a group?
I’m a solo artist but I have a collab EP with my cousin Cam Munroe dropping soon & group project dropping in August and a possible rap duo in the works.

Busy Bee! Can’t wait for all this to go down. Can you tell us what the collab EP is with your main man Cam Munroe? I want to ask about the group project set for August, hoping you can give a quick detail preview as to what to expect.
I'm a solo artist but I'm trying to form a rap duo locally. I have a group project with a few other people, kinda like our own version of the OF Tape and then. The EP with my cousin Cam has no name but It will have some dope features like his friend Aronde. It’s Cam’s return to the mic and Aronde is deadly, lyrically. The EP has no set release date and the group project drops sometime in August. I haven't really decided.

 My solo EP drops September 28th called The Black Crater: The Moon Runner Chronicles. 

Eventually you will grow up and look back on your teenage years and smile at the way you thought. Until the day comes when I interview you again at a much older age, how in the world do you experience “heartbreak” at 16? 
{For All the Adults who may not understand}

What could you possibly go through that hurts so much? 
I mean every kid falls for that one person and sometimes whether its them rejecting you or them moving away, it’ll break your heart. For me, I fell for like 2 girls, one moved away and the other transferred schools. It wasn’t cool haha.

In your opinion, what shape is the industry in and how does it
need saving?
I feel the industry is in bad shape like people aren’t making music with meaning anymore and that they just want to make it catchy or make it rhyme regardless of words used. Yes, the beat is important and something to dance to is nice but when an artist has no lyrical substance and just says catchy lines over and over in a song and claim they’re hip hop or R&B or whatever, its not cool. Basically, people do not want to be an artist. It needs saving by actual artists being recognized and being played.

From listening to your music different Artists come to my mind: CashKlay {Bloggerview Guest} and Rap Artists The Farcyde, Q-Tip, Digable Planets, Slick Rick, and Shock G from Digital Underground.

Which Rap Artists inspire your creativity?
Q-Tip?! Reminding you of that legend is dope!!! XV, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, & Kanye West inspire my creativity though. Its really just the way they go about putting songs together and what inspired them to do it mixed in with their own talents. I’m also inspired by the work of a band, Hot Monarchy. They’re great, 
look em up.

To be honest, it's only my opinion. I'm sure many would argue about who you sound like but that's why it's my opinion lol. I don't have an extensive array of Rap Artists and other genres in my collection, but from the ones I've listened to and remember how they sound, I thought of the old skool Artists from the 90's while listening to you. It's groovy and just chill. I'm glad you like Q-Tip because I <3 his flow too. I’m not familiar with CHILDISH GAMBINO though. I see this name mentioned back and forth among Qaewin’s camp. 

Who does this group consist of and what do you like
about their sound? 
 Childish Gambino is the comedian Donald Glover. What I like about his sound is this “Nerdy flow” over live instrumentation or beat with a great sample.

Yea I remember him very well! lol I'm all tears in laughter over his Will Smith and Denzel Washington impersonations on SNL I didn't even know he was spitting rhymes like that! Well for all those who did not know, now you and I do ;)

Are you signed or unsigned? I'm unsigned and hopeful haha.

Which label would you like to be signed to?
If I had the opportunity: GOOD Music, OF Records, Warner Bros., Universal, or like Roc Nation. But in the end, I'll be happy with an offer lol.
Warner Bros may seem like an unlikely "label" pick for a Rap Artist. 

Are you planning on putting your music towards movie production?

I’d want to be signed by them just to have a chance to work with and be a label mate with XV. I wouldn’t mind if they put my music in a movie though. That’d cool, surprising but cool haha.

Do you want to have your own label in the future?
If so, what will you call it?
Yes, I actually do. I would Call it Audio Dreams.

I see that you dropped your lastest Mixtape SORA You were eager for its release.What topics do you cover and how is it different from your last mixtape? 
Yeah, I was so amped for it haha. I was inspired by the anime/manga Air Gear and just the freedom the characters had when they used their AT’s. So I told a less detailed story of one of the characters, Sora Takeuchi, up to a certain point as best as I could. I told that story and mixed in myself, my feelings and thoughts. It’s different from my other tapes because I told more of a story and its one that isn’t mine. Not only that but I had a different mind state. In the end though, I feel the project was rushed.

Name all the mixtapes you have created.
Well, I have a nice length list:  Dreezy Is Home Pt. 1: Homecoming, Dreezy Is Home 1.5: The Cuts, Taking Off, Path Of a Broken Heart, Drastic Heartbreak:The Heartbreak Tape, October Sky, Words, Audio Dreamer, The Wanderer, & Sora.

Which mixtape do you think was well-received the most?
Why do you think it made such an impact? To sum up what was the most common response from your fans?
Dreezy Is Home Pt. 1 & Audio Dreamer. DIH {Dreezy Is Home}
made an impact probably just for the fact that it was my mixtape debut. With Audio Dreamer, I honestly can’t say, maybe because of my remixes of the Gambino tracks “Freaks & Geeks” & “Bonfire.” Honestly I don’t know though haha. The response from fans after DIH dropped was, you have great lyrics but it needs work and improvement on quality. With Audio Dreamer, It was how much they enjoyed it considering my drastic improvements over a short time, no pun intended lol.

Haha Puns are fine, hence your name. You put forth drastic measures. You have fire. The fans are the best gauge for what you produce as an Artist. Testing and pushing you to do better which is what you want, I presume. Does it feel like a trade off?  
You do what you love, the audience either likes it or doesn’t, let’s you know, and then you go beyond your comfort zone to discover more amazing aspects of your talent to do better.
Yeah it does. I try to go beyond my comfort zone regardless, to try and be a legitimate artist, and not just stick to the
“if it works, don’t fix it” motto.

How has your music been received by your peers, especially
at school?
Its a mixed bag, especially at school. I mean not everyone is gonna like your music. For the most part though, people like my music a lot. I have people who play my songs on their ipods a lot and stuff in class. Its weird but cool haha.
See! There’s no reason to continue now. You’re already bumpin’ in peeps speakers already! lol So exciting.

But this is how far music has come. Not to sound old as dirt but fpr real mp3 music downloads and the likes for anyone I knew was unheard of. Now it's just a common thing. I love how other teens your age can be so open-minded and support your music like that. I can imagine it feeling odd, but you know you're all sweet about it on the inside. "Hey man, it's your music" J

Many Music Artists, Musicians, and Rap Artists have some form of musical influence from their childhoods. Was music the centerfold of your upbringing? If so, which styles and Singers?
In my early years, Athletics were the centerfold but right before I started rapping it was 50/50 with music and athletics being the centerfold. R&B influenced me at first, mostly Michael Jackson. Then my dad bought 50 Cent “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” & it all changed haha.

Which Artists do you want more than anything to collaborate with?
Artists like XV, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Tyler, The Creator , Frank Ocean (Or any OF member for that matter), Darwin Deez, Christofer Drew,Macklemore, Kid Ink, MGK, and Lil B.
Frank Ocean is the man. His name resonates all over the internet when it comes to music. Everyone mentions him, including my Twitter #TL lol.

Can you tell the readers why you are interested in collabing with Artists Darwin Deez, Christofer Drew, and Macklemore? 
Well their voices and guitar play are really dope and I like rapping over beats with guitars. Also they seem like cool dudes to work with. When it comes to Macklemore, he’s a lyrical genius and he seems like a really cool dude as well.

How long have you been producing?
I’ve been producing for about a year but I took a hiatus from it. I’m about to get back to it though for this EP
 I can imagine there are people out here who have never produced before but are interested in doing it. How would you coach him/her without it appearing overwhelming and scaring them away?
Even though it seems complex, if you focus, you’ll be okay..maybe haha.
Which do you like to do more: Singing, Rapping, or Producing?
And why?
Rapping because its me expressing the words that I wrote with my own voice.

Which part of the process of creating a song is easiest for you? Writing. I love to write. Things flow out easier on paper for me.

What is your favorite music magazine or go-to site
for the Latest in music?
Datpiff, HotNewHipHop, XXL, CloudMusiq, MusicForTheDef  and magazines/sites like that.

Your mixtape Sora is on these sites. Is it fair to say these sites consider you as “popular” or well-received commodity to show case your mixtape out to the public? 
I'd have to go with a well-received commodity just based on the fact that I get looked over so I'm not popular. I'm the nerd in the class you know is there but not popular enough to be with "the cool kids" haha.
These sources must see you as someone worthwhile. I expected sites like reverbnation and Soundcloud.

Do you have a fan club or still in the process of developing
a loyal following?
I’m still in the process. It's hard to have one with my lyrical content in a very southern place like here.
The south has always been known as the last to catch on to what's new, especially music. For a few years I didn't listen to music because what seemed to be popular at the time was this substance-free "southern" rap. That phase is over now Thank God! The web allows the connection with a broader range of people so that is an advantage.

Many Music Artists take on an alternative personality or “alter-ego”, thus their stage names. What’s the difference between you as Young Drastic and you as yourself?
I’m the complete me when I’m Young Drastic, or a me that I want to be. When I’m just Dante, sometimes I can’t be my real self.

What do you anticipate the most about being accepted to
a record label? What can’t you wait to witness or do?
The Vibe of my first studio session after being signed to a label. I can’t wait to just sign my name on the dotted line for a deal that I will like.

Do you currently use Industry equipment or your own
put together home-made system?
I have some industry-like equipment, in a home studio lol. Its worked fine as of now but I hope to get some studio time.

Without giving up all your secrets, how do you construct
all your songs?
Really it depends on my feeling at that moment. Sometimes it can start with a melody. It really just depends.

This has to be the most thrilling part when it starts with a melody formed in your head or words start to appear to begin writing. 
Have you ever been in the moment when you didn’t want to stop because the ideas started flowing and time flew by?
Most definitely. Sometimes I get so lost in the idea. I lose track of time and thats when it really amazes me.

Nintendo, nothing can touch it. I grew up with the game system and the creation of others such as Super Nintendo, Sega, and Play Station. Epic. One of the most popular games played in the 90's was Sonic The Hedgehog.
Everyone played it-boys and girls!
Games as Iconic as this grew to such notoriety we couldn't get enough so cartoons were created lol.
I see the theme in your cover art and peep the adoration in your lyrics. Why choose Sonic, especially Tails his side-kick Fox buddy, two Blockbuster Legendary 1990's imaginary characters, as points of reference in your music? What do these two characters mean to you as an Artist.
I kinda of think of myself as sly or a clever guy, a sly fox.
So to reperesent "The Sly Fox", I thought Tails would be a cool representation because he is a clever fox and playing sonic a lot as a kid. I always admired Tails, especially for his creativeness. I thought this idea was even cooler because I relate to Charles Hamilton a lot through his music. He's one of my main musical influences and he goes by Sonic or Sonic the Hamilton so I thought that enhanced the idea even more. The characters Sonic & Tails mean alot to me as an artist because I like to stay in touch with my childhood, especially musically and sonic and tails were a part of it without a doubt.

What contests or competitions have you participated in?
What was the outcome?
I’ve entered some online music competitons. Even though I didn’t win, I’ve been close, so thats something haha.

Can you name one of these competitions for the Readers to have an idea of what to look out for if they’re pursuing this same dream.  
Like competing for mixtape spots for Coast to Coast mixtapes or this TDE Contest I entered recently.

What does it feel like to perform live in front of an audience? 
I haven’t performed yet but I’ve been trying to book shows for awhile. I plan on performing at my school’s talent show next year, granted that I have a clean song or version of a song to perform haha.
I hear that even at school functions like these talents scouts possibly pop up looking for the next best thing. Wherever an audience is present anyone is bound to be hidden in the crowd. Keep your eyes and ears open. Opportunity is everywhere and you'll never know when you're time will come!

What setbacks have you experienced so far in your journey to reach the place where you want to be?
Haters, My mind state at times, availability of time, the product I release, equipment problems, booking opportunities, promotion ssues, and health issues.

 Normal. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt the same. Drive is still initially what forges the path past all these factors. This may help turn your thoughts around on Haters. Those people will actually benefit you more than you know. It’s all about how you interpret their cause. Picture what they do as a reminder of how you can improve and grow with your craft. They are so ready to throw you off course every little detail, picky flaw they see they’ll expose, which is good because it allows you to focus on those particular weaknesses and master it. So really these people are your best critics when the ones who already know how great you are keep you grounded and stand in your corner through thick and thin. The saying is really true, “Your Haters are your Motivators”.  Everything else will work itself out. It’s just trying to fit in what you can when you can. Life will always throw a curve ball so it’s all about how to work through it.
You mention health issues. Nothing major I hope?!? 
It shouldn’t be major, I’ll be cool.

If you have any fears you would like to conquer what are they?
The fear of failure and embarrassment. I’m a perfectionist and because of that it makes me hate failure. When embarrassment comes along with it, it make the situation even worse.
It's best to know you will not always win the race. Perfectionism can be that way, but never feel embarrassment when your work doesn't always fit the mold. The imperfections create perfection because of the realness. You're human, not a robot. The positive side is it keeps you focused on putting out your best work, so that's good.

Do you know any other language besides English?
I know a little spanish, just a little  thanks to my spanish teacher haha.

Me too! Hasta La Vista, Bebe! lol Nah, Como Esta Muchacho.
I read that you know  Canadian English. 
How well are you versed in this language or is it like Pig Latin? lol
The Canadian english thing is part of a joke cause I always talk about going to Canada haha.

Which sports do you play if any?
I play football but I’m taking a year off due to health issues and plan on returning for my senior year.

Sorry to hear that.  
Might I ask, what’s wrong? 
Heart Murmur but it’s nothing serious. I’m good.

You're a Hard Knock ya know Ruff Ryder Grrr... With A heart that speaks to you that's why it murmurs =P It speaks loudly to guide you with your music. One-of-kind.

You’re still in high school and the time will come for you to decide which colleges you want to go to so you can apply and get accepted. Are there any universities/colleges you want to attend?
Yep. Duke, Coastal Carolina, NYU, Berkley (in Cali), UD, or University of South Carolina.

If so, why do you want to go to this particular school?
Most of them are because of the music. I want to attend Duke mostly because of the nice area of the school campus and  that my father attended there. With Coastal, its that I just feel so relaxed there.

What other activities do you like to do that are not music-related?
I like to draw. Sketching out my imagination is real fun to me. I like playing videogames too. Xbox 360 is what I have right now. 

 “You Can’t Do it”, “You will never be a recording Artist”, “You Are Not that Good” are what stand against you reaching your goal and you falling out of the running. If you had the opportunity to prove yourself in front of the music exec you want to be signed with tell us in your own words what you would do and say. He/She says,“Ok, you have 2 minutes…if I’m not falling asleep I’ll consider putting my time and energy into you. Why should I waste any of my valuable time with you? Many cats want exactly what you want.
I would say I just don’t rap words. I actually say something unlike most of the other guys. I would say that I can’t see myself doing anything else and I have the best work ethic that will produce success and not disappointment. Plus, I’m young with so much drive which can be promising.

What drives you to continue aiming for your dreams when you feel let-down or discouraged?
The fact that I don’t wanna have a plan b in terms of a career and that I don’t want to fail and I want to enjoy what I’m doing forever.

And I hope it does work out for you. But since you mention a
PLAN B. let’s talk about it for a moment. In case you need to do something else while you gain attention for your work and reach your goal, what else can you do in the meanwhile? Like right now in the economy many people cannot start/open their own businesses. There are people unemployed and those who have been laid off from their jobs and must use skills they have to transfer to another job possibly in another field. Think outside the box. 

What other skills do you have that if music had to be put on hold where will you use them?
Well I mean I’m just really creative so I don’t know. I’m an idea guy so I could come up with some things.

What’s your favorite food? Cheeseburger & French Fries, a package deal haha.

What color are you drawn to? Blue

Which comedians crack you up?
Dave Chappelle and Donald Glover are the only ones as of today.

Name one embarrassing moment you still remember to this day.
In 1st grade, me and my friend tried out in front the school for the talent show trying to do karate but when we got up there to try out..we realized we didn’t know legitimate karate or martial arts for that matter haha.

From reading your FB posts I notice your feelings of awkwardness and disassociation with the opposite sex.

Why do you feel this way or what accounts to these feelings? Do you have any crushes?
I mean I’m a “Heartbreak Kid.” I’ve had my heartbroken a couple of times so thats one part of it. Another thing is I’m just awkward haha. Nothing else to really say.To sum it up, I’m not good with the ladies haha. I don’t know why. I did have/might still have a crush that inspired a lot of my recent music. I would give a name but I don’t wanna embarrass her lol. As of right now though, a girl or 2 come to mind really but like I said, I’m a “Heartbreak Kid,” So crushes don’t matter lol.

It's not easy being a teen, especially seeing what you all go through now. Even though there are factors standing in the way always remember to be young and fight to Stay True To Yourself. It doesn't get easier when you get older but over time you will think much differently. Even though you call yourself the "Heartbreak Kid" now one day you will be the focus of many admirers. Then you will have another animal to tackle on a different scale of "admiration" lol.

In this industry do you think the “hot” guy always wins and the “nerdy” guy loses out even though both have lyrical prowess?

Do both receive the same accolades and attention because it’s about the music?
 Being that I’m a nerd with not the best looks, but with lyrical Prowess and I am seemingly unknown, I’d say the nerd loses..always. Well I mean, unless you’re Lupe or XV lol. Both don’t receive the accolades because in this industry, its not always about the music, which is sad. Sometimes its about the money, what appeals to the “public”, what the public wants to happen.
If there's one common denominator with my Guests so far it's what you just said. Maybe your place in the industry can change the head-strong money-making aspect into a more artistic appreciation. Money does make the world go 'round, right? But why does Artistic epression have to be compromised for it?!? I think it depends on who's running things... You're part of a new generation, so literally anything is possible. And give yourself some credit lol...Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder. Some reading this is thinking you're one sexy ass m/f lol.

If you can have any super power what would it be?
What superhero would you be?
The ability to fly, time travel, or having super speed.

 What will be your first purchase when you hit Platinum.

A house for my parents probably. That or a building for my ownstudio. Then again, I might just get a skateboard haha.

What can you say is misunderstood about you?
Just me as a person. But I think its best to be misunderstood anyway.

What do people normally get right about you?
That I’m a chill guy. I don’t have problems with people and I try to stay relaxed about anything.

If you had any advice to give your music contemporaries OR
your generation what would you tell them?
Be you & dream. Something that simple.

Which country or countries do you want to perform in the most? Canada, The UK, or Italy

What interests you about these select countries? 
They’re fondness of music, their actual music scene, or just
their scenery.

What 3 items you cannot leave home without?
Cell, object to listen to music on, and a hat.
I noticed your hat. Who knows you may design a hat-line in the future. Look at all the possibilities. As you can tell I'm the internal optimist J

What sound or noise do you despise? A fork scratching a plate lol.

What sound do you love? The sound of a storm.
 I don't know about you but a steady rain suits me just fine. I live in Georgia with crazy thunder and lightning storms. Nowhere near soothing

If all of us are just a fly on your wall, what would we see in your presence—in your “world”?
The chaotic yet cool imagination of Young Drastic.

If you had the power to change anything in the world what would
you like it to be? 
Just the negativity in general.

If you had the opportunity to meet our current President Barack Obama what would you tell him? {Non-explicit answer please}
 I can beat you in a one on one game haha. I mean, as long as there is still cheeseburgers, music, cartoons and poptarts in the U.S., I have nothing else to say to him haha.

What motto or quote uplifts and motivates you through all situations?
Quotes like "They'll like you, as long as you like you" (Donald Glover) or During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams” (Tupac) & XV’s L7 motto: Love, life, loyalty and living long like legends.

When the day comes that Young Drastic breathes his last breathe what do you want the world to remember about you?
What legacy is left behind? 
I want them to remember that I changed Hip-Hop for the better and music itself cause thats what I plan to do. I want them to remember that I did that while being myself. I want them to remember to dream, always dream cause thats what I did and dreams are what you can hold on to at the end of the day. I want to leave behind a legacy to inspire at least one person and a legacy that will keep my art alive forever. But really I don’t think “Young Drastic” will die. Dante’ might though..

For all the newbies and already following fans, how can we keep up with the Latest and Greatest?
the Young Drastic Official/ThisIsDrastic youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ThisIsDrastic) or
Follow me on Twitter @Young_Drastic_.
That shows a more personal look I guess.

There you go Kool World! The One and Only Young Drastic J Thank you for sharing your inspiring words with us and continue to keep prospering. I know you will reach the place you’re trying to get to.  
Drive AND Passion
Will always get you where you want to be. Much Luv.

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