EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN

EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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Hello Kool World! Here's your girl Serenada'sPen
 reppin from A-town exposing the hidden treasures of the completely unknown. What we have here on our journey is a Jamaican American cat living in my neck of the woods! Andrew Werd2Jah is the next latest addition to our line-up as an Emcee with a zest for mixing the Island sounds of Reggae with the zip-lining mechanized Dubstep to create a new form of funky bounce off the wall club hoppers! He’ll take you on an interesting run with his fast-talking Patois -infused lyrics mixed with the hottest beats of the day. Enjoy this ride because you’re going to receive the real cultural flavor that emphasizes this guy’s dreads, his rasta hats, and his own swag that is entirely his own. Take note you may want to book the DJ Artist on the Rise for your next Big Bash. He’s already setting the Roof on Fire Internationally ;) Werd.

Very nice to meet you Andrew & continue our talk! How are you luv?
I'm doing well this evening, respek for the link up
Can you tell me a little about yourself? Do you have an artistic background? 
Well I am a mc/host. I MC for dubstep shows/raves and also hip hop, grime, drum and bass, and reggae. I’ve also been over to the UK and toured a few years back. I have a lot of stuff posted throughout the web, feel free to use and reference any of them. Here is my fanpage as well: www.facebook.com/werd2jah2
My little brother is an artist as well https://plus.google.com/104924932372425359149#104924932372425359149/posts

Where are you originally from? Atlanta, Georgia

Do you still live there presently? I do still live there, more as a home base though. I’m always traveling.

What day is your own special holiday? April 23, 1985

What is your artist name and how did it become your identity?
Well firstly my name is Andrew or Drew, secondly as an artist the 2 of the things I strive for is spiritual peace and meditations through lyrics, hence the blend of "drew" backwards to spell "werd" and the reference "2jaH".
Woah! Profound. I get it! Werd 2 Jah meaning Word to Jahova! I know this has nothing to do with it but it’s like Vanilla Ice’s Word to yo Motha. Mad Respect. Hailing to a higher being.This is already telling me you’re rich in my mind & spirit J

Did you come from average or well-to-do beginnings?
My parents both came to this country from Jamaica seeking a better life for their children. I grew up in a rough area on the southwest side of Atlanta (swats) then moved to the suburbs when I was in middle school. I still went to school in the swats, and even though the area I stayed in was middle to upper middle class...my household was firmly grounded in reality to say the least. So you could say I've had a foot on both sides of the fence.
I think it’s important to have experiences in different surroundings in life. I know all about the middle to upper middle class since I live in the same area. You see the differences and compare your surroundings. Some peeps can’t come from a rough area into the suburbs without bringing it with them. They get into trouble and don’t know how to transition. You seem like the kind of guy who absorbs what’s around him and uses it to his advantage in a colorful way.

What memories can you share from growing up? Good/Bad 
As a child I was taught to question everything; view life from an inquisitive mind. Being that I grew up in a predominately conservative upper middle class suburb, there were many times when I questioned the norms of this ''bubbled'' society, the racial tensions, and stereotypes that are within such a city. This lead me to stick out as a sore thumb, haha, but it definitely played a role in who I am today.
So you want to know how I know you’re reppin from my locale? Just by you saying “bubbled”. I love how I met you through our boi Jabrawn. We all know what it’s about. Kool World the place where we’re talking about is known from the peeps that reside there as living in a bubble or sheltered life. I know it all to well since I grew up in this area. It’s tough in my opinion as a black or “cultured” person to live here due to the lack of worldliness and open-mindedness. As you mentioned Andrew about “racial tensions” and stereotypes is very true. I was called a racial slur & had to find my way as a black female in the midst of Caucasians and respect from my own as well. Moved to this location back in ’89 so you know I spent a long a** time there! Lol. It’s definitely more diverse now but the “ignorance” about identity, religion, culture, race, and even gender still hangs like a residue or fog. Odd place, but the silver lining is the growing diversity and people who don’t categorize, are used to being around all kinds of individuals, and can accept it. But  
don’t get me wrong if it wasn’t for these challenges, like yourself, standing out as a sore thumb, we wouldn’t be who we are today. Shaping us to handle the dumb sh*t and allowing us to appreciate our individual selves even more. I don’t regret it or would change my experiences for the world. We are lucky. We are stronger and wiser because of it than those who have never been through it. Never regret or hate how your life turns out Kool World. It molds you into a more rounded human-being who can withstand the foolishness and backward nonsense of the world.

Credit for musical beginnings has come from my past guest's home life with family members. What started your fascination or love for music to initially become a MC?
My first love for music came when I used to watch the drummers at church hammer away on their sets. I convinced my pops to buy me a set and I self-trained myself to old cassettes of many favorite reggae songs on how to keep a tempo and duplicate basic drum patterns. In middle school and high school I joined the school's concert band and for a while I was the percussion section! lol, my mother also has always had a love for percussion. She used to beat the nyabingi drums at some of the pocco churches round her area in Jamaica. My mother always encouraged my "rythm". Music took a brief backseat for a few years, but after my freshman year at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, a close friend of mines who goes by the name of Blaise B. encouraged me to get back into music, but this time...pick up a pen and pad. The rest is history.

That’s amazing! To be the percussion section is history making for real. Breaking the mold and changing the scenery. I mean for real, you’re the only person making up this entire section that comprises of numerous instrumental pieces than just drums! I’m proud of you to learn about this… (Hi-5) Bringing the Jamaican swing to this small town.
Rhythm is definitely an iconic word among natives of the islands. It’s in the lyrics of songs, in the dialog of conversation, part of your way of life—rhythm. I would love to listen to your mom play the nyabingi drums. I don’t think I’ve heard the sounds of it before.
Blaise B. is one of those influential people we meet in life that set the course for growth in what we do as people. Thank God he stepped in! There’s nothing like writing. Look at me! I’ve been doing it since I was 11-12 years old.

Does your family support your passion or want you to pursue another career?
At first my family was skeptical. They didn't know how serious I was about my music, but my affair with mistress music has never been a surprise to anyone. My family fully supports my musical ambitions, but they are some pragmatic people! So every now and again they supply me with enough fire of ambition to keep progressing forward or pursue something else.

For viewers in the US and around the world can you tell us What’s the difference between an MC and a DJ?
MC = master of ceremonies, host, or lyricist
= disk jockey or guy/gal with a bunch of music lol.

Are you signed on a label or have your own?
Currently I am an unsigned artist. I've had releases in digital and vinyl formats on the following labels: SMOG, NU URBAN, SQNCE RECS, BADMAN DIGI, AIRTIGHT IMPRINT, DIRTY CURCUIT RECS, FILTHYDIGITAL, IRISH MOSS RECS, STUPID FLY, FOULPLAY RECS, CROCODILE DUBS, & DUBTERRAIN RECS.
Funky names! I’m intrigued just by their titles lol!

In your recollection when was your first moment in the spotlight to showcase?
I remember my first year really doing shows and performing. I was in Miami in 07-08. I linked up with some dubstep heads (Move'm ent.) (NOME, I.N.A.R. & Mr. Alvarez) and we would go to any and all dubstep nights. I eventually was allowed to get on the mic and started hosting shows. But the big moment was when the dj's who got me into the dubstep genre were booked for a show in town (skream & hatcha) and I was booked to host alongside their sets! It was an experience I'll never forget.
Definitely unforgettable J I bet. Hosting is a big deal. It can lead to other prospects and directions with your music!
A point of reference as Madame Hostess of my Bloggerviews lol I highly recommend linking up with my past Guest, Theron Steele aka THE HUMAN GLITCH. His passion in music is dubstep on the real. His backdrop to his robotic-style dance moves. Plus he was a contestant on this year’s America’s Got Talent. So he is the Real Deal Holyfield lol. Who knows both of you may know other cats and really grow with your strengths in this style of music ;-)

It’s been awhile ago but when we first met you introduced me to your world of music. It was a Friday night, prime time I presumed for a DJ to be giggin out, yet it wasn’t the case for you. We were chatting instead lol. 
Haha yea.
Explain why we were chatting instead of you playing hype music at the latest event in A-town.
There are certain aspects to the business of music that I'm just not suited for. Add in the fact I constantly move around. It's hard for me to secure a footing in cities unless I've put in the ground work there. I'm getting to a point now in my career where I'm not as anxious to ''put in the work'' so to speak in every new town or city I visit or live in. I've never really started doing my music in Atlanta. So it's a bit challenging at times to get steady bookings in my hoe city.
Yea you're reppin A-town for sure dude! The HOE city. Gotta love it! lol I know you didn't mean this, but I can't let it slide cuz it's humorous. He really meant "home" everyone! Atlanta has plenty of hot spots, and no pun intended. 

Interesting. If you didn’t gain your music roots from Atlanta, where are your musical origins from?
I started writing and performing in the city I went to college in, Peoria, IL. and Chicago, then I moved to Miami, FL and really started performing. I'm not sure. I'd have to say Chicago had the biggest influence in who Werd2jaH is as a lyricist and musician.

So tell me what a person who has never listened to your lyrics will expect to hear, in terms of topics or stories?
The topics I tend to comment on in my tunes are generally on the subject of my lack of tolerance for “mc’s/rappers” with no substance, corruption (all levels of it i.e. gov’t, society, etc.) My disdain for materialism, shallow and petty things put in place to distract the youth from bettering and uplifting themselves. The “uplift”ment of the youth, especially those of the historically oppressed, and generally me trying to wake up, and get my listeners to want more out of life than what they may settle for.
Pretty heavy material to cover. I’m sure it’s respected by listeners to have an Artist, and in your case a DJ & Host emphasize these subjects with his style of music. The Party. But I must admit my ears are not accustomed to the razor-fast Reggae dialect you’re tossing in some of your beats and jams! I’m like, what is he saying?!? But that’s the Kool part about it! To spit rhymes so fast. That’s why Fast- Rhymer Rap Artists like Twista and Mystikal are liked so much.

A Teacher. In many ways you express the makings of a teacher AND the audience is your students! I believe there are many people just like you, but in the music world it’s about sells and what’s “hot”.

Do you think anyone would welcome your thoughts and strong opinions?

There are people out there who are being weighed down and who are feeling the negativity of the ignorant conditioning of alot of aspects of the mainstream. These people are the ones I reach out to and try to speak to. They are out there, nowadays in an over-saturated market of "art". It's hard for the artist to really connect to their demographic and vice versa, but progression is there.
We need more of “your kind” these days! Words of “Direction AND guidance”. A lot is going on in terms of how we live, and raise our children. All the things we, meaning you and I were warned about as kids, have gotten out of hand and has become a nightmare nowadays. Words are powerful so if it anyone wants to change the world for the better instead of constantly glorifying hood life then by all means, DO YOUR THING!

What setbacks have you experienced as someone trying to make a name for himself in the game? 
When I was bringing in crowds and then being told I gotta pay to get in to PERFORM.
What?!?? Let me get this straight. You’re bringing in an audience but being told you must pay to perform for them. Forget the fact they’re paying to come see you…Backward Madness.

There are alot of parasitic characters in this scene. Usually they are in places of position. Alot of people have a romanticized version of what it means to throw a successful night, and when they find themselves in over their head, the talent and artists are usually the first to be on the chopping block.

It’s a sad reality but very important for aspiring Artists who want to pursue what you’re doing to know this. In the whole music industry through every person I meet there is the Cutthroat “ugly truth” in regard to making your dreams a reality. There is the authoritative “big man” or brute trying to stop the progression with his own control and power-hungry motive. But I say this whether people believe in God or not. If you just follow your heart, work hard, and keep the passion alive, your success will follow. Nothing can stop it. The road we travel is hard whether it’s music or any other field. As it is known, Life is not easy! But would our endeavors be worth it if it was handed to us? We learn the most about ourselves and appreciate our rewards much more when we have to go through hurdles and challenges to achieve it.

The only drawback is falling prey to inactivity and complacency. Despite all the closed doors and rejection for whatever reason, how do you fight against giving up and becoming lazy? 
I do know what you mean. I’ve been counteracting it with collaborations and out of town bookings.
Staying active is truly the only solution! Don’t allow complacency and laziness to set in or it will be much harder to pull out of it. 

You must have been a strong, passionate thinker growing up?
Yea I am definitely not a fan of ignorance or negativity. From a young age I’ve always took a stance against such things, no matter the age, colour, or race of it. I don’t like it and don’t back it.
I view you as a revolutionary lol. Or something like a Black panther in your hopes for bringing awareness to your listeners in all due respect. 

I’m feeling you for real…actually you’re a positive influence and can be a role model for youngsters in the game. Do you hope to achieve this status as you continue further with your success?
I do. One of my goals when it comes to music is to help show others who are new to the scene where some of the less talked about pitfalls are and how to avoid them. I’m not big on compromising my foundation for a bit of exposure and/or success. I’d like for it to be known that if more stand firm then we can start to shift the way things are done in the industry.
You don’t have to tell me brotha! I’m looking at you and you’re not the societal norm. You stand proud representing your Jamaican roots. It can be a threat to those who are not open to receiving a black man’s background. You, me, and many others realize this. I’m rather sick of this “fear me” attitude that is not a hidden secret with other ethnicities around the world. People are still afraid or “uncertain” about people with brown skin. The ignorance has to stop. People need to view each other as “People” who make the choice to act good or bad.

I'm glad you brought this up for discussion Andrew. What can you tell us about the music industry that many of us got twisted or misinformed about? 
What is considered and defined to be as art is slowly getting widdled away. You can recognize this trend and either work with the erosion of meaning, substance, and quality. Or you can move against the grain and not applaud or perpetuate the monetary whore-mongering.
Well Alrighty then J

How do you combat the naysayers and the haters out here who don't want you to succeed? How do you cope and turn it positive?
If there are haters and naysayers who are for the downfall of werd2jah...my response is none. I don't feed the fire.
In your own words, what does "Success" mean to you in your world and what drives you to continue pursuing your goals during the dry spells?
"Success" to me means being able to do what it is I love and have a passion for it while ever growing and progressing in my art and craft. My motivation is not being able to do these things; it's sort of like saying what motivates you to breathe: the absence of air (art/passion).

What do want to achieve in terms of creating a decent, committed following? 
I want my art to be timeless, country-less. I just don’t wanna be known in the states. I’ve also been more focused on my international fan-base as well. I want my music worldwide. I have a somewhat decent combined following in Europe, UK, and in parts of South American and Africa. I’ve only been (performed) to the UK.

Which countries would you love to visit or perform?
Japan, Brazil, Belgium, Croatia. There are alot of countries and cultures I'd love to experience.

You really are rocking the house, huh? I’m not surprised! The UK is very welcoming of Americans when it comes to the music. They know what they like! 
Haha, I try. It can be a lot not having a booking agency or artist management. I could parlay a few of my “accomplishments” to bigger better things. I’m sure my time will come if it’s meant to be.
Oh yea, you know it.

Which part of the UK did you visit or perform? 
I was all over. Leeds, Milton, Keynes, London, and Birmingham. I actually booked and wrangled up shows out there via FB and some forums, bought a ticket, and stayed with family out there. I was out there for a month and did 8 shows. I could’ve done more if I had stayed longer.
Wow, that’s what I’m talking about. See Kool World anything is possible. Don’t let doubts and excuses keep you from wanting to explore outside of what you know. Take it 1 step at a time, PLAN, and it can be done. You’ve heard it right here from Werd2Jah. No one is going to make your dreams happen for you. You must make it a reality for yourself. It really is that simple.
Earlier you mentioned going on tour. Exciting! What behind the scenes snippets can you share from your touring-mild or wild? 
It can be, but it is not limited to being a glamorous lifestyle. Sleep deprivation can be a pesky mofo!! haha.
Yea, I know some peeps who cannot handle their sleep being interrupted or not getting enough of it. Grouchy & Grumpy. For you, the habit of performing with little sleep is the monster i.e. Gaga Fame Monster. I’m not a morning person but I’ve had to learn at a young age what “work” is all about, like many of us should, so getting up early was a force to be reckoned with. I don’t know if you feel this way but it seems easier to wake up early the older you get than it was when we were younger. I think I could be grouchy if I’m being pushed to move fast as I’m trying to wake up. But If I do a physical activity I will perk right up lol.

Have you worked with any well-known artists here and/or internationally?
Within the scene of dubstep I have performed and/or collabed with: MRK1, Skream, Mala, Coki, Hatcha, Nytpe, Joe Nice, Distal, Mr. Curtamos, Fused Forces, DZ, 12th Planet, Babylon System, Hijak, TMSV, Benga, and Kelly Dean.

Can you name some of the people you've worked with?
Lets see: Blaise B. Pro Blak, Ill Gordon, Dat Biz (Substance) Rhymin Artistik, Big O, Nome, I.N.A.R., Dos, Denzo, BunZero, Emu, Pawn, Fused Forces, Mr. Curtamos, Mk2 (mnvr), Dreadfoxx, Bukkha, BMC, Flatline, Dirty Dubsters, L Que. There are alot of people I've worked with through the years... I'm sure there are plenty more I'm forgetting.
I’m setting you up for your Acceptance Speech at the BET AWARDS lmao! Make your list handy folk.

Which music Artists inspire you and would be great to do a collab with?
At the moment I'm really feeling the production stylings of mala of digital mystikz, kromestar, radikal guru, and compa. as for other lyricists: damian marley, ward 21, santogold, m.i.a.
The Marley Brothers came to mind as I’m listening to your music. That’s Kool you want to work with 1 of the brothers! Santogold is an Artist who is standing out with my guests too. I need to catch on! M.I.A. Paper Planes lol. Yup, know about her for sure.

In what ways do you promote yourself?
Besides your standard net promotion, I occasionally give out freebie sample packs for producers to rifle thru for vocal sampling. I also travel frequently so I'm always handing out my music and info to all who wants it!

And now you have another platform to generate views ;) Pushing it out to my viewers & supporters will hopefully aid in your favor.

This is your chance to be "master of your own beat". We're familiar with the typical genres of music: Rock, R&B, Country, Pop, Alternative, and so forth. Create your own unique name for your own self-made genre of your style of mix-making music.
It would be called "future dread dub" and it would be all the "ahead of its time" elements of the early dub days, blended with the new advancements of the EDM culture, with a dash of seriously gifted mcees flowing over, raw, gritty, grimey!!
Dopeness! Feeling the passion ova hea! Love it.

My Absolute Fav Jam on his Set! Played this continuously during the making of this Bloggerview! 

A Real Club Banger :)

Have you ever received a negative response from your audience? How did you make it through the situation?
Yea that's def happened. I've performed before an audience who just wasn't feeling any vocalist over the dubstep sets. You learn you can't please everyone, but in the game of numbers, if you're not pleasing anyone there are things to learn and grow from within that. Within this particular situation, I adjusted the amount of times I contributed to the sets I hosted and tweaked with my toasting elements until I was able to reach a common ground.
I like how you bounce back and not let it knock you down. Some peeps can’t handle the blow but there’s no way to improve if he/she cannot assess the situation. Yea it sucks to receive less than satisfactory results but it’s part of the growing process. The audience is the gauge. Just helps to know what their needs are to give them what they want for them to be satisfied.

If you've experienced it, what has been one of the kindest gestures a fan has done for you?
Repeating my lyrics back while I was performing them, and not just any lyrics, but those few bars that I wrote within the track that had a personal meaning behind it. That also touched another to have their own personal meaning. Hearing them recite it back with feeling behind it, is incomparable.

Ok take a deep breath! I'm done grilling you now lol. Let’s talk about Andrew, you, the guy! Can you hang just a lil bit longer with me?

As a kid growing up in the A, what were your favorite childhood pastimes?
I enjoyed walking thru the parks in the city. Atlanta is a green and lush city compared to alot of other cities its size. Also swingin by abdullah the butchers for some good ol' soul food AND Chinese food...the sweet tea? c'mon!. Going to Magic Johnson movie theatre in Greenbriar Mall. Hitting up the block parties round the swats on a summer night. Ahh I love my city!
That’s the side of the A I like to hear about! Not the craziness we hear on the news these days. Just depressing. I remember going to Magic Johnson Theater with a friend once to see Queen of the Damned. It was a big deal since Aaliyah had lost her life recently in the plane crash and had the world stunned and broken. But it was nice inside. Many showrooms!

What’s your star sign? (Astrological sign for everyone out there who isn't deep into it like I am lol) 
 I am a Taurus. 
Ha! What a coincidence. You’re the 2nd Taurus to grace my set. Jay Alexzander from the UK is also a Taurus but he sings. I hear that Tauruses, much like Brian McKnight, have voices that can make women melt. 

What about you sir, can you belt a beautiful serenading tune AND throw your signature verses?
I’ve been known to hold a note and carry a tone. It’s something I tend to incorporate more into my music. I’m not really geared towards the “wooing of the ladies”, but few times I’ve sang live at shows…it had a positive affect on some of the female audience members haha. I don’t mind at all. I love my city! And all my ATL-iens.
Wait til the day they start throwing bras and panties on stage. Then the bravado will surely pour out then lmao! I always wonder where all that lingerie goes. Artists should bag it up and donate it to charity, with the exception of it being worn lol. Cuz we know what’s up.

For real though lol. What guy doesn’t feel his ego stroked when the ladies scream?! You know you like the panties and bras thrown at you!
Haha I can’t lie, it is pretty nice. I will admit I may have an effect on the ladies in the crowd, but I try to stay humble. Haha

When you're not performing and playing at gigs, which is work and play mixed together, what other hobbies do you like to engage in?
Well I do a bit of drawing and photography on the side. I am also very fascinated with science and the world we live in. Sometimes I go on nature walks, bird watching. I like to do a lil bit of wood working and carving as well.
Nice! Would love to see some of your carvings up close and personal J I remember the days of Nature Walks back in school. We called ourselves taking a “field trip” on one (anyplace that kept us from being indoors was great) We walked along a board walk, Nature trail. Of course we saw no animals even though deer, squirrel, hares, exist all out in the woods. But we came back to school and our assignment was to record in our journals what we saw—mostly plants and trees lol. Somehow I remember this memory from elementary school.

What's your favorite food?
CURRY GOAT Jamaican style, specifically, my mother's lol.

Curry is definitely a popular seasoning! My college roommate’s diet consisted of curry. And the weird thing is my mother has adapted it into our diet! It’s strong for us since we’re not used to it but we use it when we cook our pot roasts and neck bones. All my southerners out there know bout dem’ neck bones lol. I haven’t had goat before. Even though I’m a lil squeamish about it I’ll give it a try since I’m adventurous when it’s presented to me.

What color(s) are your favorite?
black, green, and gold!
Haha You’ve been hanging around our parts too long. Green is the main color but I swear all those colors represent a particular high school’s colors! Imma let you guess which one I’m talking about. 

Everyone has their own unique style: I consider a plain tee, pants, and sandals a "look". If it represents and embodies who the person is then I can't judge but only recognize the individual for who they are. What does your personal "look" consist of most of the time? Are you fond of any particular designers or brands?
I despise brands, and I am in no way a fan of materialism. That said, my look usually consists of plain tees (white, black, blue, grey, earth tones) and cargo pants/shorts. Clothes to me are here to provide a function: not being naked lol.
Thanks for Clarifying that being naked is not providing a function lol! 

What inspired your "style" change from your younger days to who you are now, besides trend and maturity? My style changed with my taste for music. When I was young and starting out I still was blind and consumed from the machine, now I am getting older and wiser, my eyes are open, and so have my taste and styles. What inspired me now is different from then.

Are you out here playing the field or settled with someone holding it down?
Single <3

What traits do you value the most in a potential partner? 
Overstanding, secure with their feelings, affectionate, can cook! lol, patient and forgiving.

What's your favorite dance move?
di gully creepah!
You gotta show me how this one is done! 

Pepper And Rufio
Do you have any pets?  
Yes I have 2 cats, a male and female tabby. Their names are Princess and Rufio....yup just like from the movie "Hook" lol.  
Aw! They are sooo cute. I noticed you had the cutest raven colored cat. "Pepper" Where is he?
Sadly he died a few years back. He was the best cat ever in life, in the world!
I'm sure you miss him, but he's in a better place. He had the Cutest Face  :)

If you have any hidden talents you would like to share with us, by all means share your eccentricity with us!
I am a really good grill master/chef. I give some famously good massages. I can draw, paint. I am pretty handy with a nail and a hammer.
I aint mad atcha. Sexy. Cook, do the manly thang, and throw in some sensuality. Whoever got your love must feel very special!

The Wii had a long run as a very popular gaming system. Let's say you are chosen to create the next best game. What would the game be about, including: Setting, Plot, Goals, Good guys or bad guys, or just for the fun?
A racing game, cause I love and usually only play racing games. It would be a hybrid mix of Mario Kart, Blur, and Burnout 3, with a dash of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

Who is your favorite actor/actress and the best movie you've seen them in?
Jason Statham or Clive Owen: Transformer(s)/Children of Men

We hear ALL the time about JET-LIFE, living sky high in the Hollywood life. Which do you prefer to travel: Planes, Trains, or Automobiles? 
Depends on my mood and destination. I love a good road trip every now and again, but flights can be so much faster. At the same time the hassle of boarding a plane looking as I do can nullify the convenience. Trains are kool if you're in another country.
I bet it must be tough to be scrutinized for your appearance. Imagine how it was post 9/11. Everyone who looked Middle Eastern was looked at suspiciously, even when they were born American. I would say put on your best face, follow the protocol, and just keep on cuz you are You, not changing for anyone!

It is said first impressions are everything, but me personally I don't agree 100% 
What do people assume about you first hand and are they usually correct?
I smoke. I don't subscribe to the social norms, I don't buy bullshit. These are things people are correct in assuming. The incorrect assumptions are: I have a bomb strapped somewhere on my person (terrorist) I'm Muslim. I'm homeless, and I'm Bob Marley's child, lol
On a lighter note, and your Bob Marley’s child lmao!

I can tell you right now the few things I can't leave home without: cell phone, shades, lip gloss, Mintos, and purse with money. What are your TOP most important necessities you cannot leave home without?
A pen, a pad, my lighter, a knife, and my common sense.
No Doubt, Common Sense

I believe I've gotten to know you well enough to ask Share with us Andrew a wild experience you've had that you still remember to this day. 
Performing while under the influence of hallucinogenics. Man, I was my worse, most critical, unforgiving audience member that night haha.
smh lol.

What advice can you give aspiring guys/gals who have a genuine love for music, mixing sounds, creating party themes, and want to use these elements to create the ultimate party experience as DJ’s, Emcees, and FEMcees?
Don't follow trends. Follow the feeling you had that first got you into the sounds you enjoy and want to make. Compromising art is the first step to losing yourself, at least in my opinion.
Good Advice. I'm feeling you.

What must an event planner or agency need to do in order to find a good DJ in short notice? What do you require or consider as an MC to do a gig for anyone?
Not much experience in last min. DJ bookings, but a wide umbrella of contacts and connections never hurts! as an MC I only require good sound, good musical selection, and my very reasonable flat rate :)

While you’re at it, give us the rate for your services.
The range is from $200-450 bucks dependent upon the venue, headliners, lodging and travel, and so on.

Twilight is the supernatural movie that sent a craze throughout the US. Vampires,  werewolves, anything that is superhuman. If you could have any super power or be any creature what would it be and why? I already have a super power: critical thinking. And if provoked thoroughly enough the lion will come out!
Pulling from Theron Steele’s fav books, I’m gonna call you an Animorph for mentioning a lion lol. And somehow I just thought of, Snoop The Lion lol.

If you can meet anyone in the world, who do you want to shake hands and speak with face to face or better yet Emcee an event?
I'd like to meet the first guy who created an electrical tone,....just so I could play him some kryptic minds, or kromestar, or compa and see his reaction pahaha.
I'd love to shake hands and converse with some native chiefs of tribes in the hayday of their existence.
I'd love to speak face to face with the man who invented money so I could personally knee him in the groin.
I'd love to emcee at outlook in Croatia,...cause that shit is dope!

Dang knee him in the groin. Ouch. ha! In other words, money is the root of all evil.

God forbid anything of this nature happens, but we must be real Andrew. Life is as unpredictable as it gets and as people we don't want to admit to that side of it. If a situation ever happens that you can NOT do what you love anymore, how will you turn it around without letting the circumstance defeat you?
If the day comes where no one wants to hear my music again, then I will go back to performing and composing for my first audience member: myself! haha, being a complex being on this planet, I, as do all, have many goals dreams and aspirations. If a door is closed on my musical aspirations, I'd take that as a sign to pursue more vigorously my many other passions.

If there's anyone who deserves credit for recognizing your skills and pushing you ahead share with us who this person is and how you met them.
I have to give the credit to my family: the dirty crew (blaise b. big o, rhymin artistik, colin coyle, dave easy, march-mellow, d-boy). These are my closest friends I had the pleasure of meeting while in college, they probably knew me before I knew myself, and they did nothing more than encourage me to grow into the man I am today. These are my brothers, friends, and fellow artists.

There's a time for us all, so we must make use of the time we have the best way we can. What legacy do you want to leave behind when the last chapter of your life comes to an end?
I want to be able to share any and all wisdom that I have learned living the life that I have lived. Be that with my children or lineage, or any eager ears interested in knowing more to life than just the rat race.

Now to wrap up our Jolly Good Time lol, How can newbies, readers, and music lovers keep up with the Latest & Greatest? 
Follow me and keep up wit the werdz: 
Twitter: @Werd2jah 
Instagram: @werd2jah 
Tumblr: www.tumblr.werd2jah
Search for me on: Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and Facebook!
Where can everyone go to listen to your music?
And that completes our time with our first rising MC or formally referred to as THE Master of Ceremonies Andrew Werd2Jah. Andrew it has been a pleasure and we’re all rooting for the best in your endeavors. We’re going to be jamming to your material, believe that!
Yes yes! respek and big upz! 1love.

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