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Krystle Bryn

Hello Kool World! This is your All-Time Favorite
Host &Talent Seeker Serenada'sPen bringing you the Best there is to offer out here in this mighty Hot World! My Lovely Kool World I’m here to introduce a Young Woman who takes Dancing to a whole other level. This activity is something you are quite familiar with and is a major part of modern day Americana culture. We have seen it in movies, heard about it in music and advertised in major cities, especially in A-town where I’m from!

You can’t get away from it and primarily it gets a very bad rap for its taboo nature. The kinda thing fathers would never want their daughters to get caught up doing.The Lifting, Twisting, Turning, Dropping it, Spinnin $$$Bills$$$ 
“Making it Rain”.
Yes, if you figured it out it is the infamously scandalous “underground” Pole Dancing. Does Playa’s Club ring a bell? I’m sure it comes to mind when you think of this Fast-Money Making Entertainment. But let me put it to you plainly
Open-Minded Readers…
There is also an "Art" 

to Pole Dancing. It is not just a one dimensional act in the strip clubs, a gym exercise, nor a silly past time for stay at home moms.There is actually a beautiful, artistic, sensual, mesmerizing Art to this stereotypically discredited, undermined activity that takes much more than a scantily clad woman to show off. There is athleticism, thought-provoking technicality, creativity—backed up with a great mind to test all of us. Let me honorably invite Krystle Bryn who will tell you in her own words what it’s all about, how she has made Pole Dancing a meaningful part of her life, and how her moves will happily bring joy and tears
to your eyes.

Hello Girlie how are you?
I am absolutely wonderful today, thank-you for asking! Also honored to be doing this interview with you!
It is a pleasure to speak to a Female Pole Artist who tests stereotypes and challenges her audience. You bring and showcase something visually special and uniquely your own. I like that.
Since you're my very 1st interview with a Pole Artist. My initial belief is that you took dance classes or lessons in your younger years. Did you get your start in the literal term, dancing before you went into pole dancing or did you start pole dancing first?
Actually, I have no background in any sport, gymnastics, or dance, or anything else that required that kind of physical exertion before the age of 18. My brief cheer leading stint was simply because the b-ball players were hot and I only pretended to care for that reason and it had my attention for 1 season only. =)
For anyone who thinks it can’t be done—Guess. Again. Amazing! It is purely drive that allows you to master your craft without any prior training in your earlier years…Very Inspiring. This is what Dreams are made of. Readers if you believe in something then go for it nonstop until you can say there are no more options.

Can you tell us where you got your start dancing?
I started as an “exotic dancer” in Vegas at the age of 18. I remember I walked into a strip club and there was a girl effortlessly walking on the ceiling and I was compelled to do the same thing. However, it didn’t last long because I quickly realized it was not as glamorous as it appeared and the money was not worth it in comparison to the B.S. that comes with the job. So after some (later revealed) events I quit, and said I would never be back. SN: I never returned.

The minute you said, ‘walking on the ceiling’, I tried to imagine what it looked like. Plus, for some reason Lionel Richie “Dancing on the Ceiling” came to mind lol. And that looked like a helluva lot of Fun! Based on your experience I’m not surprised—I’ve come to understand what looks “effortless” is the product of hard work and dedication to reach perfection.

In what ways did your try at it not reach your expectations? What b.s. comes with this kind of work?
 Of course the common misconception that all strippers are hookers so I did not like to tell many people outside of work. Then dealing with the men inside of the club that act like you owe them something, or they know your story so they can "save you", and just unpleasant men in general. I won't speak for all of the women I worked with, as not to play into the whole misconception of it all. However, I can say that many of them were not pleasant to work around. It is very much every girl for herself.
The cold hard truth...
The most you can do is chop it up as an experience in life and whether good or bad it shapes you into who you are in the present. Well I think you're bad ass so if it's done anything it's propelled your passion to higher heights and made you into a stronger individual.

Sometime a change of scenery is good, so what prompted you to move away from Vegas?
The father of my children is from VA along with the rest of my family. At the time I had just given birth to my second child and shortly before my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a combination of the two situations prompted my mother, myself, and the father of my children to move back to VA for an undetermined amount of time.

What ultimately inspired you to start dancing?
In 2008, which is a couple of kids and cross country move away from Vegas, I found an ad in a local paper that said ‘Personal Trainer or pole dancer wanted’ I half-jokingly replied. Just 2 months later I found myself teaching what I had learned in Vegas. However, I found a Youtube video of Felix Cane while at work one day and decided to attempt every move I saw. I failed miserably (If you have seen Felix, you will understand why no other human can do that!!) yet I was so intrigued I had to Youtube more videos and continue to try new moves and put my own twist on them.
For all the Readers who are unfamiliar with Felix Cane, explain her connection with dance.

I have given a link to the first Felix Cane video I ever watched, which was one of 2 that made me want to pole dance until my limbs quit working!
Currently Felix is on tour with the Cirque Du soleil 
Michael Jackson Immortal tour if that indicates how amazing she is!

Without a doubt she is amazing to watch too! If I could bend with a toned body to match I would do the same lol. The level of self-confidence and sense of Pride she exudes is exactly why I see how she is inspiring to you :)

I couldn't go to an interview without mentioning my all time fave, Jenyne Butterfly!! She has been on the Ellen Show and just signed a contract to do pole when the Cirque Michael Jackson tour resides in Vegas next year!

 From watching you perform your music choices (including our favorite Miguel’s “GIRL WITH A TATTOO”) tend to be on the R&B and Hip-Hop side.

How do you decide what type of music or which songs to use for your routines?
This definitely depends on the purpose of the routine. For actual performances in public it depends on the venue and nature, but usually tries to pick something the audience can relate to without being too commercial. For practices I go with the mood every time.
So in other words you’re a “working” Pole Artist not just one who teaches others. You receive requests from different entertainment venues to perform for audiences? How often do you receive invites to perform?
That really depends on what's going on in the city around me. Sometimes I will get a call a week, others it will be months before I perform.

Do you listen to the same music a part from dancing or is it different depending on what you’re doing?
Or does the type of song depend on what you’re doing?
There is some music that I do not dance to but listen to only. This is usually songs that have lyrics that actually tend to distract me cuz I just wanna sing along!! There are a select few that stay on the ‘will not pole’ list, but for the most part the music goes with the mood in or out of the pole room.
Haha I sing all the time! Whether or not it’s good I’m not going to say lol. I bet it can be distracting trying to create moves to a song when you just want to sing it out loud. Maybe you have another talent that will eventually come to the surface ;)

Can you name a few songs that are on the
“Will Not Pole” list for our Readers.
I definitely do not pole to 2Pac even though he is my all time fave rapper.
Miguel “Sure Thing”
Aaliyah “Its Whatever”… to name a few

Where and when were you born?
1984, Norfolk, VA.

Do you still reside in your birthplace or do you live somewhere else?
When I was 6 my mom moved me to Vegas all the way until a month before my
21st birthday(ßRip Off!!)
When we moved back to VA for family reasons.
You don’t EVEN have to tell me how much of a rip off that was! I’m mad for you lol. You were definitely there for most of your growing up years. To be from Norfolk, VA and to grow up in Vegas is a huge shift in environments.

Was it challenging to adjust or was it easy at 6 years old to make the transition?
I didn’t really consider Vegas home until about my pre-teen years. I didn’t like being away from  my family so the adjustment did not come right away. Once I realized all that Vegas had to offer I was hooked!! Now I cannot wait to go back! 
What was life like growing up where you lived?
My personal life was difficult but needless to say Vegas is amazing, There was always something to do or somewhere to go, even as a child.
It can be hard to believe Vegas is a morally decent place for a child to grow up with the stigma associated with its whole meaning.
How did your parents keep you around child-proof surroundings? What are some fun memories you had?
I think I stayed busy on mostly all of the many random events that happen in Vegas. Conventions, parties, concerts, theme parks, water parks, and good friends. 

I’m such an Astrology sign fanatic so please share if you don’t mind—What’s your sign?
Are you in every sense of the word what your sign represents?
Um pretty much, yeah. There are a few inconsistencies but for the most part that’s me!!
I’m sure no one wants to hear me go on and on about astrological signs and the other aspects: rising sign, sun, moon, planets, houses lol. It can get quite deep to be honest but it’s interesting to read. The “inconsistencies” you speak of could be other sign factors in your chart. That’s as much as I’m going to say... lol The rest Is research material. But I will give ya Hi-5 for being a fellow Fire-Sign like myself. We Rock! J
Knowing someone’s sign puts me in the mindset of unleashing hidden truths & discovering who they are…
(yea I know that sounded crazy, but hey whatever lol!)
I think so!!
What is your heritage or ancestral background?
Yeah really nothing too special. Irish, German, and goofy ass white girl hahahaha.
LMAO! I didn’t see that last part coming AND I love it! Unexpected and Fun. But quite the contrary—Irish and German are interesting enough.  Where we come from tells us a lot about who we are—our own unique stories.
How do you translate your personality into your dance moves?
In my dancing I really translate what I don’t let people see on a regular basis. The softer side so to speak. I don’t really let too many people into my personal life so I let it out through song choice and releasing it in the pole room.
 What’s kool about what you said is it reminds me of Actors and Actresses. They characterize people other than themselves so when they have to portray someone who is depressed, mentally ill, temperamental, or straight up mixed-up it allows them to let out any hidden feelings they carry inside. Some have said it can disturb them like Heath Ledger when he played the Joker in “Batman Forever”. In that sense it harms their psyche but in other cases doesn’t it make you wonder if it’s a release for them because in person they seem calm, reserved, and even shy sometimes? Not the lively, over-the-top, troubled characters in movies.
Are you saying on a daily basis your personality is more hardened?
I think so. I play many roles in my life but most of the them are the tougher positions. I have been through a lot, I have seen a lot, and I anticipate hard times. For that I do have compassion; yet I still have to hold my emotions to the side for the benefit of my children and sometimes others around me.
I'm learning, rather late by some peoples' standards, that in life especially now one must wear a different face in different scenarios. Each situation needs the difference for the sake of your own well-being and to be taken seriously when needed. It's hard to tell who  we are as people since we put on our "best" face or our don't take no mess face. Underneath it all is who we really are and we only show it to those who we feel are worthy. Who we really are is "vulnerable" therefore I understand your Point of View. In my opinion you're considered a survivor. Only the strong shall survive.
From our conversations I’ve learned that you’re also a mom. How do you balance motherhood with this art that you love so much?
It is definitely a balancing act where I tend to fall off from time to time. Sometimes (single) parenting has me too tired to execute an official pole practice. Other times it motivates me to be stronger and better than I was the day before.
I’m sure many young and older women can relate to the feeling of not being able to give your all in both retrospect. The modern day working mom feels the guilt of having to work and sacrifice not being around her kids a lot of the time. Career moms especially feel the brunt of it.

For the mere fact you do this activity and your body is
sick (attractively toned and slender) can you tell our readers how many kids you have?
3, although it feels like 12 at times.
 From our conversations on Twitter I would’ve sworn the same too! Lol. I’m like wow, she is really taking on a lot AND how does she do it and still find time to have fun and enjoy life.   

Do you allow your children to watch you as you’re practicing or performing?
They are a distraction so it feels almost impossible to have a full on practice while they are awake. For now they are still too young to come to performances because their attention spans will not allow that haha. But I have a pole at home they play on more than I do and do their own competitions on!

Too cute! I would love to see a clip of your kids doing that. But of course mama only if you were comfortable with it. I know how it is with YouTube. Everybody and everything is on it.

Have any of your kids expressed their interest in doing what mommy loves to do?
Not professionally, but they play around on it frequently throughout the day.
Fascinating :)

Continuing this discussion about your family’s response to Pole Dancing, do your parents know that you do this both competitively and as a hobby?
Yes, as does everybody in my life.
When you first told them or showed them how did your parents react to it?
She absolutely despised the stripping but now supports me from home by watching the kids while I practice or go out of town for competitions.
I’m assuming you’re referring to your mother. It’s good she was able to put her feelings to the side, support you, and help you with your children. The depiction of women these days show how unfeeling we are towards each other—especially mothers and daughters. Reality tv definitely doesn’t help either.

A lot of people would look at you as a young woman who is just fooling herself, putting on an act to make Pole Dancing appear to be something more than what it really is. How do you defy the odds and prejudice with Pole Dancing?
Tell people to come take a class! If they seem a little too closed minded I put on a smile and realize they may never know what I mean and that’s not my problem.

As many of us know there are a lot of closed-minded people in the world and those who try to keep us from reaching our goals and better selves. Have you received any negative backlash for doing this?
If I have, I have forgotten it. I am surrounded by people that support me 100%
How has it impacted you for the better and worse if so?
I don’t use haters to feed my energy to succeed. I don’t think it’s healthy to stoop to their level and try to understand why they hate. Instead I try to enlighten them on how effing awesome pole dancing can be for some people. If they refuse, I keep it moving. Not enough time in my life to entertain the nonsense.
There are so many other styles of dancing out here…So many options to choose from; and you chose the most “misunderstood” kind. You have the option of doing salsa, mambo, waltz, fox trot, line-dancing, Irish River dancing, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, ballet, even “crumping”.  Why did you choose Pole Dancing?
As I stated when I first saw it there was a girl walking on the ceiling!! How cool is that?!? Plus, it is inspiring to others, it has built my self-confidence tremendously, & I am in the best shape of my life!

THE GIRL WITH A TATTOO performance was one of the most beautiful interpretations of the song I’ve ever seen.  There was a delicate, graceful, ballet-like formality with your movements. What is it about the song that made you want to perform to it?
It moved me from the moment I heard it. His voice is incredible! No beat, just Miguel. That’s all I needed to move me!

The songs you choose have an emotional, significant story that is being expressed. Do you ever feel like you’re dancing to the story of your life?
Definitely, and it’s usually a piece of life I don’t let people in on so it allows me to express what I choose not to say.
 Do you feel this piece of life is too emotional to express in words, therefore dancing explains it all for you?
It can be at times but I don't let my emotions hold me back. I find that there really is not a lot of time to express these emotions throughout the day. Life with three kids and jobs does not really allow for a lot of 'me' time. 

How long does it take you to create a routine and perfect your moves?
My first competition took about 2 months to get the routine where I wanted it. In between I was sick, children needed me, and life got in the way. Not knowing if I was gonna nail the routine stressed me out. I wanted to just dance but was afraid I would get nervous and blank. This year I met my pole idol and she confirmed that she only picks moves there’s no real rehearsed routine involved. So I have adopted this idea and can say that my competition was a lot less stressful this year!!
As for moves, they are always a work in progress!!

How did it make you feel when you noticed Miguel had commented on your dancing to this song?
Like an effing Rockstar!!!!
Have you submitted your work to any other Music Artists? If so, have any of them commented?
Yes and no. Not worried though, they can’t deny my awesomeness forever ;)

Which other Artists have you sent it to? Maybe in some way shape or form a hook-up can be made

(you never know)

Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne

You don’t just limit yourself to one technique. You challenge your abilities and try different ways of expressing your talent. One of your practices involved “LYRA”. What is it and what attracted you to using it?
It’s a giant medal hoop, they use them in circus acts and Cirque de Soleil shows. Since doing pole dancing I have been intrigued by all things aerial. I love it! Makes me feel like I’m flying and I’m free to do whatever I want with no limits on creativity- Just like pole.

Is pole dancing and aerial performing synonymous to each other?
For some, but not all. I think most pole dancers are intrigued by other aerial arts but may not try it for their own personal reasons.

Out of all the ways you’ve experienced so far, which is your favorite style of Pole Dancing to perform?
haven’t performed anything other than pole.
If there comes a day, which may or may not, in the future where you can never do this sport that you love so much ever again, what other area of interest would you go into? First and foremost, I plan on opening my own studio so even when I can’t do this I will still be able to enjoy it.
Other than that I am ridiculously crafty and make jewelry, hair flowers, memory boxes, and various other hobbies that I would not mind doing forever.
Sounds like a second business venture in the works ;)

What advice would you give someone who is interested in taking on the same aspirations you have in this dance style?
DO IT! Nothing is stopping you but you. It’s really not for everyone but you will not know until you try.
Last year on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT there were a couple of individuals if I can remember, a guy and a girl who auditioned for pole dancing.  Have you entered any competitions? If so, what were they?
That would be Steven Retchless (ahh, LUV him!!!) But I have yet to enter anything national. People have been trying to talk me into it the past few months so I am thinking this will be the year to try!
YES! definitely! *Both Hands Up* 

 I think you’re amazing at what you do. It shows how much it means to you and how serious you take it. Have you won first place or runner-up?
THANK YOU!! I appreciate that! But no, nothing. Honestly. Despite being an Aries I am not too much into competitions & it’s not because I end up the loser haha. I would much rather perform and teach around the world than worry about the pressure of competing.

Do you have a signature dance move that you like to showcase in all of your performances? If so, do you have a name for it?
I still LOVE the Allegra. It’s a certain move made by a certain pole dancer named Allegra. You can find it probably in all of my videos.

Kool! Can you give the name of the video for viewers to watch.
The Allegra starts at 3:39

If you can you explain in words. What does it feel like when you’re in the zone when you’ve perfected your routine and know everything is going smoothly?
In a word- EXHILIRATING! Or EMPOWERING! I LOVE that feeling. Feels like the stars are aligned and I can conquer ANYTHING in life or the pole room, one day haha
Is there any prep work required or needed before performing on the pole?
Stretching. It helps to be warmed up so I like to do it after I have taught a few classes. & it definitely helps to eat healthy.
The usual work-out routine for anyone can go from running, jogging, swimming, cycling, weight-lifting, aerobics, Pilates, Zumba, or Yoga. Are any of these activities added to your routine or is pole dancing your only form of work-out?
I’m not sure if this is what a performer must do, but what kind and how much strength training does a performer need to have in order to propel and support their weight for different moves?
IDK about other performers in the pole world but nothing has worked for me more than pole dancing. The more you do a move the better it will get.
Have you had any technical errors or accidents while performing?
I busted my face on the pole. It raddled all the way through the ceiling! Hurt my pride more than anything. Other than that many pulled and strained muscles.
Ouch…I can’t imagine how that must've felt.

Professionals, experts, and advanced individuals make their profession look easy. But we know it takes hard work and dedication to make it look that way. What would you warn amateurs or beginners about before doing Pole Dancing?
That it is going to bruise you first, get over it and be proud. Then there will be plenty of plateaus where you feel like you are going nowhere but if you stick it out you will succeed. It is very repetitive so if you don’t have patience or persistence with a move it probably won’t be perfected.

What does the general public get right about you?
Geez, I can’t think of anything. They always think I am a young babysitter when I am with my kids OR just a single young twenty something without a care in the world when the kids are not around.

What can you say about yourself that people may misunderstand or get wrong?
See the question before this lol
Well Krystle you’re the first Guest to have the same answer for both questions lol. It’s always special to be the first at anything. I feel ya girl.

Who’s your favorite most inspiring Music Artist(s)?
2Pac & Beyonce
What do you like about their style of music?
2Pac is my all time favorite because of his message and courage to say it. At the time of his music prime there were not a lot of rappers that would speak on the real issues of society and deliver it in the compassionate and understanding way he did.
Beyonce is a beast!! She exudes confidence, built her own empire, and her voice is mesmerizing!! She is amazing!!

What other interests or hobbies do you have?
Anything Crafty
Do you have a favorite brand name in clothing, shoes, or store you like to shop?
Gucci. HAHAHAH NOT! No favs, but I love to shop at the mom and pop shops when I go back home to Vegas.

If you could go anywhere in the world which
country(s) would you like to visit and why?
Bora Bora and Fiji are on the top of my list. I like it hot and I like to sit on the beach and contemplate life.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas, my Birthday, and New Year’s- In that order.

What’s your favorite food?
Mexican Food, then Italian. And all foods within those categories unless it involves seafood.

What is your favorite color?

Do you have any pets?
Nope, too many kids to take on another life.

How tall are you?
Hello Ruler from Lower Earth! Welcome to the Little People Clan! Your lines are so long I automatically thought you were much taller. I had to ask just to bring shock waves J

Are you single, dating, or married?

What do you look for in a potential partner for a relationship?
Honesty, trust, and communication. They go together as one so there is no order here.

If you could meet anyone in the whole world, who would it be and why?
Hmmmm…I suppose Matt Kemp. GORGEOUS!!

Oh really ;) She's got Jungle Fever... haha

If you had the opportunity to tell our current President anything what would you tell him? 
LMAO! Okaaaay. You heard it right here Kool World!
Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
With an aerial art studio but still pole dancing while trying to take over the world hahahaha *in my evil laugh*
The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try and Take over the World! haha

What do you hope to bring to peoples’ awareness about Pole Dancing and its meaning to you?
That this is an art to be appreciated and respected.

Do you have a motto or mantra you live by?
Lastly, how can our Readers keep in touch and stay connected with the Latest and Greatest?
On my Youtube ChanneL KrystlePole! :-)

 Thank you so much Ms. Bryn for sharing your World of Creative Pole Artistry with us and Enlivening
our Minds!
Much Success with all your Endeavors, Keep Bridging the Gap, and Take Over The World!

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