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Jay Alexzander

Hello Kool World! Here’s your girl
Serenada'sPen back at it again to bring you the Freshest Talent there is to offer. Looks like we have another Music Artist in our grasp, but this time we have crossed the pond and entered into UK Territory. British Takeover! I would like to introduce Jay Alexzander, another aspiring R&B singer who graciously sought me out on Twitter making sure I paid attention to his musical style. I’m glad I did because his voice is not boring whatsoever. Matter of fact it’s pleasant and entertaining to the ears and mind—Essential for creating great music for Listeners. 
Two Can Play That Game, the leading single to his 5 track set, is catchy, and his accent reminds me of another popular UK Artist that came out onto the scene back in 2000 with Born To Do It, Craig David. Also, listening to his Sexy take on Prince’s When Doves Cry will definitely take you back to the Purple Rain days. Please give it up for our UK international "Artist on the Rise”.   

Hi Luv Greetings from the US! It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance. How are you?
I’m not too bad thanks, and yourself?

Excited AND Glad at the same time ;)
You are my first UK Guest.
 Oh wow, very privileged to be the first, thank you.
Very Welcome and the pleasure is all mine.Tell us about yourself and how you came up with the name Jay Alexzander.
To start I need to ask if it is your real name being used for your Artist name?
Haha, no not at all. My name is Jonathan, which is where the ‘Jay’ came from. The ‘Alexzander’ is a bit weird. I was creating a player on a ‘soccer’ game, and the first surname that came up was ‘Alexander’ and I thought it sounded good. The spelling was just me trying to be different and adding a ‘z’.

In your 5 song selection I can distinctly hear your European accent. Which part of the UK are you originally from?
I’m originally from London, England.

Do you still live in this area?
I do and I don’t. My home is in London but I study in Liverpool and that’s where I am for most of the year.

When were you born?
Are you indirectly trying to find out my age? I’m only joking, 28th April 1991

Did you come from humble, average, or wealthy beginnings?
I would say it was pretty difficult in terms of the area I grew up in but my parents worked super hard to make sure that we had everything.

From what I understand out there you all refer to yourselves as “British” despite the vast cultural diversity. Can you tell our Readers what your heritage is? Both my parents are from Uganda.

At your earliest age what can you remember of your first interaction with music?
I don’t actually remember when I first got into singing and performing; I just know that I used to attend performing arts classes on a weekend from the age of about 5, but I clearly remember from when I was around 15/16 singing on a bus on the way home from school and everyone just looking at me in a gaze.
What was it about this interaction that set off a light (imagine a light bulb clicking on lol), this is the direction you wanted to go into?
To be honest lol, it was the reaction from the females. From me singing on the bus, a friend of mine who is a rapper, asked me to feature on a song, and that just got people excited. I think it was when we performed it in a variety show, that’s when I thought ‘yes this is what I want to do’.

What music did your parents or family play around the house when you were growing up?
They played all sorts really. I clearly remember there being a lot of Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley even a lot of Usher; I remember my mum buying the 8701 album. Oh because I had many older cousins always coming to look after me, I used to hear a lot of great 90s music; TLC, 2Pac etc.

Did they initially support your music aspirations or did they want a different career path for you?
From what I can remember, my dad wanted me to follow my initial career choice which was to study law or sociology/criminology. He was saying that up until I got into the university I go to at the moment, which is quite prestigious.  My mum always supported because she knew it’s what makes me happy and that I’d put my everything into it. Plus she sings as well lol.

Were you in band, chorus, or both in school?
When I was in school I didn’t sing one bit. It was until I left my first sixth form and went to my second sixth form when I joined the school choir. And that was only because one of the girl’s had recognized me and told the choir teacher I was a singer.

Were you a choir member at church?
Yeah I was. To be honest if I wasn’t studying in Liverpool I would probably still be in the church choir.

Describe the content of your music and how it stands apart individually from other R&B Artists in the UK AND United States.
The content of my music? hmm. I just write about life and situations that occur, but mainly its about love and females. To be honest I don’t really think the content of the music stands apart that much. The only thing that probably does is the fact that I’m very real and I’m not afraid to speak my mind in my music.

How long have you been promoting yourself as a solo Artist?
Since I was about 17. I had a myspace and all sorts.

What is your driving force to keep pursuing your dream?
I think it’s just my family that drives me forward. My parents always told me to never give up and try my best in all that I do so that drives me forward. Also, when I see the music

I’ve interviewed two gentlemen, Tony Sway and Bobby Washington, who have taken it upon themselves to independently PRODUCE & DISTRIBUTE their music. What are your marketing skills & strategies for getting your music heard?
I have no marketing skills whatsoever lol. Literally what I do is bombard everyone on twitter and facebook, and I also ask friends to help me out and spread the word on the social networking sites.
Hmm…That sounds very similar to a particular someone I know lol. Exactly what I’m doing with this site and facebook page (Serenada’sPen Bloggerviews Behind The Scenes facebook.com/FamousByNatureINC). I call it Entrepreneurial.  We aint got no help in the matter so we gotta do it the old-fashioned way! Eventually we’ll get folks attention ;) 

 Even though the Beatles were from a different time period and sang a different Genre from your own did they inspire any of your musical aspirations?
Have you been stalking me? Lol. Its funny that you mention the Beatles because I go to the University that Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles started up. But no, they didn’t really inspire me directly, but I guess that they inspired people who have inspired me so you could say they did. (sorry for the essay)
LMAO!!!! No, just clairvoyant perhaps =P
I have a pretty darn good 6th sense then!
I never would’ve guessed there would be a connection, but since the Beatles are British and monumental around the world musically I thought, why not? But hey if I was spot on the question would’ve been, Are you frequently going to a location where a famous member of a musical group attended? In that case you can get spooked out, but believe the only connection I had prior to this interview was the mishap mixing up your name with another Jay Alexzander who is also a singer lol. And don’t worry about how much you want to say. We’re in each other’s company. It allows the readers to connect with you more personally, and as you can see I can talk for days… to a fault


Which US or UK Music Recording Artists inspire you?

I could name quite a few, but to narrow it down I’d say Michael Jackson, Miguel, Jesse Boykins III, Eric Roberson and Musiq Soulchild. All US artists I know, there’s not many UK artists.
Oh wow really? No UK Artists huh… I’m intrigued now. There has been an explosion of today’s British Artists on the American music scene: Adele, Estelle, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, Jay Sean, Taio Cruz, James Blunt, Leona Lewis, and James Blunt. Since they’re all coming from the same country as you, as far as you know did you hear of them around the way since they were trying to get noticed for their music?
 Gotta love the 90's music. In reference to your question, before I started singing or around the time I started singing Taio Cruz, Jay Sean, and Amy Winehouse were around, but I couldn't say that they influenced me much at all. Taio had a few hot R&B tracks but then he swayed off a bit, which annoys me to be honest.
I can understand. When you think you know what an Artist's "theme-sound" is you expect to hear it and it throws you off when they stop using it. It's like wth happened?!? 

From listening to you R. Kelly came to mind as well as Miguel. Which Artist(s) do your listeners say you resemble or sound like?
That’s such a compliment, wow thank you.  When I was younger people used to say that my voice reminded them of Rob from Day 26.

See, this is why I like talking to different people! It's been awhile since I've heard about Day 26. I need to check them out. But sure, usually one artist reminds me of another in some kind of way. We’re all inspired by each other so it makes sense. J Indeed we are.

Which label do you hope to get signed to or considered for future recordings?
I haven’t really thought about any major labels yet. But I wouldn’t want to choose one just in case someone is reading this and it messes up my chances lol.
You’re will have more than one label checking this out eventually. In my opinion it would just be a competition for other labels that want to sign you ;) I’m not an expert but I view this in terms of a job. You want to find the best fit for you so that you will be happy, stay, and do your best work. It’s in your best interest to express what you seek in a record label as an artist or which kind you’re into for the best match. But if it’s all about just getting signed to any then it doesn’t really matter what I’m talking about. But ya know, just saying.
Exactly. I'd like a label to actually allow me to make music that is respectable. No disrespect to some artists, but once they get signed, the label makes them release some funny music because they say it is what sells. But for me, if I don't like it, how can I put it out?

What set-backs or trials have you experienced on your journey to become a widely recognized Music Artist
Not many at the moment, probably just not getting as much support as I could have but that’s not exactly a set back.
Depends on what you consider a “set-back” to be. Overall the attention you receive from your developing fan base is important. They will tell others and of course follow you throughout your journey and support it. Those that we love and care about matter a lot when trying to reach a goal such as this one. It’s not like we, speaking of you, me, and others out here, can’t achieve our goals if we don’t have support. But it does make it easier to have a lot of support when forces around us are constantly causing us to disbelieve or lose faith in what we’re trying to achieve.

If anyone has said anything hateful about your talents or dreams—what have they said and how did it make you feel?
I used to get told that I wouldn’t make it, and that I was a rubbish singer. To be honest it made me angry but also made me want to prove them wrong even more.

It’s amazing how anyone can have the gall to tell someone else they will not make it in pursuit of their dreams. I’ll tell you Jay words that piss me off or annoy me the most: NO, CAN’T, WON’T, and DON’T.  Use those words in the context of what you’re saying and it’s the worst mix in the world to me. You can look at those jerks now and say, Look at me now! And I’m still rising!
I completely agree

 How involved are you as an Artist in the “business” side of making your art? If you’re already in the industry—Is there anything about the business you had to learn how to deal with?
Because I'm not signed, everything I do is literally off my own back. I have full control, but in terms of the business I'm learning a lot about the business at uni.

 How much creative control do you have over your own music? 100%

Every very artist has their muse or form of inspiration to create their music. What are your inspirations?
Things that happen in my life and what I see around me are my inspirations.

Please answer if this applies. If you could “coin” a unique genre name for your music what would you call it? I do not have a clue. I think maybe ‘Neo R&B’. Only because I don’t think my music is your typical R&B and it’s not straight up Neo Soul either, it’s quite in-between with elements of others in places.
First time hearing this combination. You could be a top forerunner in this genre mix. And we discussed it right here first J
Thought I'd try something lol

Do you prefer to be in the studio going through the process of making songs or actually performing the completed song in front an audience? Why do you choose this option?
I think I prefer the creative process in the studio. Reason being a lot of my songs always start from me having a melody and bringing it to a producer and has working around it. It just gets me really excited to hear the finished product how I envisioned it. Don’t get me wrong though, I love performing.

Sure, I can understand though because seeing how your ideas and vision come together to take form is exciting. Performing is like the cherry on top.

How many siblings do you have?
I have 1 little brother, but if you saw how many cousins I was always with and how close we are you’d think there’s about 10 of us.
Close-knit family
 You better know it J

What other activities/hobbies do you like to engage in when you’re not singing/performing?
I love sports. Sports were my thing before I actually started to take music seriously, so I think because of that I’m a bit of a ‘keep fit’ type of person. I’m always in the gym, people say its like my second home.

What kind of sports are you into that Americans wouldn't know much about? I've heard of Cricket. I'm not sure if there are similarities and the names are different...
 Erm football, that you guys would call soccer. Rugby, that is the equivalent to American Football and Athletics.

What are your favorite tv shows?
I hardly watch any TV anymore, but I love Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Eastenders, Desmonds, The Wire, Lost and Prison Break. Some of these have already stopped showing but I still watch them.

True some of them have stopped airing. I used to watch Prison Break but wow it’s been some years. In the beginning I loved it but then I lost track. It was suspenseful. Lost and The Wire were popular shows and of course nothing can top FRESH PRINCE. Will Smith made that show and it is Epic 4-sho.
Are the Eastenders and Desmonds British shows?
Yes they are. Desmonds has finished now. It was an old show. But the Eastenders is on-going.

What’s your favorite store to shop?
(doesn’t have to be just clothing)
It’d probably have to be ‘Game’, only because I love playing video games. I have a big collection of them in my room.
I like games too even though I’m going to seem corny for saying it. The old skool stuff like Uno, Jenga, Ping-Pong, Mancala, Nintendo, board games like Pictionary, Guess Who?, Where’s Waldo (I know it’s a book) lol.

Which kind of games or systems do you like the most? Has to be PS3. I'm constantly on it.

Do you have a collection of any particular item you enjoy collecting?
Not really, unless you could count collecting nandos stamps every time I eat there to get some free chicken, then yeah I collect those lol.

Lol. You’re a funny guy. In that case I am an avid coupon collector when I steal the paper from my mother. She clips all the good coupons though. But nah that’s actually very sexy, a guy who knows how to be frugal. Great attitude to have for when you find Mrs. Jay Alexzander. Times are hard—aint nothing wrong with SAVING.

Do you know how to cook?
Yes I do, I like to call myself ‘Chef Jay Alexzander’.
Haha okay. Do you wear the white bonnet too?
Haha white bonnet, you're having a laugh. And if I tell you then I'll be giving away my chef secrets ;)
Not at all Jay! It's just a lil' preview in case one of my readers wanna holla! Just saying lol. But fine...you'll give it up eventually ;)

What food, native to the UK that Americans don’t know about or eat, is your favorite?
I don’t think there’s anything native to the UK that I particularly like that Americans don’t already know about, but have you ever heard of ‘Black Pudding’?

No sir! I have a feeling it's not what I'm thinking of either. But here's a pick I've discovered that best represents what it is Kool World.
You are going to think im disgusting, but its pig's blood. Tried it once or twice. I could never finish it but one or two bites. The northerners love it.
Hun you have no idea... There's some weird stuff all over the world but right here in America we eat some weird stuff too. Down here in the south we eat chitterlings. One part of the pig. Ya'll down my way know bout that! <- Had to get Country Southern for a minute lol.

What is your favorite dessert?
Either Vanilla Ice Cream, or Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream on the side.
One of my favorite combinations! Yummm
Something we have in common :)

Are you currently looking for love or happily found it?  Haha, you could say I’m currently looking.

Look out Ladies! Here’s a serenading one for ya!

What valuable characteristics do you treasure in a potential partner?
Sense of humour, independent, patient, straight-forward, ambitious, down to earth, and quite hard to get. Yeah I’m quite hard to please lol.

That’s a nice list to measure up to! Are you seeing this LADIES out there? This is what Mr. Jay Alexzander expects from his leading lady.
Not all of it ladies, don't worry. Just as long as I can spend time with you, have fun, and not get to the point where I'm saying 'argh get out' or 'go away' then you're fine.
Sure Jay, like that really makes it better! womp womp woooomp haha.

Everyone has a celeb crush no matter which part of the world they’re from. Who is your US Celeb crush you wouldn’t mind “kanoodling” [flirt and tease] with? LoL.
I could name a few lol. . Janelle Monae is my wife!!!

In that case I should eliminate the last question lol. Does Ms. Monae know that she’s your wife? Haha. Maybe we should all have a Twitter or Facebook Wedding. That would be fun.Or maybe I should let her in on your double-crossing ways sir! You just said you’re currently looking (shame shame) I’m not sure if I should continue on and ask this next question but I guess it won’t hurt.
Haha of course she knows. She thinks about me all the time. I'm playing lol. I just think she's cute, but in a way that she's beautiful. There's a few more I'd love to just flirt with but you know.
Aight lover, but this aint the love connection for black singles! We're on a "timed-schedule" here (Not really but you get me lol) Maybe my next blog should be for hook-ups. Meet your Celeb Dream. 

For all the female readers: Boxers or Briefs?
Boxers all day, everyday! But the fitted boxers, not the loose ones lol
Aren’t those called Briefs?!? If they’re fitting tight they wouldn’t be called boxers anymore, would they?!? I’m totally not sure what to say now haha. Thanks for sharing now we all know you like to be free yet secure at the same time. That probably tells a lot about your preference in other arenas too, but I won’t go into that… we’ll keep this G-rated lol.
Haha I think we should. But there are different types of boxers :)
Okay this interview went south, because of my inquisitive nature about what foods you like, and I don't know how to pull it out now..lol Boy I just need to shut up huh?!? Anyways...this interview will return back to its original content right now Kool World.

Okay moving along ::ahem::
You’re going to help me make up a pretend name for a certain “entertaining” occupation. Please give your First name and the Street you lived on during your childhood.
Haha this is weird. Jonathan Stewarts
Haha…okay that’s your Porn name! I guess I can’t keep this G-rated haha
PORN!?! I wasn't expecting that one. Erm, I think I mis-judged you, hmmm...lol. To be honest, that's a decent porn name, in my eyes ;)
Oh don't worry it's an American joke...
old skool haha. I know it was random. But hey I never said I was like everyone else.   
Now I think we’ll get back on the right track now…lol

Which job would you least want to work?
Bin man (Garbage collector)

What was the worst job you ever had?
(cringe at the thought of it to this day)
Working in a supermarket called Sainsburys, hated it.

My first job was in a grocery store or supermarket called Kroger in the floral department. I helped make arrangements, cut and water the flowers, which required filling a bin up with water and lugging it back to the department just to take the plants out of their vases and dunking them in water, and blowing up balloons. It was kinda fun and kool especially during holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. I was not as public-oriented and sociable back then so I didn’t want to be alone “managing” the department, but if I was doing it now it would be Fly lol. It wasn’t until I transferred to another location where I dealt with cashiering and that’s when I hated it. Customers were impatient and hateful. They tried to pull a fast one by asking for all kinds of strange change amounts back. It was in a rough area so there were plenty of EBT tickets and calls for overrides because they didn’t have enough money to pay for all their stuff they knew they didn’t have money for in the first place. Then stand there looking at you like something you did wrong was wrong. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS is not necessarily something I did lol. It was aggravating to say the least.

What is the most embarrassing thing you ever had to experience? How did you make it through it?
I really don't know, you may have to ask my friends about that one lol.
Alrighty, direct me to one of your friends so I can get the dirt lol. Seriously.
I'll tell you that one in private. Don't want everyone asking my friends lol.
Oh alllriight..its kool

Sesame Street is a World-wide famous children’s television learning program. If you could be any character on the show which 1 would you be? And why?
I can hardly remember sesame street, but I loved it. Let me think, erm, Elmo. From what I can remember, elmo was funny!!
Hahaha! Do I sense you were trying to remember the name of Elmo?!? Oh my Lord..it really has been a minute, hasn’t it?
It really has. I feel old now :(
 It's okay, the question was crazy anyways. I'm sure someone out here is saying, "that was lame" Oh well lol.

 Let’s say you wake up one morning, try to speak, and realize you can’t. You go to the doctor and he/she says you developed a rare disorder that caused your vocals to change. Now you sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Trying to be serious but it just turned silly lol ).
Would you continue to sing or change professions?Wow, God forbids that ever happens to me. Lol I’d change profession and just write songs for people instead.

 That’s the idea! You want to still be involved and stay connected to what you love, which is music. But yea, it sounds over-the-top but nothing in life is guaranteed. Just keeping it real.

What sound do you love?
I think this one needs to be kept 'G-rated' haha...I'd say I love the sound of food being cooked. I LOVE food lol.
You need to stop Jay lol. You don't want me to tell about how this question "went over your head" the first time I asked. Now you want to take it there lol. I told you I'm trying to be good here. And BTW I'm a Foodie too hehe.

Ok here's the next one...

What sound do you despise?
Bloody foxes screaming at night time. I can't stand it. They make so much noise in London.

O-M-G!!! I had no idea foxes made so much noise. I am crying in tears, this is so d*mn funny...I love how ya'll say "bloody" with everything when cursing. It's so different. In America it's just a straight curse word lol. The only time I've heard animals screaming was when I was visiting a relative high up on a mountain (yup, she lives on the edge of a mountain lol) in California. I've never seen a coyote in my life but up there they were howling...I was like whaat is that?!? I was in Call of the Wild lol... anyways I'm sorry the foxes are so loud.
 What can you say about yourself that the public may misunderstand or get wrong about you?
Sounds weird but I can be quite rude and have a short temper as well. I’m not all nice.

There’s something we can all say about ourselves that isn’t pretty.  No point in acting like we’re wearing a halo of flowers on our heads prancing around on top of the hills singing melodies. Short fuses run in my background so that is mine, plus I can come on too strong. Love me or hate me ;)
Come on too strong hey? Ok Note to self ;)
You are a complete mess Jay lol. I'm done with you. This interview is so backward it's unbelievable haha.

For those who are in your company, what do they get right about you?
That I’m stubborn lol, but very determined and ambitious.
Let me just point out, your sign is Capricorn. Enough said lol.
My sign is a Taurus love, thing you got this one wrong lol. But yeah, Taurus, even worse.
Wow, you're right! I don't know how I messed that up. I guess I've encountered too many Capricorns. But Word up for Tauruses. There's a few in my family.

If there is an opportunity to say anything to the US President Barack Obama what would you say to him?
I’d try and speak to him in my language and see if he understands because supposedly his tribe in Kenya is similar to mine in Uganda (language wise). But I’d just say ‘very nice to meet you’, and ask if he likes my music lol.
I looove your answer! Honestly I would <3 to see that Jay J Hopefully one day you will get the chance. That would be totally awesome.

If you can be any super hero from cartoons, comic books, or your imagination who would you be? What super power would you have?
Probably Spiderman or Batman. Batman more for his physique and strength (and because I’m dark skinned lol), but spiderman because he can do so much with those webs. But I’d also like to be a super hero that could read the minds of females, because you guys are confusing.

Okay Mr. Mel Gibson in
What Women Want you
just had to go there with the females are confusing! [throwing the Steve Harvey Book at you] Why you males always have to revert everything back to us?!? Lol Honestly, c’mon dude. Maybe it’s the ones you’re running after. Let me call up your wifey Ms. Monae and see what she thinks! lol
haha, yes and tell her to give me a call too. Oh and here we go with this Steve Harvey book. He really has sold us out lol.
Oh ok, so it is true! You just confirmed it. Thank God he did let us in on ya'll schemin' ways lol. I mean, "simple" ways of being. Simple, whatever... simple at making us crazy and complicated. That book is a guide-post now we can play ya'll game. Let's see if one of you can write an efficient book on how females really are. That will be the day!
How do you envision your dream house to look like? What furnishings on the inside? Colors?
I don’t have anything in mind, as long as it was just BEAUTIFUL, had a big kitchen (Chef Jay Alexzander), and big rooms, Huge garden, a mini gym inside and the colours blue and green somewhere in there I’d be happy.

Sounds nice to me! Blue and Green are color favs. J Maybe you can be my house decorator lol. I know in my dream home I would love a front porch with a porch swing. In the south it’s commonplace for some homes to have a porch, gazebo, or deck in the back. If not an open front porch, a screened front porch so no bugs can fly on me. Big kitchen is nice too for cooking and entertaining!
Something else we have in common ;) Blue and Green are my favs too. I think I need to come to the south. Heard alot about it, and in a weird way I find the accent annoying but sexy! Only annoying because it can be a bit TOO strong...
OH Loord! Flirty, Flirty, Flirty...there has to be a good match out here for you somewhere. Don't mind this Kool world he's just teasin' lol.Well I would say the same about ya'll too. Those heavy British accents can wear a brain down sometimes. Accents can do that sometimes in my opinion.

What do you see in your future 10-20 years from now? Where do you hope to be in your career and in your life
I hope to be a very successful artist and songwriter. Maybe even have my own label. In terms of my life, I hope to have a Beautiful wife and little kids around, to live close to my parents, and my brother and his family.
What do you want the world to remember about you when your life here on earth closes its final chapter?
I want everyone to be able to remember my artistry, how hard I worked to make things happens, my smile, and my legacy.

Smiles are always Great to  be remembered!  Your Legacy is not too bad neither ;) I wish for all the Best with your career.
Thank you :)

What quote, daily dose, or motto that guides you when you feel discouraged and at your lowest?
When im at my lowest I think, ‘Only way you can go now is up’. But I like to have such mottos/phrases like ‘Never Give Up’ and I like to think that ‘There’s someone out there working hard to try and take my spot, so I need to continue to work hard’. Oh and my friend has one that is ‘No Half Hearts’.

Wonderful Jay! Now to wrap it up. How can your fans and newbies learning about you for the first time get in touch with the Latest and Greatest?
They can follow me on twitter, but be warned, I am young so I do talk about a lot of other things as well as my music lol, and also like my Facebook page. A website is on the way as well.

In the meanwhile, where can we go to listen to your music?
Best place at the moment would be my bandcamp (Jayalexzanderuk.bandcamp.com) or my YouTube channel (JAlexzanderMusic) where you can also find
my cover sessions :)

And I will update his site information for you all once I know it’s up!

Catch Up With This UK Artist on his 

Channel JAlexzanderUK!

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