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Bobby Washington

Hello Kool World! 
This is your girl Serenada’s Pen
My guest today is R&B sensation
Bobby Washington.
 I’m going to be completely honest & tell you this will be as new to me as it is for you! It’s always special when you’re noticed in the midst of many people & that is exactly how we met. This kool cat found me promoting rising stars UK heartthrob Rickstar, Electric Miguel, 
Hip-Hop crooner Baby Bash, as well as other 
Music Artists on Twitter. Somehow my own promoting technique caught his attention and he asked me to endorse his latest single, Back it Up. I knew right then a special introduction to the world was in order & here he is to shed some light on who he is as an 
“Artist on the Rise.”

Hi luv how are you?
I’m Good Beautiful, And Glad To Be Here Interviewing With You.

And likewise to have the honor of your company :)

Let’s begin with your start in the music industry.

What has the journey been like for you?
Wow! My Journey Has Been An Interesting One. I Started Out Singing In A 5 member group back in high school in Miami Fl. Our manager at the Time was AJ Alexander (Bobby Brown's Old Body Guard and The One That Discovered Usher and  got him signed to LA FACE Records). My Group and I had The Opportunity To Open Up For “New Kids On The Block”. After High school I Went Solo and Got an Independent Record deal With a Company out Of Miami Called “UPFRONT RECORDS” Where I Had the Opportunity to Release a single In Specs and FYE record stores. I went on the road and performed many shows. In 1998 I decided To Open My Own Label and began producing and recording out of my home studio, then taking to the streets, and selling my album from the trunk. So far I’ve sold over 200,000 copies without a major label, just hand to hand combat. I made music my life, in fact I have not had a J.O.B ever since 1998. At $10 a pop you can do the math and figure out why.

This is too interesting! Wow, I’m like no way! You and your group were really around the real deal.  Your manager was a body-guard for Bobby Brown and phenomenally put Usher on the map! All major props go straight to him for that one right there 4-sho. New Kids on the Block were the reigning boy group in my grade school days. Remember when major groups marketed like mad: lunch boxes & thermals, sleeping bags, pencils and notebooks, dolls, fashion. It was just the sign-of-the times. I remember having a New Kids on the Block sleeping bag #Memories.

You really prove to be an Artist who had a passion and was going for the gold at any cost. You were exposed to good connections I’m sure it baffles readers to think you had to sell CDs out of your trunk when you set out to promote your own material. I may just have it wrong. Is it how most Artists promote their music? Regardless your determination is impressive. Selling 200,000 on your own without any help is definitely praise worthy. Hand to hand combat = Warrior J

How long did it take for people to realize you were serious about being a music Artist?
That I could tell you, cause I only focus on me when it comes to my music. Because as you know just looking on YouTube at major artist comments. So people don’t respect the art, so I choose not to focus on what people say or think. I just make sweet music that I can identify with. And I feel being true to myself will make people appreciate me as a person and as an artist.

What challenges are you facing even now at the rise of your music’s recognition?

There are many challenges that I could be up against, if I chose to do things the traditional route. Such As Trying To Get Radio Play, Or Trying to Get on 106 and Park, Or Trying to Get in the Biggest Magazines and Billboards. To Me Those Things Would Increase My Fan Base Significantly, however I Don’t Even Approach That. I believe When I Have Reached the Viral Level Online Then All Doors Will Open for the Old Traditional Methods. And believe me, I'm banging This Internet Market Internationally and Street Market Locally. Overseeing

Is it true that when an Artist is on the rise & at the pinnacle of their career it gets harder & harder to trust the people around him/her?
I suppose. However in my case I only Have My Wife and daughter around me. I don’t hang out with guys or anything like that. I’m just a simple family man who loves the Lord with All My Heart.

That is good to hear… very humbling. I’m glad you actually see what’s essentially the most important. That is family.

In your own words, what does it take to make it to the level of success as a music Artist? Or are you still in the process of discovering? 
There are many levels of success in life in general. Some people think that being a signed artist means that you’re successful, and to some artist that may be so, but then you have other artists who are signed and or who have been signed and don’t have the finances to do anything. They don’t feel successful. Now Where I’m concerned, the minute I left The J.O.B (Journey Of The Broke) and began making a living at selling my music. I knew I had made it to a great level of success, for me. It is not my goal to sign with anyone. I asked the Lord to Bless Myself and My Family With Long Life, Love, Health, and Wealth. For The Soul Purpose of being able to be a blessing into peoples' lives. I want to be able to help kids that are sick, hungry, and that are depressed.

Which record label are you signed with?
My Label Is Called “B-Dubb Entertainment”

What have you learned from working with this label?
I’ve learned how to produce, engineer, shoot and edit my own music videos, create feature film, how to distribute and promote my own music. And I’m still learning everyday for the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is really handy! I actually know another guest Artist named CashKlay, young ATL cat, who aspires to have his music in feature films. Elements of classical and theatre sound backdrops with his rapping. I definitely need to connect you two.

Did you come from a “well-to-do”, average, or humble childhood? I grew up in the hood. No father, only a strong mother who raised me and my 2 siblings.

Where were you born? Miami, Fl

When’s your birthday? August 28
Where do you currently reside? Orlando Fl

What is your first memory of hearing music & what did it feel like to you?
My first memory of hearing music is Michael Jackson’s Christmas Song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” and To This Very Day Every Time I Hear That Song I feel great inside.

I heard it plenty of times this past Christmas 2011 while I was working in retail. It is definitely a happy-go-lucky iconic holiday song!

Many Artists recall music being the influence of their lives through their parents' music or the music their parents listened to & played around the house. Did you have this experience in your home?
No not really. I believe mine came from my dad, whom I never Knew. I hear he was an awesome singer.

In your case it could be the famous “musical” gene many artists claim to have. My father was really big into music, like a programmed registry, he could tell you any Artist and song title from listening. He even told me and my mother he was part of a group in his youth. We still have his record player. He pulled out a small gold record and played it for us one day and it was him and his group. The baritone was him lol. My father had a deep register.

Did you sing in chorus at school or choir at church?
I was in the Pops chorus all through High school. This Was The Elite Chorus Division.

Top singer status! I sang in chorus from 7th grade in middle school all throughout high school. I wasn’t as good as you but I loved being in chorus. I was always in the middle level, but when I tried out for placement in 7th grade I was moved from Alto to 2nd Soprano, and my teacher wanted me to have voice lessons. I was so shy at the time I participated for 2 lessons then when he told me I would have to learn an Italian song, Caro Mio Ben, and sing it in front of my parents I chickened out. I couldn’t fathom doing something like singing in front of my parents. They weren’t entirely focused on this side of me since I was known as the artist that drew so well. I wasn’t that confident in myself.

Every artist has their muse or form of inspiration to create their music. What are your inspirations?
After I Hear A Hot Song Online or On the Radio that can inspire me. Also just being in a good mood makes me want to record.

How would you describe the type of music you make? Smooth, Soulful, and Unique.

No one can ever get enough of that kind J

There are Artists who just want to be famous for “fame sake” & have no thought towards their music making an impact. What do you want to accomplish with your music? 
I Want people to Love and It would be a blessing if my music can put people in the mood to love one another.

Does “love one another” also extend to a particular activity grown folks love to do as well? Ya know, I’m just asking, for the readers *hint hint 

For all my starry-eyed readers it’s important for them to know what it’s really like in this world because you’re the work-horse to make sure they are entertained. What are the perks & setbacks as an R&B Artist?
The Perks of an R&B Artist is the fact that I have the ability to create music and touch people. The Set Backs Would probably be the negative energy from people who just don’t want love. They have been programmed to hate and to expect every song to reflect negativity.

Yea that can be disheartening & there’s really nothing you can do about it except move forward and continue to spread love in your music. I’m sure it is very challenging to keep the peace when there are those who want destruction and mayhem. I’ve seen Artists start off cheerful and at peace but turn rebellious, throwing the birdie, and just wildin’ out. It’s sad because so many elements around them are making it so hard to stay in the right, positive mind. Some of them sink to the bottom, don’t come back up, but some that must go through the worst to rise up, be reformed, and move forward better than ever.

We’re entering into a new phase in music where unlikely unions and collabs are forming with genres that were never considered before. For example, Lionel Richie made an all-star country Artist collab album called Tuskegee, a month ago, which was widely received. Do you have an interest in other genres & combining them with your R&B sound?
I also grew up in an era where music was just music. We had no separate stations for black music or white music and they just played everything. I also rap so I combine a bit of rap in some of my songs and also I add a little Pop flavor.

Look at that Kool World, The fabulous Mr. Washington is telling us something extra to add to his repertoire—RAPPER— Now I must get you on to some of my other Guests.

Who do you see yourself collaborating with in the future? 
R. Kelly

He truly is an Artist that went through the trenches to triumphantly reach success in the end. It took him quite a while to reach the place where he wanted to be as an Artist. No one was taking him seriously plus his sound wasn’t what labels were looking for in late 80’s early 90’s. I loved PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT. I don’t know anyone who didn’t.

Which Music Artists inspire you?
Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder,  R. Kelly, New Edition, Dave Holister, H Town, Levert, Guy, Silk, TLC, Prince, Hi Five, Marvin Gaye, and Janet Jackson

My very first CD was TLC Crazy, Sexy, Cool. Still have it to this day and it is every which way scratched up lol.  I remember seeing the videos “You Don’t Have To Worry” and “I’m Still In Love With You” by New Edition in ‘96 and was in love with them ever since. I didn’t even know who they were prior to seeing the video. My father was hip to them and I found their “Home Again” album in his music collection. He also had their albums, “Candy Girl” and “New Edition”. That’s how I became a very big fan.

Which artists do people compare or link you to?
Most say I’m Unique. I like To Know, Who Would You Compare Me To?  

So kind of you to ask! For some reason I think of Rome or Methrone. Of course there is no comparison but with every Artist there’s something about them that I relate to another artist, past or present. It definitely doesn’t deter from their own originality but I figure it’s connected to having a good ear & memory.

Is there a difference between Bobby Washington the singer & Bobby Washington the man? Or do you showcase all of yourself as an Artist & leave nothing out?
I have recorded over 300 or more songs from Love to Gospel, so I would Have To Say My Music Is A Composition of Bobby Washington the man and The Artist.

How would you describe your own personal style?
Smooth, Sexy, and Laid Back.

Let’s say you wake up one morning & realize you cannot sing, let alone talk. You go to the doctor & you’re told you will never be able to talk or sing again. What other talents would you rely on to move forward? What occupation would you go into?
I would Continue to Produce Instrumentals and sell them.

Basically stay within the parameters of Music because that is where your heart lies.

When you’re not performing how do you spend your free time? What other hobbies do you have?
Exercise, Movie Watching, and Going Out To Dinner.

Which form of transportation do you prefer: Planes, Trains, or Automobiles? Automobiles

What is something general people misunderstand about you?  Being Direct and Upfront.

Yea I know what you mean. It can ruffle feathers sometimes. I’m that way because I believe it’s being honest.

What is something general people get right about you? 
That I’m Caring and thoughtful of others.

If you could be an animal or an object what would you be? And why?
I would Only Desire To Be Made In Gods Image and That’s human.

God-Fearing man A+

What sound or noise do you despise?
Finger nails Scratching on a chalk board

And you’re right there is nothing like it…

What sound do you love? Soft Piano and strings.

Me too! I love listening to harp music. It’s a “beautiful” sound that makes you feel like you’re surrounded with fluffy warm pillows. That’s just me lol.

If you could tell us something about the music industry that we got twisted what would it be?
The Music Industry is an illusion. It tells people what to like and listen to and what to watch. Because Of The Money backing the industry They have power to pay for radio and TV and Magazines, and when people see this they think, oh this must be Hot because it's everywhere. And although the artist or actor on the block might even be 10 times better than the one you see all day in media, people will still look at them in a different way. Just like the title of this interview is about me being a rising star, when I already have 7 albums in stores, made more money than a lot of artists who have been signed to major labels. Everyone just focuses on what they don’t see. They Don’t see me at the Grammy’s, they don’t see me on BET, and they don’t know that I own my Video Production company, and Recording Studio which cost Thousands of dollars, that I Made with the success of selling my own music. That’s because of the illusion the industry has created. It’s an awful smoke screen.

WOW! I am truly speechless… That’s letting the cat out of the bag for unknowing readers and myself as an interviewer. This gave you the platform to set the record straight and let everyone know what’s really going on. I want you to know Mr. Washington that the title of this interview as my Guest doesn’t take away or shadow your amazing accomplishments. You are important enough to have your TRUTH told and this is my way of doing it. Everyone deserves that whether they are rising or already where they want to be. You are a “RISING ICON”. You are still growing and learning as we all do in life and you’re inspiring aspiring Artists from my generation who want to be as successful as you are NOW. You are a guide post for them because you broke your back to get to where you are and that is success.

On a spiritual, super-natural spin, numbers can play a significant part in our lives. Music Artists have mentioned a particular number(s) that have a reoccurring theme such as Beyonce’s latest album “4”. Do you have a number that appears often in your life? 8

If you could have 1 super-power what would it be? And why? To remove the hate and implant Love in every human being.

If you had the power to change 1 thing in the world what would it be? HATE

If you had the opportunity to tell our current President anything, what would you say to him? 

(Non-explicit please)
Stick to the word of God and Don’t Waiver or compromise just to be re-elected.

Which country or countries would you like to visit? And why?
England, France and Japan. I would like to perform there.

What advice given to you do you still believe in & use to this day?
Do onto others as you want done on to you.

Amen! We all know the saying, “What goes around will come around”. Honestly spending time to make someone miserable shows where the heart is. It’s in a negative place where love doesn’t exist.  The same message can be pulled from certain Dr. Phil shows and Jane Seymour’s Open Heart jewelry collection. No one can possibly be happy and loving if their energy is spent on holding a grudge, hating, and vengeance.

Before you leave this earth what is 1 thing that you want people to remember about you?
I am Who God Made Me. A Powerful Spirit That Will Never Die. My Love, My Music, My Legacy Will Forever Live On.

Which motto or quote do you live by?
Want Something Done, Do It Your Self!

Very motivating—especially for many rising Artists out here trying to make it happen.

For all the fans & newbies learning about you for the first time how can they get in touch with the Latest and Greatest?
My Personal Website http://www.bobbywashington.com

There you have it KOOL WORLD! 
BOBBY WASHINGTON! Thank you so much 
Mr. Washington for sharing your time and enlightening us with your perspective on the music industry and what it means to be you. Forever stay blessed and continuing your inspirational endeavors with your music.

To Get a Glimpse of more from this artist scope him out here!

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