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EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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Welcome Kool World! 
This is your girl Serenada’s Pen
I’m here to introduce an up and coming, extremely determined ambitious cat reppin’ from my hometown Atlanta, Georgia. If there is anyone in the game that is making waves it is him, Cashklay aka Kaliym Foster. I’ve been following him on Twitter for over a year & it wasn’t until this year something urged me to pay close attention to him on my #TL {timeline}. His unexpected S/O one ordinary day was an indicator and all that I needed; so I decided to invest more time into him. Little did I know this was an extraordinary year for Cashklay as our next "Artist on the Rise"

He is finally taking off in the direction he was hoping to achieve: his debut album EPIC-DEMIC 
receives a distribution deal with major sites Itunes, AMAZON, Spotify, etc., reserved performances in place throughout the summer, book deals lined up, and more. Did I mention he has a strong attack in his lyrical delivery? He is a beast & has the recognition for sucker-punching his contemporaries in free-style battles on the
A-town streets. He’s pretty much on top of the world as an “Icon in-the-making” where it’s not only about the destination but the journey itself. Here’s your chance to preview the makings of the man exclusively on my set.

Hi luv, how are you today?
I’m Fine. Doing better than ever.

It’s been a long road, hasn’t it?  But you’re finally seeing the fruits of your labor & that is something to celebrate. You must be very proud and relieved at the same time.
It feels great it has been a long road just to get an album out on the market. There has been many obstacles but in the long-run the greater the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

For all of our viewers/readers explain exactly what it means to be “CashKlay”. What inspired the birth of this unique & cutting edge name? 
I get it from my ability to adapt. Cash is green in color and clay can be anywhere from brown to a dark-muddy, swampy appearance. Just like a chameleon itself, my personality is sparked as well as altered by my environment and surroundings. I grew up in the grimiest environments to the most beautiful environments. Out of each environment I have taken what I have learned from experience and use it in my music to be able to reach as well as to relate to people of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Is Atlanta your hometown or is it where you currently reside? Atlanta is where I currently reside. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA

Where were you born? Methodist Hospital Philadelphia, PA

You were blessed with such a youthful appearance but I 'know' better ;) Can you tell us when your birthday is & how old you are? 
August 1, 1988; going on 24.

A Leo in our grasp Ladies! Rawrrrr! You know what they say about Leos! Hotttt se...I’m not gonna say the rest lol.

How would you describe your own personal style? Do you have any Favorite brand names? 
I like clothes that separate me a part from anyone else. On a regular day you can catch me in button down shirts with jeans or athletic wear. I only dress down for occasions and performances. Other than that I am always wearing something that is comfortable such as jeans etc. I don’t have any favorite brand names, whatever looks good on my frame I wear.

I hear the title Rap Artist & Hip Hop Recording Artist used interchangeably. Which one do you consider yourself to be or are they both the same? 
I consider myself a Rap Artist, simply because I paint pictures in many genres. I can do more than hip hop. I can do hip hop mixed with pop, rock-n-roll, etc.

How would you describe your lyrics compared to the next rapper out here? 
Mine are out of the box and very theatrical and intense. I am always in a metaphor mode or story telling mode throughout my songs.

I’ve listened to your album Epic-Demic & the first thing I noticed was the spelling of the title. How does it tie into the theme of your album? 
Well Epic is usually used when something sounds like a film, film music, or movies. Being that I mixed hip hop with film/classical music the whole way through my album I decided it to be called The Epic-Demic because the film like –theatrical sound just took over every track.

There are plenty rappers trying to defeat the odds with their eyes on the prize as big as yours. What makes you any different than the next Rap Artist? 
I am trying something that any rapper wouldn’t do such as putting film and theatre with hip hop. Most rappers nowadays just carbon copy what they hear because they are afraid of new ideas. They want quick money.

Which songs on EPIC-DEMIC have the biggest impact on you? And why? Victory because it is about my personal struggle for trying to reach success. Champion because when you constantly fail you forget what success feels like.  When I felt that triumphant horn in my ear when I was recording it gave me the spark I needed to continue further and it became a motivational song and lead me to achieving goals with clarity and focus.

What does It feel like when you’re in the free-flowing “cut-you down” zone during battles? 
I don’t like doing it because battling doesn't get you anywhere but enemies in the industry. I like inspiring others and not chopping them down so I try to refrain from that as much as possible. It feels bad and I feel like I’m degrading myself in the process instead of degrading them.

That is a phenomenal answer for your brute honesty. Very “human” way to respond.

When you’re not performing as Cashklay what do you do on your free-time as Kaliym? 
Write poetry and short stories. Free-time don’t exist for me. I love what I’m doing so I try to keep at it with no breaks.

A hardworker Kool World! Grinding til the very end... Very inspirational

Let’s say you were at a battle waiting for your opponent to walk on the stage. Then it’s quiet until the name is announced and you see him walk on the stage- Eminem, just like 8 mile. How would you feel going up against him? 
Kind of intimidating because he is an excellent MC, but at the same time I would give it my all because I want to show people I have courage as well as the confidence to hang in there and not get annihilated.

To tell you the truth I would love to see something like that. It would be a packed house with bets made to the max! A really hot night.

Many Artists recall music being the influence of their lives through their parents' music or the music their parents listened to & played around the house. Did you have this experience in your home? 
Yes my grand mom played Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, and James Brown. My step father played jazz, reggae, and soft rock. My mom played all types of rap. I grew up with all types of music in my vicinity.

That definitely sounds like a musical home.

Did you play any instruments growing up? 
Yes. The Trombone, Violin, and the Piano. The Flute also.

Impressive variety! What attracted you to the Trombone and Flute? 
I like the triumphant sounds they make. They remind me of success, victory, and hope.

Wow! Nice... Don’t hear that too often from an African American male in today’s generation. Well the first for me!

That’s good to hear. I’m sure the readers are impressed as well.

Did you sing in chorus at school or choir at church? 
No can’t sing. I can harmonize but real singing no. It’s not for me.

I had to ask because when you hear Drake or Wayne using auto-tune in songs it makes a gal like me wonder are rappers trying to sing now lol... I remember when Ja Rule was poppin' off at the start of the millenium. He did it all the time... baaabaaay, you know you drive me craaaazaaay! I loved it. 

Lil Wayne likes to skateboard & Miguel likes to paint when they’re not performing. What other Art forms do you like to explore when you’re not rapping? 
I like martial arts. Tae kwon-do and Hakido.

Omg! If you could see how my chin hit the floor... 
Did you just say Tae Kwon-Do & Hakido??? That’s capital 
D for Danger + Protection. Looks like another 
Jackie Chan movie is in the works, but this time it’s LEROY! KaPooOOw!

I had no idea you did martial
arts. Are you saying you actually physically do these two activities? 
Yes I do. I go to a martial arts school on Old National Hwy in
 College Park, GA.

When was your “ah ha” defining moment when you realized this is what you wanted to do as a career? 
When the love started growing stronger as I kept being drawn to theatre and music. It was like I used to make up my own versions of already made songs. People always said I was really good at speaking and grasping people with words through speech and rapping. 

Now this is the moment of truth. If you could name just 1, who is your all-time favorite rapper? And why?

hmm.. very hard. I have a few but i would say Eminem because of his versatility and not being afraid to display originality while using his full ability of freedom of speech.

Which Artists of the past or present would you love to collaborate with? 
Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Jessie J, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, Adele, DMX, Nas, and Young Jeezy

What is it about their styles that intrigue or excite you? 
Their charisma and subject matter.

Which music Artists do your listeners or general public say you resemble? 
Wiz Khalifa, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco.

The environment can get very competitive & egos are high. Would you say you’re widely received in the rap game or do you experience animosity? 

Well I think it has to do with region and people are not receptive nowadays to something new. So I experience a lot of animosity because I don’t do what’s out now.   

Can you clarify what is “out now”?
What is out now—people are afraid to explore the depths of new ground. It just seems as if some artists are copying and not being original.   

What set-backs did you experience to reach your level of success now? 
Finding the right engineer and finding the right friends to be around me.

That seems like a never-ending battle no matter what profession one has. Finding true friends is challenging enough. I can understand the difficulty as someone who has been through many of those experiences. I’m sure many readers can fully relate to the difficulty especially when they do not follow, but lead. Just like my twitter name HonestSheWillBe, when you stand behind your dreams and aspirations one must walk alone. You may lose friends in the beginning but those that believe will add on where they left off.

LIFE IS AMAZING Author: Kaliym Foster aka Cashklay
Compared to the US, 
How has the world received you with
your music & books? 
I get more love from people in other countries than in my own country.

That’s rather sad to know. I notice how many American Music Artists are getting massive recognition oversea like instantly compared to here. I guess we’re just slow to catch on to superior greatness. Just my opinion.

The Garden of Eaten Author: Kaliym Foster aka Cashklay
What are 2 things about the music industry the “outside” world got twisted? 
That we know everything and that we don’t have problems. This is an employer as everything else. We need love, care, and inspiration as well.
Amazing and informative! So glad you made it clear to the world of what it is really like.

The great thing is it’s a job you actually love to do so it doesn’t feel like you’re “working”. Gotta have food on the table & roof over your head but at least you go to sleep at night excited for the next day!

When you’re not performing as Cashklay how does Kaliym spend his free-time? What other hobbies do you have? 
I go to the shooting range and I like to scuba dive.

Whew! We covered the tough stuff & you did great. 
Now we can be more laid back.

What is your favorite food? Pizza and Tacos.

Yummo! 2 of my favs.

What is your favorite color? Black

What is it about black that you like? 
It represents definition and purpose. Black brings me out more.

Do you have any pets? No

If you could be 1 object or animal in the whole world what would you be? And why? 
I would be an eagle because I like exploring and getting away. It is good to live in a world to go anywhere without the costs of traveling or passports.

If you had the power to change 1 thing in the world what would it be? Poverty

If you had 1 super power what would it be? 
What superhero? Dr Doom. He is very intelligent, and has electrical lightning coming from him. Mind and the muscle.

*If you could say 1 thing to our current President what would it be? (non-explicit please)
I am proud that u stood up against the odds and made a mark in history inspiring others to see that anything is possible.

Very Beautiful, I must say.

Which country or countries would you like to visit?
Japan and United Kingdom.

Anything special about these countries that makes you want to see them?
People there are open-minded and are culturally focused and have total mental independence.

What is your favorite movie? Lord of The Rings.

Which did you prefer to travel: planes, trains, or automobiles? Automobiles.

What can’t you  leave home without?
My phone and a notepad with a pen.

This is strictly for the ladies: Boxers or Briefs? Boxers.

For all your female fans out here, do you have a leading lady or are you on the prowl?  
Long topic. Instead of Miguel saying I don’t wanna be loved. I want to be loved with an hour long romantic session. No quickies involved. I need the quality and quantity in the moment.

QUICKIE video still-shot. 2010 album MIGUEL: ALL I WANT IS YOU 
Funny, I hope Miguel is reading this. NO quickies here! Cashklay is all about substance. Ladies take note!
FYI We love you Miguel. We know you want more than a quickie ;} 

What do you look for in a woman that you value the most? Open-Minded, Leadership, Responsibility, have a degree of intellectuality, Cleanliness, and she got to love sex.

I think I spoke too soon #smh That last part really stuck out the most lol. Just so it doesn’t give the wrong impression to anyone, when you say “she got to love sex” it doesn’t mean she has to be a nympho, right?
Well what I mean specifically is that there is a lot of Eye-candy out here and I think that in every relationship u have to be able to secure that area so that your spouse doesn't go elsewhere for what u can’t provide in the bedroom. Besides all the material things and gifts and money emotional expression is always important when displaying compassion and sex is one of the fundamental ways to express this. No she doesn't have to be a nympho but she does have to make it count to where there is not always a hunger for more to the extent u can’t stay satisfied.

Which job would you least want to work? 
Fast Food. Ugghhh!!! Couldn’t do it.

What can you say about yourself that people may misunderstand or get wrong? 
That I am self concerned. I just want the better for myself so I can be in a position to provide opportunities for the generations to come.

What do you see in the “bigger picture” of your life? What do you aim to accomplish in music & abroad? 
I want my music to feature in films. Also I want to sync all my books into a motion picture and begin screen writing movies for our next generation of actors to come to play in. I wouldn’t mind getting a scene or two in an intense sci-fi or action thriller such as Lord Of The Rings, The Matrix, movies of that nature.

Awesome! Big dreams with Big talent.

If you could give other aspiring Artists meaningful sound advice what would you tell them? 
Stay true to who you are. Never let nobody tell or make you who you are.

I feel that...

If there was a quote or motto you would want the world to remember you by what would it be? 
L.I.F.E. -Learning Information From Experience

Lastly, for all your fans out here & newbies that are just now reading about you-How can they keep in touch with the Latest & Greatest? 
Follow me on twitter.com/cashklay 
Email me at cashklay@cashklay.com 
Visit my website Cashklay.com and fill out the form in the contact me section. 
Add me on Facebook: Facebook.com/cashklay

Wonderful!  There you have it KOOL WORLD –CashKlay—Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share a bit of yourself with all of us. It was truly a pleasure & we’ll be keeping up with all your accomplishments and of course your music. Much props Luv. 

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