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EP 808's and Astral Tapes - HIRII THE HUMAN
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Danny Wayne: Reprise of the Strong Melody

It's important for the unheard to have a voice. At first the prospects of a promising career seem to be at hand but with the unexpected anything can suddenly fall off course...then you either let it take you down or you find another chance to go after your dreams again. You just keep pushing and climbing until it's time for your light to shine. 
Our travels will take us to 
Bakersfield, California on the west coast. 
With California the vision of sunny clear blue skies that match the majestic ocean, surf boards, 
Arnold Palmers in the hands of natives, 
In-and-Out Burger as the go-to burger joint, and the large sign in the hills that spell 
H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D clearly cross our minds. Not every part of this known state is as "sweet" but it does have its hidden gems, the 
-diamond in the rough. 
Danny Wayne is that gem with his lyrically Kool, and very real swag that delighted me upon first listen with his album Melody  that released
early spring 2011 with a feature appearance from 5x Grammy nominated R&B experimentalist Miguel on his debut single, "Send Me A Picture".  
We came together now going on two years after the supposed  breakthrough of this studio album to catch up on what really happened to cause such an abrupt standstill and just frankly to get to know the man all over again, but the Serenada'sPen Way ;) So take a seat as you embark on a new discovery once more with another
Artist On The Rise
that will promisingly start the year off stronger than ever without anything to stand in his way.
It’s a pleasure meeting you for the First time Danny! May I call you Danny?!?  Better yet, let me begin by asking if you have other “Better Known As” Names and if Danny Wayne is your Artist name? 
Yeah Danny is cool, it's my real name and artist name.
Koolio, it’s fly as an Artist name. Looks like your momma knew you were gonna be a star ;)  

" My mama told me... I always knew I’d be a star...that’s what mama told me"
From the limited sources I’ve found I was able to pull a little synopsis about your life and what I call , Teaser, about who you are. But that’s what I’m here for! To bring light to you because there may be so much you wish to share with the world and a lot peeps don’t know about you.

You’re originally from Bakersfield, California. I’ve been to Cali twice and I can’t even tell you if I’ve been in your neck of the woods or not lol. Tell us about your hometown. What was it like growing up in your neighborhood, to be quite frank, “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
My paps moved us from Compton to Bakersfield when I was 8 with the hopes to escape LA's climaxing gang culture which took the lives of his nephews, but after we moved we quickly  found out this gang problem was a California problem not an LA problem. I was raised on N st the west side of Bakersfield and like any other ghetto there was drugs, murder, banging, and all the above. My paps sheltered as long as he could even though he was selling drugs and scamming he was on that do what I say and not what I do type of thing but the popular culture of my city was a heavy influence so it wasn't long before I was selling drugs, carrying guns, and keeping it from my parents. I was a follower trying to prove myself until I fell in love with music. This cat from my city with the biggest dope run in the town was starting a group called PAC gangstas and he took interest in me. It's crazy because he was like my paps too he sold dope but he didn't want me too he would be cooking dope in his kitchen and at the same time telling me not too and that my rapping will take us all out of this. He was a G in my city respected by all gangs and I was his boy so all sides showed me love. The downside to all gangs likening you is if you give an event they all want to come and that wouldn't work. On July 27 2002 I married my high school girlfriend and we were soon find this out the hard way cats from different sides showed up there was a shooting there and a bridesmaid who was like a sister to me was killed at my wedding. It was a hard pill to swallow and left me reevaluating my life style and direction of my music.
Jesus....What a way to start this off. Super mad heavy but this is not about the frills and cute stuff. This is brutally honest and gritty. This story, your autobiography will connect to many.

Do you still live there or reside in another location?
Naw I don't stay on N no more but ma mamma and them do. I'm about ten minutes away.

When’s your “Special Holiday” or Born Day?
July 11th

Which is in Astrology Kool World, Cancer ;)

Start us off in the beginning, when everything you wanted to accomplish was just a dream. When did you have your first experience performing and what song did you use?
Well my first performance was in the 

fifth grade me and my homie did Digital Underground's Humpty Dance hit in the school talent show, we killed it. We wore the big noses and all. 

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance

Powered by mp3skull.com

Ha! Now that’s a sight that would’ve been fun to see! Who can forget that fun track. I love that song to this day lol. ‘95 must’ve been a defining year for some because let me tell you it was the start of a musical awakening for me. Back in middle school I was all about my CD’s and walking around with my CD player (considered ancient and unheard of to young people now who have IPODS and other digital devices) It was the greatest thing for me, like I had discovered or learned something enriching for my life lol. My 2-Disc CD called Maximum Dance has The Humpty Dance on it and I wore it out.

Do you come from a musical background, roots within your family, or are you the lone ranger with the gift?

My paps passed this music thang down. 
He been playing and singing ever since I could remember. He still gets down. He got a Blues band called "BLUE MIRROR".

Does your family support your career path or want you to pursue another focus?

They rooting for me they know what it is!
That’s good to know!
In more ways than one M.U.S.I.C. impacts so many areas of our lives, not just singing or rapping. Were you in the band in school?
 Matter of fact  I played the drums in Junior
high and a little bit of my Freshman year in high school, but that and my thugging ambitions wasn't mixing!
From learning of your backdrop I can understand why. Too bad it was getting in the way, but all events led you to where you are now so can it really be faulted?

Are you a “one-man” show or part of a group?

Rehearsing with PAC NASHUN!
 I'm doing my solo
thing now but my foundation is a group called PAC NASHUN! 
 Interesting name, sounds like a clothing brand or clothing line.

Do you have your own record label or signed under one?

I was signed to a minor label called  
Artist Finders
which helped spread my wings and build a little but that's a rap now, on good terms though.

Do you currently have an agent, sponsor, or manager that conducts the major business for you or do you handle it all yourself?

I'm handling it myself for now under the consultation of a few heavy hitters I'm connected to.
Well with the help of social media it's a lot easier to get out there with the right moves. Its like I'm going back to school to get my Masters. I'm studying the new way things are being done. 

I sold 50 ,000 CD's out
the trunk of my car getting money which was cool but I missed out on a lot of this computer world but I wouldn't change it for the world. My tangible people skills are way up thanks to a real ground game and the way you can be reshaped and 
represented an artist so fast thru the smoke and mirrors of social media my minor pitfalls will not stop me unless I let it!

Tell us about your team, “Street Team” to be exact. The individuals who support your endeavors and hold it down. How do they help your name to grow and stay relevant?

 My street team is deep and still growing. Front and center just to name a few I got Kendolks, Arjune Dee, and a lot more because we sell our music out the trunk and when people can get paid they wit it, so we straight. 

For those who have not heard of you or listened to your albums, what topics do you tend to cover in your music and what is it about these topics that you feel are important for people to know?
What sets you apart from other rising Rap Artists out here trying to make names for themselves?

 I like to talk about every thing but when you
hear Danny Wayne you'll hear my faith, you'll hear my hurt, my humility, storytelling from personal experience, a cocky battle rapper, encouragement thru melodies, and anger. As cliche as it sounds I got the GUMBO.
The Only difference in this ghetto story is that it's my story and it will musically sound better than when I tell it. I want the chill bumps on my listeners arms every time they listen to me!
Tell it! If that’s what you seek then that’s what’s going down. From listening to your work I was instantly drawn in. It was understandable, relatable on a human-level without the need of coming from where you’re coming from. Meaning my life’s story is nothing like yours but somehow you reach out to people and give a sense of hope and victory. Much like preaching to the choir in an artistic way. Your tunes are catchy as well and it makes your lyrics stand-out even more.

Which music artists, past or present, do your listeners claim you resemble?

Too Short
Honestly not being cocky I rarely get mixed up but somebody once told me my voice resembles
Too Short! 
But my rap patterns change according to the beat! 
True, I believe I’ve noticed the variation. That’s one of the reasons why it was important to cover you because you give honest, straightforward messages, and change-up to create something new and different every time.

How long have you been performing live?

Since elementary school

Your most recent album Melody, was released in 2011. I can tell from your twitter that there was a lot of excitement and hype surrounding its release at that time, including radio promos, photo shoots, and videos. I’ve discovered work from Artists that was never meant to be exposed so it surprises me not to be able to see your work. Is there any reason why your projects are not available for the public to view?
Well, put it like this, I was on a ride that was taking me places that I would not have been able to go without the drivers that took me. I didn't agree with all the moves but it is what it is now. I’m on a "fresh start" before being on a label. I just wanted my music to sound better than everybody elses and I wanted to sell it, hand over fist! But now that I know the pluses of having a team, I'm looking forward to working with another one under different conditions. 
I feel you. But dang, I was so excited though :(

How does the title of your album tie into the overall theme of your project?

Well if we're talking Melody it's self explanatory. I love melodies but if we’re talking about my Thin Line album, I'm basically

saying there is a thin line between every thing not just love and hate.
The songs are so different. On one side of the line I'm rapping, big balling on another, I'm  down in the dumps trying to come up, and that flip side affect with different subjects is all thru that album.

Me too. Melodies are it for me. I’m sure that’s why I’m drawn to it.

Which Artists have you worked with and which ones would you love to collab with on a track?
I would love to work with anybody that loves

to make good music but if I could pick one I would love to make a heart felt one with e40.
That would be fly. The first time I ever heard of E-40 was through my cousin back in my middle school days.The No Limit craze and all who was affiliated with it were her top favs. It was through her fan-obsession that I even know who this guy is instead of confusing his name with a drink, pistol, even that robot from Star Wars lol.

I want to allow you the opportunity to think outside of the box and be ultimately creative and original. If you can give a name to your style of music, what genre bending title would you give it?
Well I don't categorize it, but I know they will call it hip hop by my positive take on things! If I was to name it it would be "truth" music.
I’ll take that ;)

Giving you the Main Stage…describe to us what the Ultimate Concert Experience would be like if you’re the main act? Location and/or venue, Props, other Performers, Outfits, Music Selections, etc?
I could see my self dressed down not too much but they would be wondering where did I get those shoes and the hat while  they sing along to one of my catchy hooks I do! 
(Madison Square Garden)

lol, why would they question your attire like that? Something tells me you think outside of the box and want to make your own individual statement as an artist. Whether I think something is odd, or off-the-wall, I commend Artists or anyone else in the world who takes a leap of faith to try something new or go all out creative because it feels right to them. Madison Square Garden is the joint. I think for many Artists that is THE Go-to spot.
Well, they would question it in a dope way meaning, only thing I really put much thought in are my kicks and hat, nothing too wild though just fly. 
oh-tay!  I gotcha ;) Just had to make sure  cuz every performer has to put on their dope threads. You know how to rock out. 

What “highlights” or accomplishments lead you to where you are now in your career? 
The moment I stopped looking for music hook ups and started slanging My CD's out the trunk of my car! My accomplishments I want to achieve is that you don't have to be a follower to win.
I know that's right. Must make it happen yourself!

From scoping out one of your posters it read, “50,000 sold, no label, no video, no radio”. What method did you use to promote yourself as an Artist and your music to the public, especially with the challenges of the economy still?
I had a cell phone shop in the hood and we would get some of every type of problem and person come thru those doors and those interactions


shaped my people skills and sales. Selling CDs was nothing and another thing that tuned my sales pitch up was my first  hustle trip to new York where I encountered the  most blunt people I've ever met in my life. 

Oh heck yea! You aint no?!? If you can’t make it in New York, you can’t make it anywhere. I believe that. I’ve only been there maybe two or three times and didn’t stay there long enough to really interact with people. I’m from the south but we can be rough and tumble too if we need to be. Maybe not on the harder level as New Yorkers, but we will stand our ground. The West Coast and East Coast are two major extremes anyways. I bet it was a wake up call with what you experienced in New York. Selling in that big ol’ city is exactly what challenges are all about. 
Are you saying you experienced a lot of negative responses towards your music?
Naw New York helped tune our hustle game up. You gotta be good if you want to sell them something, so we were forced to step it up. That was our only way to eat, the horse was bucking but we held on!

Free-style Battles and/or Cyphers are blazing the sets of many open platforms for rising rap artists and current artists. Do you participate in these battles? If so, do you get a rush from it when you’re attacking your opponent?
Naw I don't really freestyle but when I do get going I rank high! 

 Which means you aint b*llsh*ting. You’re going in all the way and will be the only one coming out.

Would you say you’re widely received in the rap game or do you experience animosity from your contemporaries?

 A little bit of both. I know I'm a threat because I do positive music that the goons and the crooks can relate to and my competitors probably would prefer me to have this geeky crowd following me, but I was never the geek I just honestly admit every thing I was taught to look up to was a lie and I don't point fingers at anyone but me and that shoe can fit a lot of people that listen to my music!  
Well “geek” and “geeky” is highly misunderstood in this context. You’re an honest guy and stand by it. So what if your crowd is/not “geeky”, they’re still supporting your endeavors because they believe in your words. At the end of the day does the type of people really matter?!? The haters out here will find the right spot to push and once it happens they know they put their opponent a step-behind as they move forward. Perhaps on your behalf you can explain exactly what “geek” means around your way because words have different meanings and connotations everywhere.
Well when I say geeky I mean the "don't knows" not up on game!
I had to clarify just in case someone  was being called geeky one too many times. I'll go ahead and call myself an "in the know" geek. Yea, it's backwards but I can do that =P  na-na-na

Have you entered any contests, volunteered to perform for benefit or charity concerts or events, or did any free shows for your community?
Yep I do a lot of that: schools, community, outreaches etc.. That's what it's about to me. Excellent, that’s really good you give back to people.

What is it about the music industry that many of us are misinformed or not 100% clear about?
How much really goes into being an artist.

Not to make this an essay question, but it does help our Readers to understand more clearly. Name a few examples of what you’re saying, ‘what goes into being an artist’.
I mean you gotta live this thing! I've made so many sacrifices to where it's too late to turn around now. I got friends that said the hell with this music and went back to school, got good jobs, and all that. My mind doubts sometimes. I think to myself should I have done the same? I'm human but thru prayer, and hard work my eyes remain on the prize!

 That's what I'm talking about, the nitty gritty  that people can relate to! Now I can say, I know exactly what you're talking about. The Arts are already a challenging field to make a living from but of course many Artists in all fields have shown it is possible. It is very hard but I believe in purpose. Hard work does pay off and faith does have a lot to do with it. I say keep going, you've already made it so far already.

Miguel is one of the hottest acts to date at this very moment and you used his name strongly in the promo of your album, how did you become acquainted with the San Pedro, CA native?

 My former label hooked that up! My first time meeting him was recording at Paramount Studios.
Money Miles & Miguel in the studio
Really??!?? Exciting. Paramount Studios, huh. Not too bad. For me it’s neat to learn this as a fan and follower of his work. You may still not have anything substantial posted online to the public but I found some interesting footage while researching that shows him briefly in one of your studio sessions ;)

He's known in Cali for his production and vocal expertise, so having him around must've been like a pot o' gold. Who came up with the concept and lyrics of the song, SEND ME A PICTURE?

Yes it was a honor to be in the room with him we vibed super cool. He thought of the whole concept I just later added the rap on it later.  

The way I stumbled upon it was totally by accident. On Spotify looking up his work and there it was, the lone wolf. So I clicked on it curious as a mug, not expecting to get as excited as I did, and knew right then I had to blast it out! I’m not sure how many people got the memo on just how Kool & Fly it is, but it really is. If I could just blast Kool songs all day and get mad money for it I would’ve had fun raking it in on this one. Your lines are cute, not sissy cute, (I’m a lady that’s how we describe things lol) but just Good (I just <3 your flow)

Like the Marching Band Snare I’m on a rooolllll! Ha! Love.

Two Great Artists that are BLOWIN' UP so Loudly right now, KENDRICK LAMAR & MIGUEL, worked with you in 2011 during the same time with the release of your album MELODY. Everything looks Good, nothing to worry about. But somewhere a fork separated the road. Just recently KENDRICK LAMAR released his album and his hit SWIMMING POOLS asserted the attention of many listeners and viewers. MIGUEL, noted song-writer, producer, as well as singer is nominated for a Grammy with his hit R&B song, ADORN plus an additional 4 More. Your name is not even mentioned in the mix of these 2 Artists successes. Both of them have made the ultimate Victory, but here you are with no hugely major attention brought to your accomplishments and no acknowledgement for your album.
This is your chance to clear the air and give us your point-of-view.
Where do you think it went wrong or did not hit the mark if you think there’s a reason?
What do you think is the reason for this sudden change in events?
 Just to set the record straight I haven't worked with Kendrick Lamar! I think whoever my former label had to set up and host my twitter just put extras on it. I remember I was supposed to work with Kendrick but it  never happened. To be honest till just last month I had never been active on my twitter page. I just Googled my name one day and seen that I had a twitter account set up I didn't know about. I just tried the same code they gave me for my Facebook account and tada it worked. I seen potential Danny Wayne fans reaching out to me on there and I just stayed using that page to keep contact. Me and Miguel  were in the studio together but originally I wasn't on the Send Me A Picture song. That song was supposed to be on a Tyler Perry movie and ended up not being in the movie. And my manager had me drop a verse on it and they ran with it.

Which really caused no dent whatsoever because you did create a hugely successful song called  
Thru The Roof, that actually featured in the Tyler Perry movie MADEA's Big Happy Family!
  I remember going to see it and never would've thought I would have the honor of speaking to the Artist who's song was in the movie! Tyler Perry is big in Atlanta and around the world now for his portrayal of Madea, as we know as big momma in America's black culture. 
There's also something else special about your appearance in this movie. Hope you don't mind if I boast on your behalf a lil' bit for you ;)

A Bakersfield community hub for the latest news and updates mostly covering the Art's scene and NAA winner of the 2006 Digital Edge Award, respectfully acknowledges your success:
 "Wayne has the proud distinction of being the only rapper to ever be chosen to participate on a Tyler Perry film soundtrack."
-Matt Munoz Danny Wayne

 Which deserves a round of Applause! And if anyone thought it stopped there they were very wrong. Your music was also featured in another Tyler Perry movie, For Colored Girls. You had to have gained much street cred and attention from many for these monumentally historic accomplishments. This is the kind've stuff that history is made of -leaving your own personal stamp on the world.
Now this is what I'm dying to know, did you meet Mr. Perry and the cast?
I never met him or his cast.
awww!  that sucks. Well you definitely should have. Mr. Perry! Check out the guy behind with the rap-tastic flava on your soundtracks!


I love your "they'll never take me alive" undefeated spirit with all that you had to encounter and surpass. It definitely is moving and motivating. This quote you released sums up much of how you feel:
“Could of been had a major music deal if I was
willing to sell my soul but instead I walked away from my management right while a song I recorded with Miguel start playing on radio but watch 2013 I know GOD will bless me independently without having to sell out this beastly planets youth poisoning agenda! You still have to have talent though a lot of these cats that sold out still aint gone make it even if the devil himself was a feature on their album! (mark my words)”

Do you feel discouraged for not receiving the “Spotlight” similar to your counterparts with their projects you equally worked hard for?

Naw I don't feel discouraged because those guys earned their success. And my label was just trying to piggie back me on their success. I will see Miguel again and it will be gravy. He knows I was a small fry in all those dealings that went on. And when me and Kendrick finally meet it's gonna be magic if somebody aint already salted me off by saying it's named DannyWayne out there falsely claiming to working with you.
Oh yea, better believe it’s gonna be majic! I will be so excited to see the results cuz I will boast like crazy that we talked first :) And we said it right here.

Have you ever had to deal with negative publicity or harsh critics? How did you handle the “bad press”?
All the time. If you don't get that, you aint doing

it right!
hmmm....hear that Kool World. Spoken from the man right here!

Take us into the decision-making process, the business side of things. What are the pressures like to create a song or album with your name attached to it that is authentically yours? Is it more challenging to stay true to your own sound and vision than it is to let others around you sway your ideas & creativity? 

It's a beautiful thing doing an authentic Danny Wayne album. No worries! I'm free now, the only time I had other influences was on a label!

Which song from your album, Melody do you feel the most sentiment or connection towards?
The song Melody because it was me reminding this structured industry that it's the unorthodox artist that sets the trends so don't let the snapping fingers style that paid the label's bills for the last eleven months blind you from spotting the next Michael Jackson on month 12.

There’s 1 song I’m really diggin’ Rags To Riche$.
I mean you got me on that one... It's excellent as a hit single in itself!
 "I'm trying to tell the world my story... I want to tell the world about my story but first I have to make it out these rags!" That's why I ball so haaard! -Real Talk.
 One of the Realest things I’ve noticed about you is your devotion to your faith and having that strong foundation in your life. Do you feel it plays a strong factor in your relevancy or irrelevancy in mainstream rap music?
My faith in Jesus and my walk is everything 

to me. I get persecuted for it but I'm up for the
challenge. And will be relevant.
Excellent! Love this.

Which part of the process do you enjoy the most: Writing, Creating the song, Recording, and/or Performing Live?
All the above.

Does writing your lyrics come easy for you or can it be stressful under a deadline to complete?

What inspires you about R&B and/or Hip-Hop?

New Edition & Bobby Womack
The soul in it, the slave blood that still runs through hip-hop and r&n veins!

What music do you enjoy listening to?
90’s and mainly New Edition and Bobby Womack

How would you describe your fan-base?

I would say a mixture of everybody because I sell my music in person and I will approach anyone to buy it.

What is the response or reaction you receive from your fans meeting you up-close. Are they jaded, expecting something more or just want to show love for how you make them feel with your music?

I get love. People usually tell me how my music spoke to them in some way!
I know what they mean! That's wassap. It really does though.

It’s not an easy ride to achieve success through one’s passion so what do you attribute to your drive as an Artist?
Looking at my son and nephews and knowing that what this rap game owes me can give them the life I never had. Typical but true.

From each album: The Line and Melody, what have you experienced or what growth did you achieve each time? What point did you want to make with each one?
It's been too much growth. I can't wait to 

display it in my upcoming work. Melody and Thin Line albums were cool but they didn't give the whole circumference of me as an artist. I like to have total control like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Puff Daddy.
What has been one of the hardest realizations you had to come to grips with in the music industry? Evil is what they are selling.
Revealing testimony...

If you absolutely had no way of continuing your first love, what’s your Plan B or other options you have? For instance, are there any other forms of ART (sculpting, drawing, print making) you enjoy as a hobby?

My plan b is promotions or either management.

Give us a glimpse inside your world. With all that you’ve possibly seen lol.... what has been one of the craziest, wildest experiences behind the scenes or performing in front of fans that you can publicly share?

Well me and my brother n law prayed in the morning for a recording studio. In the morning and by nightfall we went selling CD's in a parking lot and a lady walks up to us and says God told her she was going to meet someone that does music and she was told to bless them. She bought all the CD's we had then gave us 2,700 dollars to start our own studio up.
If that doesn’t make a non-believer B.E.L.I.E.V.E. then I don’t know what will! That’s above and beyond Amazing. Wow... She surely did the Lord’s bidding. I don’t know if I would ever be the same after experiencing something like that in life :)

Now let’s hang for a minute! Just to get to know The Man Behind The Rhymes

Taking yourself outside of the music scene and all that comes with it, what hobbies or interests do you have?
Cutting hair, writing skits. I also have a local magazine called Milq that I run.

There are plenty of shorties that cross your path and to tell you the truth Danny it’s like looking at the same image over and over again sometimes. What characteristics or traits about a woman will completely captivate your attention?
The man that I was honestly would say a body and nice face but now I know there's much more to a woman.
And Thank God you Realize that! Do you know how many knot-heads out here go through life never figuring it out. Hmmm.."why am I always checking up on these same ol’ chicken-heads"...well because you haven’t learned she’s not the one to bring home to momma lol.

Are you happily committed or checking out the

scene? Married
Lovely, lucky lady! :)

What’s your favorite food?
I can’t believe it...you done gon’ went South on me! lol. So you like some grits huh. Alrighty then. You may or may not know but I’m from the south, All hail Georgia. Grits are a staple in my household and I grew up eating them for breakfast. Still do :)

What’s your favorite color(s)? Charcoal grey

Are you the proud papa of any children? 

 8 year old son Danny jr

Any pets that bring the family household joy? 

 Blue pit bull named Dot
huh?!? Did you just say a “Blue” pit bull?!? wow...for real? Ya’ll must’ve dyed that poor dog in a bath of blue lol. Why ya’ll gonna traumatize the poor baby? lol 

Naw we didn't do Dot like that. Blue is his breed!

haha. OMG, for real?!? Shows how little I know about dog breeds. I mean c'mon, I'm sure you get alot of confusion with that one when no one has seen your dog lol. I was already assuming Dot was a girl too, so I'm 100% off target all the way around! But hey can you really fault me? There is a trend going on right now where owners are taking their dogs to have their heads, ears, feet, and legs dyed these wacky colors. All for the sake of "look how cute he/she is" lol. If it's not turning your pet into a wild animal then it's dying their fur.

If you can have anyone in the world play you in your (own personal story) biopic, Danny Wayne’s Life, besides yourself of course, who would bring the realness and honor to your narrative? 
 I would have to play me like Fantasia did. I'm a strange bird on a strange trip.
Are you sure? So there’s absolutely nobody  that you can think of that can portray you in a movie?

Naw not really, I can't think of no Heavy set cats that can do me but me!
Fair enough lol.

How would you describe your own personal “style” in apparel as Danny Wayne the Artist compared to D.W. the everyday guy?

Sporty street at all times never too much.

Which do you prefer to travel: Plane, Trains, or Automobiles? Cars

Living life in the Fast Lane is how big ballers get down. With so many hot rides to choose from and to want tell us what car describes your Artist persona? Ford crown Victorias, that's what the cops drive. They are built for the long haul!
Kool, that’s smooth.

It’s not a secret with the many drinks of choice in The Life, especially at parties. I’m not a major drinker. The whole shot glass thing is not for me lol. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

 Lil wine
Aight, we kool lol. I may not be a big drinker but I do like Arbor Mist lol. I love the Sangria.

lol Give one of the craziest, wackiest lines you’ve heard in a song that you can think of right off the bat. And it can’ t be one of your own =P

I'm different yeah I'm different, I'm different yeah I'm different!
You know I'm crackin' up right now, right lol. I actually was jammin' to those lines until I heard the whole song and was completely turned off. Not exactly what I thought. 

To reach international success is to achieve a major feat. Have you travelled outside of the US? Which countries would you love to visit?

Haven't went outside the US yet but China would be cool.
Yea, that would be fly. Make sure you hit me up when you get out there. I want pics ;) Italy is my hot vacay spot of choice.

What can you say about yourself that people may misunderstand or get wrong until getting to know you better? 
That I'm just a hood cat.
We’ve all been stereotyped and labeled. I know I have! I’m glad you’re letting peeps know what time it is.

Football is a center-point with the young men in your family and was an important element in your childhood. Who is your favorite sport’s team? And what was your school-experience like growing up?

Buffalo bills, school was cool I was a follower of the wrong crowds though!
That’s awesome! All Buffalo Bills fans out there S/O to you! I’ll tell ya school is one place I don’t care to remember and wish to ultimately forget lol. Sounds like you were a lil bad ass in school ;)

If you can change anything about the way the world is what would you change and why?
The hate , it's useless
Point-blank...feelin it!

Let’s say as an honorable guest you’re able to visit the “Political White Palace” The White House and meet our continuing reigning President Barack Obama. Which tracks would you love to perform for him? (Past or Current Work)
A song called "It Changes" off my Thin Line album. 

It may be possible you pushed yourself out to the world, but if there’s anyone who would you like to give credit to for your discovery? 
My Patna Bob that put me and my boys together on this music thang in a time when my city was at war. He saved my life with music.

What advice given to you do you still believe in and hold on to this day that fuel your determination through the ups and downs?
One monkey don't stop no show.  My boy P RIP used to throw that at me and if you let people make you they can break you.
ha! Love it. Don’t get it but hey it represents your life. 2nd part I do though ;)

What verse, quote, or mantra motivates and lifts you through all the toughest situations?
He who humbles himself shall be lifted but he who lifts himself will be humbled.  (Bible)

For Up-and-Comers determined to make their mark, what words of wisdom can you give them from all that you learned & experienced on your journey- personally and/or professionally?
Don't sell who you are to this and if you really want this count up the cost
Cause it's a  HEAVY fee.

Spectacular! :)

What should they be prepared for before attempting to head into the music industry?
 A hard lesson

Finish this statement. My Biggest Goal I Will Achieve in 2013 is
Will be my new album.
To start ;) 

And you better keep your word and make it happen partna! lol I’m serious.

What legacy do you hope to leave this world when the last chapter of your life comes to a close?
Christ came and died so that we might have everlasting life!

Share with us any events coming up or plans in the works we can look out for.
Performances every where
Yup. And we want to see every last one!  

How can my Readers keep up with the Latest & Greatest?
Dannywayne 1000 

This concludes our time with the 1 and Only Danny Wanye reppin' from Bakersfield, California Kool World. Thank you for shedding light on your happenings with your own story and we hope to see you finally take off and keep going up from here! Much Love & Continued Success! 

Melody is Available NOW so get your copy! Amazing material ;)


Check out Danny Wayne's album Thin Line!

 And to Connect more with the hip-cat and his team PAC NASHUN check out: 



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