EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN

EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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Whuddup Kool World! It’s your favorite Bloggerview Host  Serenada'sPen showcasing exceptional Talent from one side of the world to another to inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams without apologies or fear. Looks like I can't seem to get away from the UK! I'm just parlaying,  meeting the Brightest peeps raising the bar in the music landscape. I've run across a couple of hot new videos, the energized running from the law "Catch Me If You Can" and the reminiscent "Back and Rewind" from a Flavorful act with a lot of star potential, a very International name, and a sexy accent to match. 
I’m proud to introduce to you Rajiv as our next
"Artist on the Rise".

Hi Rajiv, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!
Speaking on behalf of the US ;)
Thanks, lovely to meet you too!
It’s always good to start from the very beginning and work our way towards the Real & entertaining stuff J
You have a very culturally distinct name. Where does it derive from and mean?
Rajiv is an Indian name, which I believe refers to the lotus flower. Not very cool, I know haha.
Oh no honey there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Actually I give you the sexy stamp of approval. Looks like "Lotus" has been used in more ways than one here in the states! Ms. Aguilera, Christina Aguilera to be exact, titled her latest upcoming, soon to be released  album LOTUS. Her purpose for using this particular flower as her inspiration is pretty  awesome. This is an excellent excuse for me to share her own words about the beauty and strength significant to this foliage. So best believe there's nothing pansy about it.

Can you tell us where you’re from and when you were born?
Well, my name suggests Indian heritage. My mother was Trinidad & Tobago and my father is from Mauritius. Both are Indian decent.
Yup I  had an inkling of a feeling Indian heritage was in your make-up. I'm looking at your features and thinking, yea he must be. Rajiv is a very kool name! It's enough to have people wonder, what kind of sound is this guy rockin?!? ya know. Your mom being from Trinidad is in close connection to Nicki Minaj. Pretty awesome. So you have a nice mix going on in your background. I bet family gatherings are quite the show. As a fly on the wall I would love to see the dynamic between both sides of your family come together for a reunion. 

Do you still reside in your hometown or do you consider home anywhere where you can lay your head down and eat a good meal?
I do still live in my hometown. However the idea of being on the road and on tour, calling home anywhere I rest and eat, is where I want to be.
I feel ya on that one! I may not be a singer or know what it's like travelling on the road from location to location but after so long I would miss home. There is no place like home. That is true. But on the real, depending on your budget as an Artist will determine how nice your accommodations are. As a rising star you're still trying to get your name out there and gain a following. You're fairly unnoticed right now, just the acts you're getting as you can right now. Hey, there's nothing wrong with the Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Embassy Suites, Westin, and so forth. I've stayed at a few. The rest of us know we have a bed to sleep in at home with food in the fridge but when you're living out of a suitcase you couldn't appreciate these simple delights more.

Do you come from humble, moderate, or wealthy beginnings?
Humble. My parents have always worked extremely hard to provide for us and I feel they have passed on that ethic onto me. I’m definitely not afraid of hard work.

What was it like for you growing up in your hometown?
I live on the border of London and Essex. I grew up in a friendly, quiet neighbourhood, but often found myself going into London as it was more exciting.
That's dope. Another guest I interviewed, Rickstar is from London Town. Looks like London is the hip-spot as Atlanta is to the party-goers here.

It’s not hard to tell that Music is the ruler of your world. In what ways did Music play a significant role in your childhood and become your career of choice?
Music has always been a part of my life. I have always found that listening, performing, and playing an instrument always helped a situation whether it was good or bad. 
The thought of singing for a living was evident throughout my teenage years, but I made the push for it after studying the behind the scenes side of things at the university.

What song as a child still remains with you today?
Jingo by Santana. I remember the song, but I also remember the video having black and white swirls. That image is etched in my mind hah.

I’ve never asked this before, but as a child did you take chances to noticed for your vocal ability or did you shy away hoping along the way someone will take notice?
Oh, I would always take the chance to be noticed. But that was also encouraged by my mum and dad too, in true family occasions and local event style.

Do you produce or play any musical instruments?
I have produced in the past and have a studio setup at home, but I work with producer David Brant at the moment. I also play the piano and I’m self-taught on guitar.
There 's something to say about anyone that is self-taught. I always find it fascinating to meet anyone that grabs the bull by the horns and doesn't wait to be told they can do something. It takes an inner confidence and desire. You're taking destiny into your own hands.  Piano and guitar are the instruments of choice by many artists. I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't like neither.

What has your journey as a person as well as an artist been like 
for you so far?

It’s been one huge learning curve. I have been working away for a long time, and there’s still plenty of learning to do.
Very true! I think Learning never stops. I would love to travel the world and gain knowledge like what you're doing Rajiv. But you can't deny the perks of it all. Yea Kool World, what we all know about the 5 star treatment! Without appearing jaded, a lot of back breaking work comes along with such perks. Definitely not just handed on a silver platter. Unless it's common to you, you must feel homesick to be away from home for so long. I guess it's give and take when it's looked as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Which music artists in your country or around the world inspire you as 
an artist?
There are loads, but I grew up listening to a lot of US R&B. In the UK, I admire people like Adele, getting to where she has without major record label help. From the US, Tank, Ryan Leslie and Ne-Yo for all the work, determination, and passion they have for their crafts.

Are you a solo performer or have a band with your act?
  I’m a solo artist, but I do a lot of acoustic gigs with my guitarist, Andrew Pace.
Oh ok, I bet he was that fine fella you were giggin' out with in the last Ustream you did for your fans! And of course I missed it, a day late, ugh. You posted on your fb wall for fans to have a Q&A with you as well. It's nice when Artists take time out of their busy schedules to set time aside to interact and connect with their fans. Why not, right? I mean you're singing already. Added Bonus ;)

Are you signed to a label or have your own?
I have setup my own label with my producer, JRM Entertainment.

 What topics do you mostly cover or in the process of exploring in 
your music?
I take from life experiences. That doesn’t mean the songs I write I've  directly experienced, but I always apply feelings or similar situations to them when writing.

Do you listen to music that differs from your style? If so, what genres 
or styles turn you on and amps your creativity?
Oh I listen to loads of different genres: rap, rock, reggae, punk, soul, Motown, classical. I like to draw from all types of creativity and I genuinely enjoy those different music styles.
Which is good! It will allow your music to have diversity and not bore you and your audience out. It's easy to get comfortable with one type of sound and it becomes "expected".

I'm all into the concept behind Artist's personal style and fashion choices. Can't deny my fashion interests.
How would you describe your style or fashion look for your Artist image compared to Rajiv, the everyday guy?
I wouldn’t say there is much difference. I would pretty much choose to style myself for gigs, in the same way I dress normally. I’ve always liked to try and look a little different.

Which Artist(s) do your fans and first time listeners compare you to?
I often get compared to Craig David, Usher, Jay Sean, and Chris Brown. Those are the most common ones.
Physically Jean Sean definitely came to mind along with your name! The accent and native to the same country is not a bad touch either. It's a close comparison. Have I mentioned how much I love accents? ha. Something about them.
Jean Sean gained much attention in the states from being recognized by Lil' Wayne. Very odd pairing but even more kool that someone from one genre can recognize the greatness in a fellow Artist to embellish their vision & craft. Creds to Wayne for that one. I've mentioned Craig David in another interview. He also gained instant popularity in the US for his debut album "Born This Way". Loved his single, "Fill Me In". The 90's were alot of fun musically in hip-hop because DJ's were mixing and creating their club anthems and party songs that circulated throughout the US and I'm sure around the world. Craig brought it back with his own style plus the cat 
could sing too. 

It's like a dream come true to live out your dream and do it big, but with the success comes challenges.
When the pressure gets to you as a performer with obligations, press releases, interviews (btw thanks for doing mine!), radio shows, performances, and etc. how do you cope and ease your mind?
I always consider myself lucky to be in a position to do what I love, so I don’t easily get stressed with it all. However, when I need to relax I spend time with my family and friends and just have fun. I have a good network of friends around me who keep me grounded as the music business can get crazy!
Yeah I've heard! Pretty crazy indeed. I'm glad you mentioned having a good network of friends that keep you "grounded". You never have too many of them. Never enough in my opinion. In our generation "good friends" are hard to come by. That's good at this point you're coping with the publicity rather well. Hold on to your hard hat hun when you become big top. You can bet your bottom dollar the heat will be turned up and the real craziness will come at you from all directions! Having a tough skin with a personable presentation will definitely be needed, but I have no doubts you will master the art like a pro ;)

There are many obstacles that can block your progression to where you want to be. What do you attribute to your “drive” as an Artist?
The environment and passion that I have for singing and performing drives me. There are always going to be doors closed or not even opened, but that shouldn’t stop you. I will keep on knocking until that one door opens for me and helps me progress.

What was your vision and message you wanted to convey in your most recent official video, Catch Me If You Can and 2010 official video, 
Back & Rewind?
With Back  & Rewind, the video was based on those moments where you didn't seize an opportunity where you wish you had. That video was what I classed as a "nice" video, showcasing the nicer side of Rajiv. With the video for 'Catch Me If You Can' the story is a little more complex. There's a good Rajiv and a bad Rajiv in the video, and the overall message, along with the song is to show a darker, edgier side of me. 

Do you feel you matured musically and/or gained life experiences to express to the world with the two years between the two videos?
I definitely think I have matured musically. Part of this is down to improving what I do, and I feel there has been some progression over the two years, but also having to stay on top of the music game with styles etc. This has all contributed to the changes you can hopefully see and hear in my music. And I have learned, and still am learning along my journey.

So let’s talk about the UK for a moment. Where did you get your start out there? Which venue gave you your big break?
I have performed at some great venues in the UK, specifically London. So far I have gigged at the Kensington Roof Gardens, Mahiki Nightclub and at the Jazz Café to name a few.

What has been your means of promoting and supporting your music during the shortcomings of the economic hurdle?
Social media has been key. The access to fans, interacting with them etc. makes it so important to the promotion. I love the way fans can show their support pretty much instantly, and how I have the means to respond to them directly.
We are so lucky to have the advantage of social media through genius minds and the advancement of technology. It allows me to interact with you when in the past I would've had to go through many people just to say, Hi. So I am with you Rajiv. 

What is the most thrilling part of the “process” for you: writing, forming the song, recording, or singing live?
Singing live! I love the other processes, but for me, none of them compare to getting on stage and doing live performances, with live instrumentation.
I know that's right! It's your chance for you to be free and live 
out the moment.

If it happened, which I believe it has, so you can give us something juicy lol, name a wild experience on the road or what a fan has done while you 
were performing?
Haha, ahhh I’m afraid what goes on tour stays on tour. I did have a mystery kiss once though. I was performing, and someone came up and kissed me on the cheek and then ran off, so I never saw who it was.
Ah you're killin me!!!! Oh come oooon! I didn't say you had to mention "names". I gotcha back ladies lol. We just wanna know what fun stuff goes down on the road haha. Last time I heard a saying like that it was in reference to Vegas ;) I guess I'll have to work on your good side a lil longer to become your confidante for the more juicier behind the scenes kicks. A peck on the cheek is good for now lol.

At this point I haven’t ran into anyone who doesn’t know how to cook yet, BTW I don’t believe everyone I’ve talked to knows how to really cook lol Maybe Tony Sway but don’t tell anyone I said this. (I love all of you! *kisses*) So tell me Rajiv- do you know how to cook and what is your favorite food?
I love to get my cook on! Haha. Thing is, I’m a bit of a messy cook and I don’t really enjoy the cleaning up after. I don’t have a favourite food to be honest, as I like such a variety of foods.
Ding! Ding! Take note Ladies! Singer + Food Connoisseur. He can sing sweet nothings to you while feeding you by candle light lol. He may be a bit messy but I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping to clean up after a nice smooch haha. Nah for real Rajiv it is a pain to clean up afterwards, but it's always nice to have company to get it done faster ;) The UK flourishes with so much culture that it makes sense that your palette is so diverse.

You know we all go through the peer pressure as children and wish we were either taller, shorter, cuter, without braces, or glasses. When you were a kid what about yourself did you wish you could change and you’re content with  now as an adult?
I’m not tall, but growing up I had big feet for my height and found it awkward. I think that’s part of what contributed to my hip-hop fashion sense growing up as a teen, as baggy jeans covered it up slightly. It doesn’t bother me anymore, as I’ve grown a little hah.
Omg, so guys go through the growing pains too! I thought us girlies fuss the most over the silly stuff. (I know guys go through it but just play along with me kool world! hehe) I went through the same thing in high school. Not the big feet, but the height lol. All the "popular girls" had these developed women's bodies- meaning the object of perfection. Tall, good skin, and good hair. And I feel you 100% on the hip-hop style. It saved many of us from numerous flaws. No one cared about how the form looked under clothes. We wore over-sized t-shirts, overalls, jeans, and rocked it. 

What do you look for in a potential partner for a relationship?
Honesty. Being in music is tough and there’s a lot of attention being a solo artist, so being honest is important. That, and a nice bum hah!
haha! Nice bum huh... yea that's how they keep it real in the UK Kool World. The booty, butt, bum, ba-donky-donk, junk in the trunk, ass, whatever it's called resonates from one end of the world to the other. The male favorite. Hey Rajiv I'm not surprised. The ways of our generation have tricked your mind into believing the rear end is the MOST desirable. All these botox-injected booty buddy enhanced women are walking around with behinds that did not exist to this magnitude ages ago. Baby Got Back didn't have asses so phat. I'm just saying. There were a couple of juicy booties but this is just insane like it's a nationwide trend to have a phat ass lol. But yea you're right honesty is definitely a PLUS And your secret liking for "naughty girls" ;)

Are you happily attached or a single guy on the prowl?
I’m single at the moment, as I have a lot going on with my music. However, if the right person came along who understands what I am doing, then I’d definitely have time for them.
B.A.C.H.E.L.O.R ;)

What’s your favorite color(s)?
I don’t really have one.
Interesting. It's all starting to come together now! You're open to Fashion so choosing pieces will not be such a big deal with you since you're not swayed by color whatsoever. Fun

Many of us have experienced terrible jobs growing up. On the flip side, is there a particular job you’ve had that was actually fun?
Yes! I worked for a store called The Gadget Shop. I worked with one of my best friends, and basically got paid to play with toys and gadgets all day.
 Sweet-Getting paid to be a kid all day. There's no hardship with selling I'm sure. Reminds me of the 80's movie BIG with Tom Hanks when he's dancing on the piano in the toy store.

If you can be any super hero or fictional character who would it be and why would you love to possess their special power?
Oh, I saw Skyfall recently and being British, I would definitely have to say James Bond. Working for the secret service, tough, drives amazing cars, has cool gadgets, and he always gets the lady.
Ah James Bond fan lol I feel you on this one! James Bond is like the ultimate debonair good guy in a hot suit getting the women into bed lol. What guy wouldn't want to be the ultimate ladie's man who can kick ass.

Loving your responses. Now let's kinda swerve the curb and get on the real-side of things. 
Here’s a scenario. You happily go to sleep one night without a care in the world. You wake up the next day and realize you can’t talk. You go to the doctor and the results are not good. You’ve lost your vocal ability permanently. With that being said you must make a split-second, life altering decision, what is your plan b?
Wow, erm… well I’ve always been creative so I would maybe look into graphic design as I loved to do art and use programs like Photoshop etc.
Must admit, Good Answer. Graphic Design is fun. In college I took an intro- class that was part of the Fashion Design program and worked with Photoshop and Illustrator. Alot of tools to learn and understand but once you get used to it the possibilities are endless.

Let's talk about your hopes for the future.Visualize at least 5-10 years from now. Without any pressure or second thoughts where do you see yourself in your career or life in general?
I see myself deep into my music career, working on a 5/6th album, developing my craft and touring the world.
We look forward to seeing how far you go when you reach your 
5th and 6th album too!

What advice has anyone given that you still believe & apply to where you are now?
Never give up on your dreams. As long as you love what you do or want to do, keep going for it, and enjoy every second of it when you get there, because life really is too short.

What motto or quote lifts you up through the hardest challenges in your life?
This is not necessarily an uplifting quote as such, but it’s a Musiq Soulchild lyric “Time waits for nothing”. It really doesn’t, so you have to get up and go for what you want.
Absolutely the Best advice to give. 
Many people out here are timid to take the next step or afraid to go in the direction of their interests or passion. Time doesn't wait for anyone so in any way we can we must feed the beast inside of us or it will forever be hungry and starving.

What advice would you give someone who is passionate about singing and wants to be exactly where you are?
Invest in yourself and your career. With the industry constantly changing, I think some people are still under the impression that you get signed, are given loads of funding, and can afford to do everything. It’s not that way anymore, and so you should be prepared to work for your money, and invest it into your craft.
Thank you for sharing. Excellent advice for all aspiring artists and musicians.

For all the newbies out here learning about you for the first time, how can they keep in touch with the Latest & Greatest?
Everything is Rajiv Music! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Myspace. Here are some links to name a few:

Wonderful! This has been an exclusive Artist spotlight with your next star that will soon be a household name Kool World. Thank you for sharing your time and enriching us Rajiv. All of us music lovers around the world look forward to seeing all your success unfold with your career. 
Much Love.

The Official videos of Catch Me If You Can and 

Back & Rewind are 

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