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Solae Dehvine

Hello Kool World! This is your girl Serenada’s Pen
& I’m so excited to introduce to you Solae Dehvine. Get ready to
ooh and ahh with delight with what I’m about to fill YOU in on. This woman is an author of Erotica. Yes wonderful readers she likes to thrill and tease your mind with the tasty stuff we just love to fill our minds with- male and female alike. I’ve been following her on twitter for a while & love her interaction and discussion with her followers. It’s very similar to how I interact with the world including what this discussion is all about- getting to know the woman behind the pages. So lend your attentive ears, or in this case your inquiring eyes; to the Inside Look of the Candid, the Bold, the Brassy but all feminine Ms. Dehvine herself

Hey Sister Writer, how are you? 
I’m great luv..Thanks for the opportunity. 

My pleasure darling. This is quite a venture for me so I’m sure what we’re about to get into will put us both on the map lol.
Excited about this, let’s do it.

Are you ready? Once we go in there’s no turning back luv!
Ready as I’m gonna be..lol

The number one question I am dying to ask is, how do you pace yourself when you're on your own time; no boss hovering over you, and still have a deadline to make?
Well, I believe in hard work. Every day that I wake up and see that I’m not where I want to be in my career it’s like a boss yelling at me to pick up the pace.
I commend you so much on giving this important tip. I'm still trying to figure out how to manage my time with these interviews! Kool World I'm trying and slowly but progressively getting the hang of it, just in case you're wondering why it takes so long in between each 
session ;)

Is it possible to structure a healthy living lifestyle around an author's unpredictable schedule when you must work odd hours around the clock?
I believe it is. I think the best thing to do is work every day and commit to staying on task and meeting deadlines.
That was always a thought on my mind since being your own boss you must create your own schedule and deadlines for yourself. Compared to a typical 9-5 or set schedule with particular jobs. 

For up and coming authors what is the best advice you can give on managing their time & not feeling pressure or anxiety when the deadline is near?
I would tell them to write, write like crazy. And set your own deadlines so when you have deadlines set by a publishing company it isn’t so foreign. Everyone deals with pressure in their own way so I have no pointers there. 
For instance...ALL us certified 'procrastinators' out here & you know who you are lol. Setting deadlines doesn't seem like a challenge but it actually can be unless there's consequences for not following the plan. I'm just going to be for real Ms. Dehvine. I need a push sometimes & other times I can manage my time very well. It's the whole lighting the fire up under the butt type of deal. Needing a jump start. I think what many of us can relate to is wanting to pursue a dream or go after what interests us the most, and going through the ups and downs of that pursuit. Today, excited and ready to go after it some more, and the next day feeling the doubts and the disappointments. It's possibly a reason why some of us have a hard time setting deadlines and staying focused. But seriously though it's probably not a hard task if meeting a goal determines whether you have a roof over your head, food to eat, electricity, and running water. If it all comes down to making a living, an income, then that's the deal breaker for a procrastinator. 

Before you start writing how do you get yourself comfortable?
I don’t..I can’t say that I have a procedure to writing. When I have a free moment between running errands I may whip out my phone and work. Or on planned times I just turn on the computer and get started. No rituals. 
A writer's job is never complete because ideas can start streaming at any given time. Very Unpredictable but equally exciting at the same time. I'm the same way when it comes to spur of the moment writing sprees. 

Most people would think writers are sitting at a desk the majority of the day. Where is your place to write?
I write everywhere but my favorite place is Starbucks. I love watching the people; their energy helps me to write my stories instead of sitting at home at my desk
You got that right! Who doesn't like to people watch anyways. Characters can be created, settings can come to mind, scenarios, situations, etc. Starbucks is a great place to write and it is encouraged for Artistic individuals to reside there to interact. Luckily one of my visits to Starbucks allowed me the opportunity to witness a musician playing. It was amazing. I was just chillin typing online and I saw a young guy, brown haired Caucasian male, with his guitar sit down on one of the green sofas and just start playing. Acoustic. Live. Impromptu. It was Fantastic. I felt like I was part of a private intimate Music session with an Artist. Moments like that are a treasure. If he had something to put a contribution in I would've dropped some coins. We must support our Artists Kool World. Showcase your talent anywhere and everywhere you can to get noticed. You never know who's walking by or who knows who and can get you on to the next best thing.

Writing can be redundant & requires discipline. 
How do you keep yourself from wanting to nap or fall asleep?
My quest to be the best and to make my dream a reality keeps me from sleeping. When I do sleep..I think about writing before I lay down and immediately when I wake up. It won’t leave me alone..LOL
Crazy isn't it? I know the feeling. In that case you never really get much sleep because something new you can add to your books wakes you right up again. Wow, talk about being tortured lol. But I guess this is a testament that this is what you should be doing. I always believe it's God's way of making sure we stay on track. His Plan. His Game. Ultimately I'm sure you can attest that you are absolutely fulfilled in what you do that's why you're doing it. Sleep is essential though. If I go through long periods without sleep I'm a zoned out, giggly, zombie. There are 2 kinds of sleepyheads out here: The grouchy, grumpy kind and the silly goofs like me lol.

Do you ever have or need a night-cap?
No, I don't ever need one. I get leery about using alcohol to soothe my mind. I workout or just simply go to sleep. I don't get much rest so sleep is intoxicating to me.
Very Good. I respect the fact you have an alternative means of keeping the creative juices flowing and staying mentally alert to keep writing.

Do you spend your whole day writing or do you have other activities you participate in?
Currently I’m still working professionally but that will soon change. In July I will be writing full-time. So on top of my day job, I write full time as well.

Do you consider yourself an easy-going writer or one who walks around puffing a cigarette like Sylvester the cat with stale coffee in the other hand?
Hmmmm, I don’t outwardly show my angst as a writer. I think I start to get reclusive the more stressed I get. Some people don’t understand it but a deadline is a deadline.

How long have you been writing for?
I’ve been writing since I was seven, but I finally embarked as a professional two years ago. April 2010

What are the names of all your finished work?

Which publishing company do you work for?
 SexMentality LLC. I am the owner.

Are your books “budget friendly”?
Yes they are. My Ebooks range from .99 cents to $2.99 and my print book is $12.99.

Where can an interested reader access your books?
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and My website www.Solaedehvine.com 

From what you already know there are many writers who became successful to the point of famous. Do you want to be as famous as authors Danielle Steele or Jackie Collins?
Danielle Steele is probably one of the main authors that inspired me to write. My mother read her books religiously and I always wanted to make captivating stories like she did. I don’t want to be as famous as her; I want to surpass her fame and be prolific in my own right. 
That's a great feat to achieve! To want more for yourself is commendable and inspiring for other aspiring writers out here. You're also giving them the tools to reach high and become prolific in their own right.

In your own words, what does an up and coming writer have to embody to succeed as a successful author?
Perseverance and a hunger to do something that many won’t agree with. Perseverance because it takes time to be a known author and you will encounter many pitfalls. You must have strength to keep going through all of it. Hunger because without the hunger to succeed you’re merely the old person that talks about the books they could have written. 
Totally Agree 

How do you come up with the material for your books?
I’m a good listener and most of my books are based on things I’ve heard, experienced, or seen. Bits are taken from all over the place to form a story. I also have very vivid dreams and I get tons of ideas from there. 
Whoa...hmm...Wouldn't we all love to have such "vivid" dreams lmao. I'm sure you're happy every time you wake up. Then again you probably prefer to be sleeping. Who needs anything else when you can get your satisfaction from the sub-conscience.

Which genre do you normally write your stories in, or does it vary?
My genres vary greatly. I write under pen names as well spanning from Young Adult fiction, romance, erotica, mystery, suspense, thrillers, and even self help. I’m a writer no matter the genre.
Just like moi :)

Is there a genre you would want to write for in the future?
I would like to delve into children’s books. I have nieces and nephews and it would be great if they could read my books before bedtime. 
Aw, sweet! 

Which authors do you tailor or inspire your writing around?
I love Eric Jerome Dickey and the way he leaves a question around the ethnicity of most of his characters. I try to mirror my writing around that, I want the audience to make up their own mind.
ha! What a coincidence. I actually have a book by this author my roommate from college gave to me before we went our separate ways back in 2005. It collected dust because I held onto it and never read it.

I've noticed how you engage your followers on twitter by asking them a range of questions, such as, why do men like booties? or What do you think about the new Time magazine cover? Do you use your interaction with them to help with the writing of your stories?
I use all my interactions to help me write. Me engaging my followers dates back to my first year on Facebook when I gave away books and stories for free and gained friends by creating relationships. I'm not just a figure or a book seller. I genuinely like people and want to know what they think about things. More than anything I'm nosy and like to know what people are thinking.
That makes a good point as an author. In order to create enticing and inviting material, having curiosity makes all the difference. The characters you create, the situations they're involved in, and how they devise their movements and actions, can actually come from what you observe from everyday people. It's tough being a person who is genuinely fascinated and curious about what other people are thinking and feeling because it can be perceived as being invasive of personal business. It can put someone on the defense and wonder why the heck you want to know so much about their innermost thoughts and feelings. It is a vulnerable place many people would rather not expose or feel comfortable with sharing with someone they are not close with. 

There are days when you just don't feel creative or up to par. How do you keep yourself motivated & disciplined to keep doing what you're doing?
Not bragging at all, but I don’t get writer’s block. Yes there are days when the words don’t flow as well, but I write anyway. I was told the times that you feel the least motivated is when you need to write the most, even if its crap.
Ok I dig it. Actually that's good advice for those of us who decide to not write at all the days when the words don't flow correctly or the concept doesn't stream easily.

Your short stories usually involve very provocative, sexually liberated women [heroine]. Would you say your subject matter resembles popularly received "50 Shades of Grey" or Zane’s Sex Chronicles?
I haven’t read 50 shades of Grey and while I have read some of Zane’s books I haven’t read more than possibly two of her books. So I would say no, I just write what inspires me piecing together people and things I have encountered.

Sometimes we get caught up in our imaginations. Have you ever found yourself living reality with your imagination running wild at the same time?
That’s my every day. I imagine things a lot..more than I’m willing to admit ;)

Do you ever wish your fantasies could be reality?
I work hard so one day they will be.

Do you see yourself having children?
One day when the good Lord blesses my husband and I..yes I see some little ones in our future.
That's great you can see yourself with children as an active writer in the future. Which leads me to my next inquiry.

Would it be impossible to have a family and be a best-seller author or is there a way to bridge the two together?
Right now it’s just my husband and I so I can’t really say. I want to say there is but my answer wouldn’t be fair.

Would you want your stories portrayed on the big screen?
I have different seasons of my books because I believe in a way they are movies so I see them one day being on the big screen.

When is your birthday?
March 28th.

What is your sign?

The question many viewers are probably curious about is, Are you always in a sexual mindset when you're writing? If not, do you need to get in the "mood" to write the best material?
No, actually I’m not. I think the biggest misconception about me is that I’m this overly sexual person. I can be but most of the time I’m not. 
And it's good you can clarify this because it's perceived normal for a male to boast about his sexual conquests and openly discuss sexuality with his comrades. For women it's not as easy to be taken 'seriously' when we take on that role. Society is changing in many facets of thinking towards males and females so in the future there will not be a barrier between the two. I believe many women want to be candid and open about sexuality but hold back due to how it can affect their lives: work, home, personal. There are still distinctive categories or roles males and females put each other in and until we all can view each other as humanly equal in terms of sex then we will continue to be separated.

Is there a difference between SOLAEDEHVINE the writer and the woman behind the pen?
Umm..yeah there is a big difference. Solae the writer is a lot different than me as a person. I’m a lot quieter and more reserved than Solae the writer. There are a million other differences but I think I bring out different parts of myself when they are needed.

Does it ever bother you to openly think in such a candid, sexual manner?
NO, I’m an open book. The things I say are the same things that everyone feels but they are just too afraid to say.
Gotta say that's rather ballsy!

Have you told your family what you do for a living or will they find out on their own?
My family knows what I do but they know me as a person before the writer. They know who I am and can distinguish between my writing and who I am as a person.
That's awesome to have a family that respects what you do. I can imagine there are many families out here who would actually have a problem with it, especially based on cultural differences. This is inspiring to writers who have fear of disapproval from loved ones or feel ashamed of writing in this genre.

There are women who are traditional and considered “old school” in their way of thinking about sex. As a woman do you believe in masturbation & the use of sex-toys?
Yes and yes. Most of all I believe in people being happy. If it means using a toy then fire away. No need in being scared.

Is your imagination more vivid & clear than someone who works at the bank 9-5pm everyday?
I’m not sure..I think if anything I am just bolder than those people.

As an author do you ever feel consumed with writing & need a break?
I feel more consumed with my quest to be great..but even if I took a break this is a road I can’t deviate from no matter how hard I try.

What is your favorite color?

If you could play one instrument what would it be? why? And where would you choose to perform?
Guitar and I would choose to perform at a packed Madison Square Garden..Not sure why..LOL 
Sounds like a helluva lot of fun to me :) 

What is your favorite Disney movie?
The Lion King

Kids seem to know what they want to be when they grow up. As a child what did you see yourself doing as an adult?
I thought I would be a doctor, but I always knew I wanted to write. I just never knew it would consume me like this. Back when I was growing up it was more of a long shot to be a full time writer. Now it’s more than possible.

What quote or motto do you live by?
“All things come from repetition.”

For all the fans & newbies out here how can they keep in touch with the latest and greatest?
solaedehvine.com is the best way. Following me on 
Twitter @SolaeDehvine, on Facebook at Solaedehvine, and by sending me an e-mail and joining my newsletter at Solae@solaedehvine.com

 And Kool World this wraps up our one on one session with

Ms. Solae Dehvine! 

Thank you so much for this candid and quite direct discussion about a topic 

many may be timid about.

You opened up a Great dialog that can inspire writers of today and 

tomorrow, female and male, in this genre to feel at ease and empowered.

Much Love & Success with all your continued endeavors.

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Contact SerenadasPen@gmail.com for details.

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