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The Human Glitch

Hello Kool World! This is your Hostess 
Bringing you the Latest & Greatest Stars ever to grace these pages. This time we're taking a backseat from the usual rising music Artists to pay attention more to Dance Artistry.
 Finally there is a new catch eminating his radiance through expression of the body that you will be super thrilled to get the 411 on. Theron Steele, also notoriously known as,

The Human Glitch

Excited yet? Well you should be! He is from the famous 
land-mark "Arch" state. 

"It's getting hot in herrrrre!"

that's right! Native to St. Louis, Missouri same as rap Artist Nelly, he has some creative sparkle that only emphasizes Star Potential. Did I mention this guy also appeared on America's Got Talent earlier this year too? ;-) Just full of surprises. Spend this moment with us as we discuss his survival story, his strengths, and where he tends to push his creative endeavors far reaching than you can imagine. Here's Theron Steele, as our next 
"Artist on the Rise."

Hi Theron, It is very nice to have this privilege to discuss your thoughts and aspirations with the World. 
How are you luv?
I’m Doing Well Thanks for asking.
We met artistically through an influential woman named Kottavei Williams, Founder and CEO of  Sagebelly Bodycasting and Original Art www.Sagebelly.com  So we have some knowledge of each other even though you may have known her longer. But for my Awesome Viewers they need to get to know the Talented & quite Gifted young man I know you to be. I’ve always known your name to be Theron, even though I end up addressing all my
peeps by the first and last initial of their name 
( my own odd endearing nature ).

But for me and everyone else do you also go by an alias, or alternative name?
My nickname is Theo and my Dance name is Human Glitch.

You will be my first guest to truly explain & describe your Artist name since it’s very Original ;) 

Can you tell us how you acquired the name HUMAN GLITCH and what inspired its creation?
Well a relationship with God has always been there, but somehow I realized I wanted to be a perfect dancer, and that can never happen. Just like the far fetched dream of being a perfect Christian but God still came down and died for my glitch, my problem, my sin, and my issues. The glitch we all seem to be so comfy with, but God knows I'm human and accepts me. So I'm a human Glitch, but Glitch isn't just a word. It's also an acronym, meaning 
God LovesIndividuals That Create Hope and it's true. God created hope for me by dying for me. Somehow I hope to create it for my peers by giving them a release and escape from their pain, even if it's temporary. Dance and Art 
is that tool.
Let me be the first to say, this is Awesome!
You  have a good head on your shoulders and are lead to do your best for how you think. When I say you're a forerunner in change for future generations, I absolutely mean it because you're thinking about other people and how to affect them positively. Your age group and so on. In God's eyes you are the "Perfect" dancer. No matter how far you take it is your claim to fame, regardless.

Since we all know that you're from St. Louis, do you still reside there?
Yes Maam I do.

What fun activities did you like to do as childhood hobbies or pasttimes?
Dancing, Writing, and Hanging out with fellow Dancers.

I love this photo with you and a group of other kids presumably dancers as well. I remember watching "America's Got Talent" and this group named Team iLuminate, lights in the dark
performers, stole the show. Quoting from Wikipedia they were "glow suit dancers". Phenomenal & Innovative
act. The neon electric glow lights remind of that.

Did you come from well-to-do, average, or humble beginnings?
Humble, I was very poor growing up, Blessed, but poor.
Another great dancer comes to mind as you mention this fact about your life. This young man also came from challenging beginnings…Ellen Degeneres introduced him on her show and made him a correspondent for the Red Carpet. You may know who he is or heard of him. He dances on subways to earn money for his college tuition. Motivating & compelling story. There’s also another dancer who appeared on “America’s Got Talent” who was kicked out of his house at a young age,16, and all he wanted to do was dance. He did this jaw-dropping double, triple, quad-jointed moves with his limbs.  Everyone’s mouths were on the floor in shock.

Some people can say growing up was “average” or uncomplicated. Can you tell us what it was like growing up for you?Growing up for me was tough I went From South county (Sappington) to Fairgrounds and north City where St. Louis gets the name "murder city" from. Being in such a rough area caused me to grow up fast especially when my sister came into my life. I was often jumped until I learned how to fight and the school teachers mocked me because I was smart. We lived in an old apartment that used to be a liquor store at the bottom half. I believe there was only one Christmas where they didn’t shoot. I have been in the line of fire. I have seen things from gun sales to prostitutes  (whom I didn’t know carried business cards). Life there was difficult but somehow enjoyable. I didn’t have any friends I never was able to fit in.

Honestly Theron you're a Survivor, literally, and 
 still making it happen. I can’t imagine going through so much. I’m born and raised in Georgia with the added blessing of coming from a “traveling” family. We’ve visited different states but Missouri is considered foreign to me since I’ve never been there.  Any city with the nickname, “Murder City” makes me uneasy for real. For better or worse all your trials happened for a reason. BTW It’s news to me that the

women of the night have business cards.
I guess they’re moving up in their profession since it is in its own right a "business"…Idk but Interesting fact.  I would say sorry for your misfortunes especially not having friends or fitting in but I won’t. It’s tough and unfair but it made you who you are Driven with many positive attributes coming from these circumstances. You’re Talented and going after your dream! 

Despite the hardships what enjoyment can be found in your world?
God, My friends, and namely how I express my feelings through my art whether it's dancing, writing, or drawing.

What did you like and dislike about school?
In Elementary it was how I looked. I felt ugly and I looked weak. It caused me to get picked on quite a bit but I was a genius though.
Ugly?!?  Did this cat just say he ‘felt ugly’ in Elementary school?!? Oh the woes of being a kid! In this case the Ugly Duckling has turned into a very handsome mallard or Prince Charming. 
Cinderella and Snow White get out of the way!

It is amazing how despite being mocked by your teachers you felt in yourself that you were smart. Not just smart, a genius! That takes self-confidence with a purpose to know this. More than what you were aware of at the time, I’m sure.
Middle school was my mom. I couldn’t seem to please her. It was my looks as well. I was still a genius but everyone came into hormones but me. I didn’t really care for girls but even still insults took a toll on me.
Ewww Cooties!!! That’s Part 1 of boys and girls interactions, right? Lol. Middle school is part 2. Mostly everyone is “fascinated” by the popular or “hot” kids for whatever senile reasons we allow to be. In my opinion there’s more unlikable or unfavorable kids that outnumber the “chosen ones”. If I was able to go back in time as I am now you would tell you pleasing parents will drive you crazy! Pleasing anyone will drive you crazy…all throughout life. 
High school was the distractions. By this time I had 
exercised myself into a fit nerd and knew how to dance but 
hid it due to home life and being shy. My mother and I 
fought the most during this time of life.
I’m sorry to hear that. School years are not easy or kind to everyone. Mine were hell to be quite honest, so don’t feel alone. High school is either going to be smooth sailing or a train wreck. No one can choose exactly how the four years will play out for them. 

When is your birthday?
September 8th 1993 I am a Virgo.

What are your dreams and Aspirations?
To own a Clothing line and a dance studio that will triple as a place of refuge, counseling, and art.

Very nice! I am very Proud of your aspirations especially the refuge J Don’t forget about me at all. I want dibs on the clothing line in case you decide to have female apparel as well.

What encourages you to want to have counseling and a refuge as part of your dance studio?
I've always wanted to be a counselor of some sort but it would be boring for the regular old office kind. Why not help a child and then give them a talent to continue helping, you know? That kid may not always be able to be in the studio, or the counselor's office, so lets give them everything they need and then some. And God, I feel in my heart, that he put this in it. My gifts aren't my own, so I'm praying that he leads me to do what He wants.
well-said Theron 

Does your family support your endeavors or would they rather you pursue something else?
My dad is unwavering in his support no matter what I 
choose to do. My mom on the other hand has scoffed at my 
dreams a few times.

Does your family support your endeavors or would they rather you pursue something else?
My dad is unwavering in his support no matter what I chose to do. My mom on the other hand has scoffed at my dreams a few times.
Well you can add me plus thousands of others to the list because we know you can do it. We know we can do it and you're part of the "Can Do" Team!

Who or whom inspires your creativity?
My pain...my trials and triumphs I have a story to tell. My big cousin inspires me as well, Travion Enlow. He passed away 2 yrs ago. And my bestest friend ever, Lamya, my solid rock in everything.
I couldn't agree with you more. You have a story to tell. We all have our own individual, personal, stories to tell and shouldn't be held back from telling them.  To say this means I must tell mine as well Theron- but it will probably be in a book for people who love to read because it's going to be something else, I believe haha.
For you, I knew there had to be a silver lining somewhere! Your cousin's memory and your best friend as well as your father.

How long have you been achieving your dream(s)? In what ways are you making it happen?
I started achieving my dreams in high school. When in junior year I came out with the fact that I could dance. I was too shy, scared to let it out but became temporarily famous, and a friend of everyone at school once I 
unleashed my talent. 
It also helped start a dance company along with Duane Foster, a very accomplished mentor of mine who went way above and beyond the job of a teacher. I am now teaching  at 2 studios, Normandy high school from where I graduated, and I do club jobs and other events.

Look at you! *Claps* There's always a turn around for the better in life if we just keep believing. There are times I feel down and don't see where I'm going, like darkness at the end of the tunnel, but it doesn't last long. Something Grand always surfaces and just adds another step towards the Best to come. 


 If there’s anything difficult about it explain to us what makes what you do not easy all the time?
The risk. As a dancer the risk is you have to audition and try out. There will be dry seasons for dancers nearly all the time. Especially if you are not willing to become commercial 
(overly feminine)

What hidden or secret talents do you have that no one knows about?
I can sing and I write erotic stories when I get sexually frustrated.
Just like Solae Dehvine, but now I have a young guy ;) 
It must be my Lucky day to keep running into you salaciously imaginative individuals lol! You should also consider publishing your work. Who knows you may be the FIRST guy version of Zane! What kind've name would work though, gotta be sexy and masculine, but alluring as an alias.

Do you know how to play any instruments or know how to sing?
Yes I can sing, not professionally, but there are plenty of songs I can rock.
Alrighty then. I'm going to hold you to it. I may need to get all my guests together and have a listening party. Everybody showcasing their musical ability. That would be dope.

Do you have a favorite book, short story, or novel that you thoroughly enjoyed reading?
The mortal instrument series and as a kid animorphs and the deltora series 
(I am well into fantasy and science fiction)

I actually remember the Animorph book series! It’s pretty awesome. The whole idea of kids transforming into animals or creatures reminds me of the X-Men and Captain Planet comics and cartoons that were so popular back in the day.

There was also a UK series from the early 90’s called the “Tomorrow People “that used to air on the Disney channel. It was a UK based kid-teen series about a group of selected people who could transport themselves anywhere from remembering where they were last. It was tight! One of my favorite shows including Ocean Girl.  I’m not a big science fiction fan but 
anything that was about transforming into another creature always excited me J

Who is your favorite music artist? Why do you like the artist’s music?
Bizzle, he is real and speaks thoroughly on the truth. 
He is also unashamed to tell us where he messes up. 
I relate to him very well; he is a gospel rap artist.

Which dance move is your favorite?
The robot.

What is one of the most memorable moments of your childhood that you can remember?

The day I spent with 

my dad

 at at an airshow/carnival 

with my best friend Josh and 

his dad.

(I believe I was around 7 then)

Airshows must definitely be a guy thing. My dad was an avid aircraft fan. He had to have been a fighter pilot in another life because he Loved WWII with the German planes. He even bought a computer game with a joystick called, flight assimilator, something like that. He played that game religiously even though he couldn't keep it up in the air lol. He loved going to the airshows where we live. It was obvious when the shows were happening because we could hear the planes. I remember when my mom, dad, and I went to one of the shows. 

What is your favorite color?
The 3 colors of Royalty: king's black, silver, and purple

What is your favorite food?
Pepperoni pizza

Are you right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
Ambidextrous in everything except writing although my dancing my right side is more fine tuned than my left.
Pretty Kool.

It’s an interesting backdrop how we actually met. As I stated in the beginning Kottavei Williams, an Artistic mentor of yours who also had a part in my Fashion Design education brought us together. How did you meet her?
I posted an erotic story for review in a poet writing group and she noticed it, critiqued, complimented me, and referred me to you.
Sssshhh!  Don't tell everyone that I'm secretly Zane's cousin ;) I like how you mentioned she “referred me to you”. Nice acknowledgement. 

If you can be anywhere in the world where would you want to be right now at this moment?
Next to my bestfriend Lamya

Name one of the hardest challenges you ever had to face in your life?
Being homeless and conquering my mother's constant oppression of everything I did.
When you mentioned your living situation it is heartbreaking… But you and your mom will not be scathed by this circumstance and will bounce back stronger than ever. You have faced worse trials and the challenges never end. I have a feeling your bond will grow stronger and tighter from this and what you love to do will be accepted and understood fully by her. Keep your head up with your faith as your guide.

How did you overcome it or how are you coping with it?
I'm currently meeting with a therapist, God, and of course I Dance.
That’s really good to know. Your faith is also a supportive crutch as well.

How do you define, “Success”, in your own words?
Joy while being able to live well.

What advice has someone given you that you still use as a guidepost to this day?
My Dad always told me “ as a man you have to do what you have to do, and never stop if one door closes. Keep looking for other doors and windows.”
Wise man J I love Fatherly advice.

What does the general public get right about you in terms of who you are as a person?
He can dance and is a good guy.

What do people misunderstand about you?
My Sense of style. I like wearing what I won’t see commonly. I don’t care for name brand things and 
I’m not materialistic.
 I also choose to be a virgin. A lot of people don’t get that either but respect it.
Hey I aint mad atcha...
You embody your own sense of "Self" which is lost out here. I'm not trying to preach or lecture but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is happening. Instead of lifting each other up for our uniqueness and Choices, we make each other feel ashamed for being who we naturally are and what we decide. It's sick. Fashion is creative expression, whether it looks off-beat, absurd, or "different". 

Listen @ 4:39

I may not like everything I see folks wearing but it's a matter of opinion and preference. We all don't like 
the same things! 
I love your concept of style because it plays into your dancer alter ego, The Human Glitch. Now, the Virgin aspect is just plain sexy. What allows you to be an individual is making the responsible decision for yourself that you're not at the place to go to the next step. It will happen when it's supposed to. I'm sure you've been told some ugly stuff. Don't feed into the garbage and hype. There are many peeps out here who have been pressured into giving it up because "everyone else has" or in your case, you're not a man until you have. Who knows you may have been coaxed into exploring for all the great aspects, Idk. 
All I'm saying is I respect you for coming out on this platform, vulnerable, honest, and courageous to share this because it says so much about you in an amazing light &it's encouraging to others who are 
equally in your shoes.
And I have to add, in today's society being a Virgin actually should be the NEW Sexy since everyone before they're out of diapers has reached 3rd base. 
It's just a fun, sexy, challenge.

What would be the ultimate dream job for you?
A dance teacher - Movie character in a 
dance centered movie.

Fun! How about another, Step Up!!!:) 
Sometimes we have the misfortune of having that one awful job that we hate and can never forget experiencing. If you had a bad job experience can you share it with our 

Sometimes we have the misfortune of having that one awful job that we hate and can never forget experiencing. If you had a bad job experience can you share with our readers.
I wont say their name, but all I can say is that they have an Office and the most famous coworker's name is Max. We had lazy managers and liars in the workplace: thieves of commissions etc, list goes on.

If you can’t think of one, which job would you least want to work?
Fast food. Why? Because I love to eat it.
Yea  and you also need to learn how to cook! You know steak and potatoes kinda cook lol. 

Which college(s) would you like to attend? Why do you want to go to these schools?
Maybe UMSL because I was offered a scholarship there I wouldn’t mind transferring to a different one as well.

If you could come back as anything or anyone, who or what would it be, and why?
Hmmm that’s a good one. I actually don’t have an answer but I'll go with a disciple of Jesus. They were all martyred but got to see Jesus 
first-hand and walk with him.
Not a bad idea at all. Actually I would've loved to walk with Jesus in person too. At least he walks with us EVERY Day within us.

If you can meet anyone in the world who do you want to see and why?
My Granddad  on my dad’s side. Everyone says I act like him and he has my name.
To add to this I would've loved to meet my mom's mom. She was the glue that held the family together and represented the quintessential "big momma" grandmother. Cooking, Engaging, Family-Oriented, and everyone in town loved her. Easy-going and loved children.

Let’s say you have the opportunity to meet the President of the United States Barack Obama. What would you say to him if you have the opportunity?
I would congratulate him and ask him does he mind me dancing for him, his daughters, and the first lady.
And that will be a great opportunity for you to show-off completely! I hope it does happen.

What 3 things can you not leave home without?
My MP3, Cell Phone, and Jesus lol
So far cell-phone is #1 when actually Jesus should be so, smooth move. Everyone has to have that lil ringing device in their possession as one of the “can’t leave home” without items. Not to sound old but I remember back, waaaay back in the day when a phone was putting your finger through every number hole  and actually turning the wheel around to every single number. Rotary. Shoot I remember when there were no such thing as area codes. You dialed the number directly without any worries. That seems so ancient at this point lol.

There’s so many things going on in the world right now that it is mostly negative. If there is anything you had the power to change, what would it be and why?
The media. They mess up so much with our next generation.
Very True, especially Social media. It is teaching us to communicate Only through digital devices. What are we going to do when we forget how to write, especially in cursive. We will forget what human interaction is and become even more reclusive than we already are.
Anything associated with media can be misconstrued and full of lies influencing us too. Welcome to the "digital age"
Still love the invention of Atari and Nintendo though. Am I wrong?  lol

What drives you to keep pursuing your dreams?
The want for change. The want to help people like me.

How do you overcome negativity when it’s to prevent you from continuing your pursuits toward your goal?
I dance, Pray, write, or create.

What do you see in your future or hope to see 10 years from now?
My clothing Line, studio, and a plethora of videos I’m featured in.
I can’t wait to see that too J

What quote or saying do you live by?
If God is For me I cant fail.

America's Got Talent Audition Jan 2012

When your time on earth closes for its final chapter what do you hope to have accomplished and what legacy do you wish to leave behind?
Leading a lot of people to God, helping leave Dancing as a great pastime, and therapy for us all.

Well Thank you So Much For Your Valuable Time Theron. To Wrap it up How can Readers and Fans keep up with the Latest & Greatest?
My Facebook page Theron L Steele
And my youtube La0michael 

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