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Tony Sway

Hello Kool World! This is your girl  SerenadasPen
Im in the much respected company of R&B Rising Star Tony Sway, also known as RnBsmoove on our favorite interactive medium Twitter.  He may be an R&B singer but he is not just any R&B singer. This kool cat is also a song-writer and producer adding to his repertoire of talents. The way we met is nothing short of a chance-meeting. Tony was diligently putting the word out about his latest single, Make You Fall on YOUTUBE and I was one of his lucky viewer choices to watch, listen, and vote. He has Kool Boi stats for producing two of his own albums, Latin R&B hottie Frankie J's Finish What We Started, and material for a group called IQ. Impressive! His image will remind you of J. Holiday with his undeniably cool disposition, and might I add, hat to the side sharpness. But let it be no mistake his swag is entirely his own and that is his purpose with us right now. He is going to let us in on the realness of what it means to be Tony Sway as our Artist on The Rise".

Hi luv! how are you today?
Doing great and you?

Exceptionally great!
I'm chillin with music royalty :)

You're not a starter bee at all!
You really bring some groundwork to the table & might I add, some signature accomplishments under your belt working with the likes of Frankie J

I'm sure many readers are curiously wondering, what encouraged the collab with Frankie J & have you known each other for a long time?
I have known Frankie J for about 4 years now. We started collabing via twitter and email then shortly after I linked up with him in the studio. Just recently we released an Indie project together called Courage, which is for sale on itunes, and the CD is on his website www/therealfrankiej.com. He is currently signed to Universal Latino and working on a spanglish album. I'm also contributing ideas to that one as well.

Excellent! I'm liking you Already ;))) There are plenty of Frankie J fans out here who would love to cop Courage on iTunes! Spanglish will give us something different and unique to listen to!

I'm gonna go off topic for a quick moment to just state, Obsession (No Es Amor) and Don't Wanna Try were jams of mine back in 2003. And still is Mr. Frankie J! 
S/O to you if you're reading this lol.
Okay Mr. Sway back to you now! Sorry had a random fan moment ;)

I love what makes us different physically & culturally as people. What is your ethnicity?

I'm mixed with black and white & have been told a small percentage of Native American.

Did you come from "well-to-do", average, or humble beginnings?

I grew up very poor having little. I remember going to the salvation army to get Christmas gifts several years as a kid, though we was poor my my mom always made sure we had food and a place to stay. My Dad, God bless him, was going through a lot of addiction problems with beer and different drugs. I remember him treating my mom very bad.That's not to say he was always this way, but his addictions changed him and caused my brothers, sisters, and mom to have an unstable life. However I forgave him and still love him as my dad, but he is currently not in my life. So humble beginnings would describe my childhood.

There is much to say about your story... 
In this country and around the world there is someone who is reading this and saying, that is my story too. Humble beginnings are the start of many great contributors in history & in life. 

Where were you born?
I was born in Lacey, Washington

The name is as cute as the city where I'm from! For everyone who is not familiar with Lacey which major city in Washington is it close to? Seattle

Where do you currently reside? 
I live in the Bay Area of California

I have family in California! For all our Bay Area fans, what do you like about this area of California?

The bay is so beautiful. Really just the vibe of the area and the beauty of the area is what I love.

It is very nice. The scenery is amazing especially the sunsets! My family lives in Escondido. I had the UNpleasurable adventure of riding around plenty mountains with family... It's so close to the edge it feels like. 1 of them actually lived ontop of a mountain and all we did was ride in circles until we reached the top. I don't know how I made it lol! 
I have pics on Facebook. We definitely need to swap.

How would you describe your personality? 
I think I’m a nice person with a lot to share with people. 

I love to be around friends and family.

Would you say you're more outgoing, shy, or both? 
I'm both at times

Same here! *Hi-5* 

Hopefully you don't mind me asking but for your Lady fans & readers when is your birthday & how old are you? 
My birthday is 12/17 I was born in 1982 so that's make a whopping 29 years old lol

We definitely have something in common! Sag Life babaay! My birthday is in December too, but you have two years on me. Fun-loving Sag! Would you say you fit the description of a True Sagittarius?

They say we are very honest and blunt,that's definitely me, I where my heart on my sleeve lol.


You got that right! But we mean well with our honesty. We take the party wherever we go lol.

I just realized as you're saying this Frankie J is a Saggie too! Born December 7, a day before me a matter of fact. I say Great Coincidence! ;)

I will go ahead 
& ask: Are you happily committed or "single ready to mingle"?
I have been happily married for 2 years now. It helps me in my writing,that I was able to find true love with someone. I want to encourage real values when it comes to love,in my music. I want to show the Ladies how they should be loved and teach the fellas how to treat their ladies right. I think somewhere In some of the modern r&b  love and meaningful songs have been downplayed. I want to help bring substance back to that area in r&b. 

Aw, That's lovely. Very good place to pull from!

Can you tell our viewers what your real name is?
My real name is Anthony Simmons, although I was 
always stuck with my nickname (Tony) growing up.

Do you prefer being called Tony or was it branded on you so hard you just gave in? 

TONY SWAY is a catchy name for an R&B music Artist. How did you come up with the idea for it besides the "motion" we make when we listen to your music? 
Besides Tony being my nickname, I knew I needed something that sounded catchy that had some kind of meaning to it. I felt that when I show people my music a lot of the reactions I will see are people just nodding their heads to the beat and melody like you mentioned above. Really that is what made me choose it lol. I wanted my music to have that vibe. That when it comes on it moves the listener. I felt Sway really matched that and sounded catchy at the same time.

Kool Sway. Oh and BTW I love the type-font you have of your name on some of your work. It creates a Western or Wild West Feel. The black and white vintage style of your photographs remind me of a photo from old western movies. Awesome 

Your album cover SECRETS is very appealing to the eyes. I love the purples & blues. What is the story behind the creation of your cover image?
I'm new to the Bay Area & I wanted to make a cover that shows love for the current area I reside in. At the same time I wanted to show in the cover the musical side. I have my MPC drum machine so people can see I'm not just a singer, but I produce all my own stuff as well. The MPC was actually a gift from Quincy Brown who is R&B legend Al B. Sure and Kim Porter's son.

T. Sway is a producer too! That's even better. I was wondering what instrument you were holding and I'm so glad you explained what it was. I've never heard of it before and I'm sure many readers haven't either. We would love to hear you play!
It's a very nice gift.

In your own words, what does it mean to be an R&B "Rhythm and Blues" singer? Has the original make-up of R&B changed over time or is it still prevalent today? 
To me, it’s studying the greats in history who made it what it is. Modern r&b is always changing in the beat,lyrics and so forth, I would like to do my best to not lose the original essence of it, while still adding my own flavor along the way.

What topics do you cover in your music? 
Love, Heartbreak, World Issues, and uplifting tracks as well. The majority of my albums have been on Love and heartbreak but I always make an effort to take it outside the box. Like some of the greats such as Marvin Gaye or Michael Jackson to name a few.

That's good you cover a variety of topics. It relates to everyone more as a whole.

How would you describe your own personal style? Do you have any favorite brand names?

I love to mix 90s and 80s rnb with my music, with elements of jazz, rock, and hip hop. I call it (RnBSmoove) witch is also the name of my group project.

I Love it! You know what? Check out my first Artist cover Qaewin. This young cat loves contemporary and modern R&B. Mixing it with his rap lyrics are fire! I wouldn't be doing my part if I didn't let you in on my talented guests like yourself ;)

Can you tell us what hot threads you like to pair with the flavor of your music. What style clothing do you like: Uptown or laid back?
I really don't focus on trying to sound like anything current. I just do what Im feeling at the moment. I love smooth style clothing; like dress shirts and fedora hats with leather jackets. Something simple but classy.

 As people I believe anything we pursue on our own will benefit us greatly at some point in our lives. When was your first try at getting recognized for your vocal ability? 
I used to sing for girls in high school. I was pretty shy, but for some reason by singing I would be able to say exactly what I want with emotion. I loved how it affected people and the response I got from it.

For a shy guy that sounds brave! I was also shy in my school days & definitely didn't have the courage to do something like that. Did you have a crush in school that you sang to? 
Yes I did. ha ha, high school crushes are the best. I sang for one of my crushes. It was great cause she loved it. Though we didn't date, it is still a great memory.

I've heard the music industry is not the same. It's changing. In your opinion do you think it's happening? If so, what is changing? 
It's always changing. Its more technology driven now, which for a lot of people is a good thing. It makes equipment more affordable. 20 years ago you would have to spend thousands of dollars to record a professional demo and now you can purchase your own equipment without having a big budget.

That is one great result of evolving technology!

Back in the day there were shows like "Star Search" that allowed aspiring music artists, musicians, dancers, and many others to showcase their talent. Do you think tv shows such as American Idol, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, & America's Got Talent continue the legacy or bring shame to it? 

There is a good and bad side to everything. I tried out for American Idol. It was great fun, but I will say they were more interested in entertaining people than finding talent. I've seen some wild people advance to the next round just so Simon could make fun of them and people get a good laugh. And I've seen Incredible singers not even make it through the pre-judging round that you don't see on the show.

That is truly eye-opening. Viewers like me only see what is shown on tv. We don't know what happens behind the scenes. What I used to be mystified about as a kid was the "entertainment". 

I swear within this past year, 2011 it became more clear to me that everything on tv is not what it appears to be. My  thinking has changed for the better. We're all human and there's no difference between me and people on tv accept the profession. Back when I was in high school there was girl I knew from Chorus that auditioned for American Idol when it was held in Georgia. I never knew how far she reached. She didn't make it past the pre-judging round obviously because I never saw her on tv.

I was listening to your song, She Knows, and in the beginning it reminded me of Anonymous by Bobby Valentino who is also an R&B music Artist. Which Artists do people compare your "sound" to?

I love that song ha ha. My influences are people like (Al B Sure, Teddy Riley, Kyle West, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mariah Carey, Bone Thugz, 2pac, Jon B, Jagged Edge, Bobby V, Timbaland even 80s rock groups like Whitesnake. I covered their song, is this love, on my album Secrets. These are just a few of my influences. I have plenty more ha ha.

It's a Sag connection! All fans of 80's Rock and Whitesnake listen to 
Tony's cover of Is This Love.
For some aspiring Artists the idea of 'success' is far-fetched & can feel nearly impossible with the high-level of competition out here. Did you have a "leg-up" in your pursuits or did you struggle with obstacles to reach where you are now?  

I struggled and still do at times but I’m stronger because of it. I have my own business (RnBSmoove Productionz) which is me handling everything from distribution, management, writing, and producing in all aspects. For instance I produce, write all my songs, and do my own videos. Everything is a learning process but in time you grow and build the talent God gave you.

Amen! That is a great attitude. As the saying goes, If you want something done you have to do it yourself. Plus proving the glass is half full, you listed all the skills you’ve gained while struggling through obstacles. Your last statement is key, “Every thing is a learning process, but in time you grow and build talent God gave you.”

Music is categorized into genres such as Rock, Country, Gospel, R&B, Alternative, Blues, and more. If you could give your music another name coined by you, what self-proclaimed genre would you call your music? 
I would call it emotional. That’s what I love—Records that I can feel and that involve many different genres.

One of the best ways for others to understand our point-of-view or where we come from is to give an inside look into our worlds. Our readers, including me, view you in the context of an “entertainer”. What separates Tony Sway the Entertainer from Tony Sway the man, the individual?

Really I’m just one goofy dude. I’m always cracking jokes and doing elmo voices lol. In music I become my inner thoughts, struggles, heartbreaks, love, and passion. Music is the easiest place for me to vent; so you will hear “feel good” songs from me. But I also have my share of heartbreak records, even other people stories. That's the beauty of emotions. One day you feel one way, another day you feel something else, and sometimes you vent other peoples’ feelings by writing about their lives.

I’m like cheesin really hard right now Tony lol. I appreciate your honesty & who can’t like a person who is comfortable enough with their own self to do elmo voices? 

I can honestly relate to what you're saying. As a poet I've written about subject matter from my experiences with someone or something totally opposite of the topic. I think all aspects of life are very similar to each other and therefore are relatable, especially being disappointed or let down by someone you care about. For instance if someone has never been in a meaningful relationship they know what they would want it to be like and pull from what they didn't like from their past relationships whether it's a family member or friend, as well as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Kelly Clarkson has admitted to using the experiences' of others to write her songs about love and heartbreak. 

You before mentioned in other responses about expressing heartbreaks in your music. Has there been a specific heartbreak that lasted the longest and left an internal scar?

Yes for sure. I learned to accept it and embrace the new life God gave me. I have been blessed with a very loving wife who understands me. I love it since I’ve felt and been through the best and worst of times; I can talk about it all relating to more people.

One thing that is hard to find in life are others who "understand" us for who we are. Not just, oh I "understand" what you're saying but people who actually "get" you and ACCEPT it. You're very Blessed :)

Can you tell us something about the music industry that the general public got twisted?

There is nothing glamorous about it. Behind the scenes there are a lot of struggles, broken dreams, and loss of friends, but it's worth it in the end. But you must learn from it all or you will end up down and out, as what happens to many musicians who get caught up.

Very useful and wise pointers. All my readers out here who have big dreams and want to make this 
Work—take heed to this man's words. He would know to reach the place where he is now—successfully.

Do you know how to cook?

Yes yes I do. I love cooking herb grilled salmon with sweet potato and kale. One of my favorite meals. I love health foods like that.

Nice! That sounds yummy. I started eating Kale this spring. I sauté with garlic, olive oil, tiny squeeze of lemon juice, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. The Chew is one of my favorite shows. What's your favorite cooking show?

That sounds bomb, might try that ha ha! I haven't watched one in a while but the last one I seen was Rachael Ray, so I’ll have to go with her.

Just make sure you cook the greens down with some liquid, not for hours like us good ol' southerners like to do lol! Just test and watch to make sure the bite is where you want it to be. It's a fibrous green and doesn't break down as easily. It's a required taste. I eat mostly anything but it has to have great flavor.

What's your favorite food? 

Yes yes I do. I love cooking herb grilled salmon with sweet potato and kale. One of my favorite meals. I love health foods like that.

What's your favorite dessert?


If you could visit any country in the world what would it be and why?

I wanna visit Japan. I’m really interested in the culture.

Which job would you least want to work?

I’ve done it already lol. I worked at an oil changing place. It just wasn't for me, but I got a great tan from being outside lol. The job where you give up on moving forward in life. Some people feel like that. When I had a 9 to 5 I used to hate hearing people complain about their life and yet do nothing better about it. There’s no reason why you have to settle. It's not a crime to he happy lol and it's not a crime to have ,what they call, a normal job as long as you’re happy.

Ha! The way the sun is now you would not want to be outside too long… burnt to a crisp lol. Is it an oil changing place like in a car tune-up garage? 
It was Jiffy Lube.

ok gotcha =P
You will not believe this but that has been my Mantra for this year. If you are not willing to do something about your problems then stop complaining about it every day. It is not a crime to be happy with your life. Fear keeps us back.

"Jet-Life" is the easiest, quickest, & many would say "Fly-ist" { no pun on Fly lol } way to travel from one destination to the next when time is essential in the life of an entertainer. Which form of transportation do you prefer: Planes, Trains, or Automobiles?

All of them,I like em all.

I have crowned you the FIRST to like ALL 3. lol

As a kid, what were your favorite past times?

Playing baseball with all my friends in the summer. I wanted to be a pro baseball player as a youngsta. I still love baseball but music took over lol.

We're glad for your music choice! You never know though maybe somewhere in your future baseball will be a major part. You know how things come full circle. It can happen ;)

Many Artists recall music being the influence of their lives through their parents' music or the music their parents played & listened to around the house. Did you have this experience in your home?
Did you play any instruments growing up?
Yes my Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma were jazz musicians in the bebop scenes. Growing up I remember going to gigs with them and hanging out at band practices. My biggest influences however came from my mom’s records she was playing at the time like Al B. Sure, El Debarge, Teena Marie, Michael Jackson just to name a few. Pretty much everybody in my family was involved in music in some kinda way. My Grandma on my Mom’s side sang in the church choir and she would practice with me as a kid.

Don't mind me saying but in my mind it has to be a beautiful way to live. Music all the time to express everything. It's like breathing. My father was very musically enriched. If you played him a track from back in the day he could tell you the Artist's name, the name of the song, and possibly the album name too! That's how important music was to him. But like you Tony I sang in the choir at church and in chorus in middle and high school. It wasn't until I transitioned to middle school that music became an integral part of my life. Sade & Anita Baker courtesy of my mom are my musical influences growing up next to all my dad's favs from the 50's, 60's, 70's


Did you sing in chorus at school or choir at church?

Yes I sang and played keys in church. I loved it because it’s for the right reasons. Praising the Lord and having meaning. I learned how to open myself as a musician and singer in Church because you let everything out.

The church has been the foundation or starting point for many successful and well-known music icons to date. Rightfully so, where else can a person sing from their soul??? No one is judging. It is the best kind of practice. Where you can let yourself go with no bars held and without fear.

Did you play any instruments growing up? 
piano, keyboard, synth, drum machines I still play all on my songs ha ha.

A singer AND a Musician. Very impressive! I may have seen a drum machine before; I'm not sure. Can you tell us what it is?

It basically allows you to program different drum sounds, samples, and arrange a whole song, however I usually just use it for the drum part. I do all my melodies on Keyboards and Synths, as well as Live guitar by me or Guitarist like Andy Quinn who played lead guitar on Frankie J's hit (More Than Words)

Okay Mr. Sway take us on a journey in the day of your life as yourself and as a Music Artist. In a short jot list what are the top priorities you  have to do on a daily basis? (you can use bullets, check marks, "_", numbers, etc.)

1. Workout
2. Networking online
3. Writing and creating more beats.lyrics songs e.t.c.

What can’t you leave home without? 
My wallet lol, I love shopping

Me too! You've just hit the nail on the head for women everywhere! lol

During the process of creating an album an Artist can have us dancing, feeling care-free or make us connect & reflect on similar feelings and experiences. Which song on your current debut album speaks to you the most? And why?

Hard To Breathe is my most personal record. I wrote it about someone I was in love with who didn't have the same feelings, before I was married of course ha ha. But I feel the heartbreak every time I play the song. It takes me back to the feeling I had at the time. It is great to be able to express pain through music because life ain’t always perfect. I believe other people need to hear songs like that to get through their own heartbreaks. The worst thing is not to deal with the pain. Then we just let it out in other ways like (drinking, drugs, e.t.c.) which as we know are not the best things for people lol.
The melody reminds me of Toni Braxton's Find Me A Man, from her 96' Album Secrets. Really neat.

Journaling is the same way. As a writer expressing my day-to-day life, emotions are a part of my release. Even though it's not a song if I were to read certain entries from my school days or when I was feeling my lowest the memories would come back to me. Sometimes it's best not to recant old memories because of how hard it was to deal with it, but for an Artist it can be their best material & help to get through challenging times.

Even when we think we've reached the end of our journey we can never stop learning, evolving, and growing. Are you giving your very best or can you do better? 
I feel I learn every day, I’m never satisfied ,I believe in striving for more and never settling.

Which Artists would you love to collaborate with?

ha ha there’s too many. I’m feeling Miguel’s music right now. Artists I grew up with who I would love to work with are people like: Mariah Carey, Al B Sure and Kyle West, Bone Thugz, Usher and the fallen legends like Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston, Aaliyah , Prince and Marvin Gaye to name a few.

I've been a Miguel fan since March 2011 last year. His next album 
State of the Art, until further notice will supposedly be released August or September of this  year. I can NOT wait until it comes out! He's been collaborating with main squeezes Luda, Mary J. Blige, and Pharrell to name a few. He's a wanted entity now. He would be great to work with! I'm not even in the business and I want to collab with the guy lol. An interview would be hella nice too!

I've been told this is the dreaded question but I must ask it. Who is your all-time favorite singer and rapper (if you like rap)? 
Al B Sure. I love falsetto singing. You can hear that influence in my music.

Music Artists gain a loyal fan following who believe in them & support their music. From your encounters do you know what causes certain Artists to change from being appreciative humble individuals to arrogant, bordering-on unfeeling people? 
I think if you’re not a grounded person from the start, you are already destined to become what people call a sell-out

True. But what does it say for an Artist who is genuinely humble in the beginning but it's their first time entering the world of fame and dealing with "yes" people? It's actually sad to find out they are a sell-out from jump and it took this new "unknown" advancement to show that side of themselves.

What must anyone trying to get into the music industry be prepared for? 
Prepared To get a reality check. You want to educate yourself on the business side if you plan to survive at all, number 1 perfecting your craft and not quitting.

Strong sound advice. Thank you for sharing.

If there was anything you could change, what would you change about the music industry? Nothing it’s the people that need changing. There are also good people in the industry but for every good hearted person there’s 10 more knuckleheads. That’s just life though.

Has there been an act of kindness from a fan that you still recall to this day? 
Going out of their way to support everything I do, which is more than I can ask for. I love them.

I believe any kind of support an Artist or Musician receives is highly valued. But on the other side it can appear presumably"overwhelming". When does this act of admiration and adoration cross the line and become "over-indulged" or obsessive?

It's happened for me. It can be hard especially being married. I learn to deal with it but it can get out of hand when fantasy becomes reality for certain fans. But I still love them either way.

What do you  look for in a woman that you value the most?

Her heart. I used to be more into looks when I was in my teens As I got older and through different girls I've dated, I’ve seen that looks only go so far. If someone has a big heart that's attractive and sexy to me.

Creating music is an Art form just like sculpting or dancing. What other artistic outlets would you like to do or actually partake in outside of music?
I love comedy. I would like to produce a comic show one day in between the music.

That sounds like fun! Do you have what it takes to
make us laugh like Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Ricky Smiley, Kat Williams, or Kevin Heart? (No pressure lol) 
Dave is a legend. My comedic side is a work in process. However I think my musical talent is the same as my humor, but my music has more development. There are different emotions but I'm very passionate about both. But if I had to choose I think music is more for me.

Is it challenging to write a song or does it come easy for you? 
Now it does, but when I started it was the hardest thing to do. In time it just started flowing.

What advice would you give someone who has never written a song before but has the passion & determination to become a song-writer like yourself?
Educate yourself on what you need to start perfecting your craft and learn from others who are doing something similar. You learn a lot from others. I owe a lot to my friends who showed me different things, put me up on new vocal styles, and writing patterns.

You happily go to sleep one night without a care in the world, wake up the next day, and realize you cannot talk. You go to the doctor and the results from tests devastatingly show that you lost your vocal ability permanently. What is your plan B or back-up?

Don't have one. I take life day to day with faith in Christ. The bible says, ‘the just shall live by faith’. I truly believe that. Where does worrying ever get you if you spend your whole life doing that? Before you know it, you just wasted valuable time where you could have been making dreams come true.

You will not believe this but that is my Mantra for this year. If you are not willing to do something about your problems then stop complaining about it every day. It is not a crime to be happen with your life. Fear keeps us back.

What can you say about yourself that people may misunderstand or get wrong? 
Most people are confused on my ethnicity but I’m mixed black and white with also a little Native American, so I've been told.

What do you see in the "bigger picture" of your life? What do you aim to accomplish in music & abroad?

Just to keep moving forward. I’m excited to see what's next for me

Good Attitude!

If you were President of the United States what would you do that hasn't been thought of or considered yet?

I would make it a law for people to be nice to one another, if not they would do time in jail.


What is your favorite movie? La Bamba 

Can you believe I've never see this movie. I think Lou Diamond Phillips is the main character. I loved him as an actor in the 90's. What do you like about the movie?

Really haha It's a true story of Ritch Valens, it's so inspiring and it moves me cause I can relate to his life,it will also make you cry and laugh at some parts,it's a great story!

What sound do you love to hear? 
Piano. I love it

Which motto or quote do you live by? 
Live each day like it's your last

Before you leave this earth what
imprint do you wish to make? 
That I spread love

For all your fans & newbies bonding with you for the first time, how can they keep in touch with the Latest and Greatest? 
Right now it's all about Twitter ha ha follow me @tonyswaymusic

That ends our time today with Tony Sway Kool World! Thank you so much for spending time with us Tony and sharing your life's perspective. Continue to keep rising up and inspiring us with your musical endeavors. Much Love.

Are you feelin Tony Sway's Vibe? Check out his own production for you to add in your music. Get a customized authentic sound from the man himself! He is a Producer. Get it from the Best.

And of course your favorite 1 stop shop ITUNES ;)

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